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app Voodoo Live Wallpaper logo

Voodoo Live Wallpaper


FEATURES:0. NEW: Stick needles into voodoo (enable from settings)Howto:a)Tap a needle on right or left side of the screenb)Tap on voodoo to make the needle stick on it1. Two modes: Normal and hardcore...

app PedIADE logo



Application professionnelle destinée aux Infirmiers, Infirmiers Anesthésistes IADE, Internes en Anesthésie et Médecins Anesthésistes Réanimateurs.Cette applic...

app La Estrella de los Deseos logo

La Estrella de los Deseos


Una preciosa historia con moraleja. ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué pasaría si tus deseos se hicieran realidad? ¿Serías más feliz? Ni los bienes materiales...

app Market Bookmark logo

Market Bookmark


Have you forgotten application name that heard from friends, seen at web site and various situation?"Market Bookmark" helps it!Market Bookmark composes app name, and create link to Market.[N...

app Voodoo Winter Live Wallpaper logo

Voodoo Winter Live Wallpape...


FEATURES:1. two modes: normal and hardcore2. choose snow density3. poke the voodoo doll to make it jump4. make voodoo move by tilting your phone4. choose between multiple backgrounds5. add/remove sant...


Sideload The Android Market On The Amazon Kindle Fire

One of the shortcomings of the Amazon Kindle Fire is the fact that it doesn't support the Android Market.  Of course, Amazon did this on purpose to encourage app purchases through its own Android app store, but doing this limits the variety of apps that can be downloaded.  In addition, an Android user cannot take advantage of apps purchased thr...

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app bBoggled logo



bBoggled is a fun game which tests your math, memory and strategy skills. It teases the brain just enough so that you crave for more. And now it comes with Scoreloop to share your scores, achievements...

app 올레타운 logo



올레가 제공하는 지역정보 서비스 올레타운* 국내 최대/최신 업소정보 검색* 지도와 증강현실을 이용하여 가장 가까운 업소정보 제공* 업소주가 제공...

app Preset camera frame pack cool logo

Preset camera frame pack co...


Caution!You need to download the "Preset camera" before you download this application.This application is the license key to remove the restriction of "Preset camera".After you dow...

app Return e-mail logo

Return e-mail


Support for this app to send a simple, easy to mail home daily report.In addition to the home report, also available as an app send mail boilerplate.The main function == ==Click-mail sent by two short...

app Fashion Memory logo

Fashion Memory


As for this application, an SD card is requiredIn the case of everyday selection of clothes and shopping, I purchase the same clothes andAre not you troubled?In fashion memory, memorize everyday cloth...

app AntiquePhotoFrame logo



It is an antique digital photograph frame!Combination is 100 kinds with a background (10 kinds) and a frame (10 kinds)! A favorite picture can be decorated with a pretty background and an antique fram...

app BreathCounter logo



Very simple application.This application is make to calculate breath rate per minute. Inspired by my new born baby, that i need to know the breath rate.How to use : just click Breath button everytime ...

app Emergency Response Guide ERG logo

Emergency Response Guide ER...


2008 edition (next edition will be released in 2012) of the Emergency Response Guide. This convenient pocket reference can be used by first responders, such as firefighters, police officers, and ambu...

app Gay or Straight Test logo

Gay or Straight Test


*** Only for fun ***Gay or Straight? Who are you?Discover what's your real nature, by completing this fun test!Read all the questions and choose answers that describe you better!But caution: ANSWER HO...

app Continuing Education Tracker logo

Continuing Education Tracke...


Continuing Education Tracker helps you keep track of your professional credits, costs and multiple licenses in an easy-to-set-up-and-use format. You’ll always know where you stand with your budget, ...

app DSLR Remote logo

DSLR Remote


+++ NEW: SUPPORT FOR SAMSUNGS BUILT-IN IR SENDER (IR BLASTER) +++Your smartphone is always with you, so why carry unnecessary stuff? Let your smartphone in combination with DSLR Remote be a remote con...

app Wise Battery Saver(Trial) logo

Wise Battery Saver(Trial)


This widget is the power saving tool for android. You will easily get many power saving effects when you put the widget on home screen.The power-saving effect attained a maximum of 72%.(This version i...

app My baby Xmas (Bubbles pop!) logo

My baby Xmas (Bubbles pop!)


"My baby game (Bubbles pop!)" of the christmas version.Pop Bubbles with your baby!When first played, your baby may not be able to accurately touch the moving bubbles with his/her hand.Play t...

app Wood Games 3D FULL logo

Wood Games 3D FULL


Compete in 7 different disciplines, become world champion in one of the daily world championships and enter the "Hall of Fame". Climb the global leaderboard, collect achievements, challenge ...

app Punching Machine logo

Punching Machine


This application measures your punch power. This application using the accelerometer. Usage1?Please Start this application.2. A push on a start button will start measurement. 3. It punches by grasping...

app A Space Odyssey(FREE) logo

A Space Odyssey(FREE)


"A Space Odyssey" is a live wallpaper of free use.When you tap a character appears, fades away in space and time.?Characters will move toward various directions.?When you tap, seven characte...

app go launcher theme red logo

go launcher theme red


GO Launcher Theme - The Lure of red- CautionIf you users of previous versions.First, please back up the previous version.Because, the default icon has been changed.This supply the most icons(More than...

app HS Ispections logo

HS Ispections


HS Ispection is a usefully tool for carry out health and safety at work ispections. You always have available on your mobile/tablet information and check list to use in any kind of company and in any ...

app SMS Gratis Argentina logo

SMS Gratis Argentina


Una aplicación para enviar mensajes de texto, pero gratis!¡Mantente en contacto siempre con SMS Argentina!SMS ARGENTINA es una nueva aplicación de Comunicaciones para Argentina que te permite envia...

app CrazyAnt Wallpaper logo

CrazyAnt Wallpaper


Your screen is infested by ants, ladybugs and caterpillars!! You can set crazy ants as live wallpaper, and you can choose number of ants and ladybugs.They run away when you scare them... Pay attention...

app ShakeMail logo



ShakeMail is an application which you send Email "I'll go home now."- A setup of this application is simple.After the completion of a setting, - E-mail transmission can be performed only by ...

app AniPong logo



This game is a Ping Pong game. Though, in this game the players must choose the characters they want to use - a variety of animals. each of the animals have special capabilities that will help the pla...

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