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app HOUSE miami logo

HOUSE miami


HOUSE NIGHT CLUBOfficial AppMiami, FL-Check-In specials for complementary drinks and more.-Make VIP Reservations-View & Submit photos to us for special contests!-GPS Directions -Events Listings-Mo...

app Stop Lynas 2 logo

Stop Lynas 2


Stop Lynas is NGO being setup to stop LAMP (Lynas Advanced Materials Plant) in Gebeng, Kuantan, Malaysia to extract and purify the REE (Rare Earth Elements) from the concentrated, and yields the final...

app Layered Maze logo

Layered Maze


Layered Maze is a maze game that consists of spatial structure. One maze which consists of several layers, the stairs to go up or down the hierarchy are located in each layer. Please reach the goal by...

app Dolphin Alarm Clock logo

Dolphin Alarm Clock


Dolphin Alarm Clock consists of a seascape whose elements comprise the time, sound, and means of setting and viewing alarms. Alarms are represented as waves. The active/next alarm is highlighted yello...

app Defender’s Armory logo

Defender’s Armory


The Defender's Armory: Loot Chest. developed in co-operation with Trendy Entertainment and the Defender's Store ( ), lets you browse the endless piles of equipment and pets on s...

app Air Jordan Retro 5 Theme logo

Air Jordan Retro 5 Theme


Use with PandaHome(more customizable and better results), or aHome. The Air Jordan V (5) was released in 1990. The design is rumoured to be inspired by the WW2 Mustang fighter plane and the most obvio...

app Apúntalo! (Pen-It) logo

Apúntalo! (Pen-It)


Spanish - Local version.You can also find an english version in Market named "Pen-It".Useful widget in 2 formats that will help you to remember all those little and important things you try ...

app Synered Cm7+ logo

Synered Cm7+


******YOU MUST REBOOT AFTER APPLYING FOR CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT!!!!************Requires TMobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms**********Requires Root**********HDPI only**********PLEASE FOL...




DA JI DA LI - CHINESE CALENDAREasy-to-use Chinese calendar(???) featuring:-Alert you everyday for the Good and Bad thing.-Day/month/year/decade view-Daily Do's and Don'ts-Five elements, nine star, l...

app The Electrical Circuit logo

The Electrical Circuit


Let's find out toghether what is an electrical circuit !We are going to learn about series circuits, parallel circuits and which are the symbols of the main elements of a circuit. We even learn how ...

app Cinebel logo



Depuis plus de 15 ans, Cinebel est le site incontournable du cinéma en Belgique, de la petite salle paroissiale aux grands multiplexes. Vous y retrouverez la programmation complète de tous les ciné...

app Hexagon Unlim logo

Hexagon Unlim


This game is an unlimited version of game named "Hexagon".It does not contain advertising.HEXAGON Online Demo: goal of this game is to find such po...

app Droid machine Pro logo

Droid machine Pro


Your mission is to build a machine with physic entities to collide yellow elements. This version provides access to online levels. You can publish your levels and solutions. You can play levels publis...

app GO SMS Theme Marble RED logo

GO SMS Theme Marble RED


GNOKKIA Themes for GO SMS Pro ThemeAlso available from Gnokkia stunning themes! Search on Market!WARNING: Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) users MAY end up with a broken theme. This may be due to a new encryp...

app Recombustor logo



Recombustor is a puzzle game (match3) where you twist three elements at once with the aim to solve as many items as possible. The closest games of similar type are Bejeweled or Tetris Attack. The game...

app Snip-Snap (season #1) logo

Snip-Snap (season #1)


Listen! Snip-snap, snip-snap, snap-snip!Little kids will appreciate unusual puzzle!You should not just put element to correct location, but cut out it with scissors first of all.This perfect education...

app Sounds for sleep logo

Sounds for sleep


You're not sleepy or tired? you can choose a sound to relax or sleep, you can choose the time.Your baby can not sleep, cries a lot, why do not you put a lullaby? You can put a nice sound to calm your ...

app Borealis Theme for Go Launcher logo

Borealis Theme for Go Launc...


Borealis theme for GO Launcher EX by PizeroDesign A Premium Quality Theme for GO Launcher EXSpecial Price - Limited time offer! 50% off regular price!Features:- Beautiful HD Wallpaper with Aurora effe...

app Puzzle Me! Free logo

Puzzle Me! Free


Allow Your child familiarize the popular professions of the world!Fifteen characters to solve!Several levels of difficulty depending on the stage - from 8 to 14 elements making up the characters!Free ...

app Puzzle Me! logo

Puzzle Me!


Allow Your child familiarize the popular professions of the world!Fifteen characters to solve!Several levels of difficulty depending on the stage - from 8 to 14 elements making up the characters!Let y...

app deadmau5 Swirl logo

deadmau5 Swirl


Deadmau5 in da house!!!ShadowChildDev does its best to keep everyone updated on new releases, updates, etc. We do custom themes, if there is something you would like let us know and we will do our be...

app Always Up logo

Always Up


Awesome arcade jumper with puzzle elements! Collect stars to move forward! "It's definitely a must-have if you like arcade-puzzle games" The Best Android Games Features: · nice mix of...

app Alienware12 logo



ShadowChildDev does its best to keep everyone updated on new releases, updates, etc. We do custom themes, if there is something you would like let us know and we will do our best to create a theme th...

app Atomic Chem and Physics Pro logo

Atomic Chem and Physics Pro


Atomic Chemistry and Physics (Pro)------------------------------Atomic Chemistry and Physics (Pro) provides you with well-organized information for you to explore the atomic world.It provides the foll...

app Nutrition Explorer logo

Nutrition Explorer


Are you on a special diet? Just want to eat healthy? Want to know how much potassium is in a banana without reading 10 books?Answer these questions and more with your Android phone. Nutrition Explorer...

app Toy Puzzle for Toddlers logo

Toy Puzzle for Toddlers


Perfect game for learning. Game is specially designed for kids , children aged between 1 and 3 years - toddlers. Simple puzzle game that every child will love to play. Toddler will learn how to create...

app SpinSoccer logo



Experience the championship of robots playing soccer! This is no everyday soccer... it is the only soccer which combines essential elements of joy, like: Foosball, Pinball and of course ROBOTS! ? Get ...

app Kids Puzzles ABC logo

Kids Puzzles ABC


In Kids Puzzles ABC Lite each puzzle has 3 elements, the capital letter, the lowercase and an animal which name starts with the selected letter.Kids Puzzles ABC Lite has 3 difficulty levels, easy (3 p...

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