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app Calculator or spreadsheet ? logo

Calculator or spreadsheet ?


Chief Executives, negotiators, artisans, merchants, managers, accountants, or individual consumers, you need calculating or simulating easy and quickly in the office or outdoor? Simple calculator or s...

app Mega Air Force Backgroundes logo

Mega Air Force Backgroundes


<div id="doc-original-text">Air Force. Mega Air Force Backgroundes COMPLEET 2011<p>EXCLUSIVE !!!<p><br>Mega Air Force Backgroundes<p>Air Force. Mega Air Force B...

app Trip Organizer logo

Trip Organizer


Trip Organizer™ is the all-in-one application to help you plan the perfect trip abroad! With this application, world travelers are able to stay ready, rather than having to get ready. This applicati...

app Sonic Loops logo

Sonic Loops


DJ LOOP AUDIO SAMPLES PLAYBACK MACHINESONIC LOOPS PRO EDITIONRemember the LIVE ON STAGE Dance music shows of eighties with techno trance or ambient music?Roland DJ70 and CASIO FZ1 sound samplers playb...

app Real Landscapes Live Wallpaper logo

Real Landscapes Live Wallpa...


Real Landscapes is a beautiful,realistic and real time live Wallpaper totally customizable.Set different foregrounds(grass, desert, city and more...),and see sky changing in realtime,according with yo...

app Post Via logo

Post Via


Post messages to your facebook wall or to your facebook friends with a custom "via" item at the end. Now you can post from anything, choose from over 500 options or create your own. Post fro...

app Preschool Connect the Dots logo

Preschool Connect the Dots


SO MUCH CONTENT!!! HOURS OF PLAYTIME! OVER 200 PUZZLES and each puzzle has it's OWN sound effect, awesome graphics, and professional voice over. Unlike other Apps that skimp on content, this one has i...

app Aviability logo



Whoever you are, a business person looking for better flight connection, a family man planning a vacation or a traveler in the middle of the trip interested in flight duration, connection time, depart...

app Sound Control Free logo

Sound Control Free


Please use the built in contact dev feature or contact me through the market to let me know of any issues or ideas. I can't fix things or add things if no one lets me know.This app has been redesigned...

app FlightShoot logo



Airplane Battle in the SpaceConsist of Survival Mode / Stage ModeControl : Touch then Airplane Move and Starting Shoot MultiTouch then Starting BombWarning : Don't Throw your cell phoneAndr...

app Connection Planner logo

Connection Planner


Plan your connections. With Connection Planner can set the hours and days you want to activate mobile internet connection or wireless connection.Program airplane mode to save battery.Sets the silent m...

app Mini Status Widget logo

Mini Status Widget


MiniStatus is a small AppWidget for switching Wifi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode (or GPS status) and also showing the battery level. Airplane mode can be toggled by a timer too. Only 1x1-sized widget!C...

app FunnyPower logo



1,Auto adjust screen brightness according to the battery power2,auto enable or disable the airplane mode, WIFI or bluetooth...

app Kids Puzzle:Vehicles logo

Kids Puzzle:Vehicles


DescriptionKids Puzzle:Vehicles is a puzzle game specially designed for kids above one year old. While playing the game, the kids could improve their understanding of the world, identify various trans...

app Safe Start logo

Safe Start


Safe Start is a revolutionary new Android application which turns your Android equipment into a powerful multipurpose Event Data Recorder, EDR. When Safe Start is in service, similar to the Black Box ...

app Paper Aircraft logo

Paper Aircraft


With this application you will create the best paper airplanes ever invented. Six planes so simple, that each step do not require description yet so good, that will travel in the air a great distance....

app Femto Widget Pro logo

Femto Widget Pro


Femtocells are small personal cellular mobile basestations installed in homes and connected to your broadband connection to improve your indoor cell phone coverage.Most cell phones are unable to indi...

app Baby Sound School(Machin)-NoAD logo

Baby Sound School(Machin)-N...


Robots, airplanes, spacecraft, and a variety of machines that tells vivid picture and sound is the infant application.Children, such as your favorite robot provides a vibrant picture and sound.Childre...

app Scene Switch logo

Scene Switch


'Scene Switch' can change some settings of your Android device at once according to selected scene. You can make 10 scenes as a pack of settings like home, office, etc. And you can change it to tap th...

app Baby Sleep Aid logo

Baby Sleep Aid


Do you have problems to get your baby to sleep? Every mother call tell you that the simple sound of a hair dryer works miracles! So search no further, for this app contains several sounds that will de...

app Amazing Jewish Facts Calendar logo

Amazing Jewish Facts Calend...


What did the Jews have to do with Columbus? How about Louis Armstrong? Where in the Talmud can you find a reference to airplanes and telescopes? What are the top five inventions by Jews that you canâ€...

app Medal Mania 2 logo

Medal Mania 2


Medal Mania 2"Drop Medal" it is a game.Slot is rotated and dropped the "SLOTMedal"."Medal" by the pattern that appears justified.When you are aligned JackPot the "Me...

app Air Control Runway Free logo

Air Control Runway Free


Try to be Air Traffic Controller by managing Flights from runway landing to Take off. Flight mania experience where you take timely decisions in managing flights on Terminal, Maintenance, Refueling an...

app Toky logo



Toky understands human language and helps you with your device:1) Toky can answer questions, change settings and launch applications.2) You can use your voice or the keyboard to talk to Toky.3) Toky w...

app I’m in – Travelling Lite logo

I’m in – Travel...


I'm in! - Traveling - LiteMake your child the star of this interactive app!Let your imagination soar and join your child on a journey all the way to the moon and back!By selecting a photo from your ph...

app Micro PaperJets logo

Micro PaperJets


Make real look a like airplanes that not only looks same as the real jet planes but also flies and makes air maneuvers. Only with few steps anyone can make paperjets within 10 minutes. All you need is...

app Micro Paper Jets Lite logo

Micro Paper Jets Lite


Make real look a like airplanes that not only looks same as the real jet planes but also flies and makes air maneuvers. Only with few steps anyone can make paperjets within 10 minutes. All you need is...

app Super N-number logo

Super N-number


Ever been at an airport, seen an airplane and wondered what kind it was? Now you can quickly pull up loads of information by simply knowing an airplanes N number. Enter it in, and Viola!-this app wi...

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