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app Best Santa Claus Sounds logo

Best Santa Claus Sounds


Enjoy this free app that contains very nice sounds of santa, including 3 ho ho ho's(Santa Claus laughs), a santa claus short song and two other santa claus sounds, this is a very good application for ...

app Sprośne dowcipy logo

Sprośne dowcipy


Nici z seksu dzisiaj? No trudno, zdarza się. Na pocieszenie możemy Ci zaoferować najlepsze sprośne żarty na Androida!W tej aplikacji umieściliśmy najlepsze erotyczne i seksowne dowcipy, sex zar...

app WOW Human SoundBoard(CN) logo

WOW Human SoundBoard(CN)


WOW Human SoundBoard(CN)Laugh,Cry,Flirt,Train,Fart,Raspberry..Can be your best Ringtone,Notification,Alarm.Welcome!...

app Message Templates logo

Message Templates


Message Templates lets you use shorthand tags for a lot of common IM and SMS acronyms. Choose acronyms from a list, or type them in by using in-message tags, like so: /lol -> will expand to 'Laughi...

app Put your finger here logo

Put your finger here


Put your finger in the red circle, a random fun image will appear.This app is cool for prank! Laughing insured!!!The pictures are hosted locally. The app does not connect to the network (only the ads)...

app Stink Think logo

Stink Think


View and rate world class bathroom graffiti on your phone! Spreading this art form from any bathroom stall you find yourself in to anywhere you are on your phone. We HIGHLY encourage you to openly tel...

app uLearn Animals logo

uLearn Animals


This activity is designed specifically for parents with small children who are beginning to show their inquisitive nature. This fun activity helps children learn to identify animals, their names, inte...

app uLearn Animals (No Ads) logo

uLearn Animals (No Ads)


This activity is designed specifically for parents with small children who are beginning to show their inquisitive nature. This fun activity helps children learn to identify animals, their names, inte...

app Ask Chuck Wood! logo

Ask Chuck Wood!


Ask Chuck Will you be rich? Have success in love? Win at the Casino? Let the sarcastic and sinister Chuck Wood help you answer those hard to know questions about your life! Expect the unexpected, hav...

app Squash My Car logo

Squash My Car


Now is the time to get hold of your car and squash it!SquashMyCar lets you create stunning, personalised and unique miniature images of your favourite cars. Share them with your friends and use them ...

app Moe floor + + paper logo

Moe floor + + paper


? abandoned village in the mountains that are not also marked on the map. To a large mansion in the village was not long lived people, made of the number of people are now entering and leaving when. S...

app Burp And Fart Piano HD logo

Burp And Fart Piano HD


Burps and farts are funnyIf you dont think they are, don't download this app.With this app you can now fart and burp your favorite tunes without the risk of having to change your pants or throw up.Ima...

app 腹筋崩壊!笑える話 logo




app CatchFACE! Lite Free logo

CatchFACE! Lite Free


CatchFACE! will have you frantically guessing, laughing, and competing with your friends and family all night long. Now with over 7,000 words and phrases! Based on the classic hit game "Catch Phr...

app Noise screen prank logo

Noise screen prank


Trick you friends into believing the screen of the phone is damaged. This application makes your screen look like an old TV with bad reception. Also, like an old TV, if you hit it (gently) it will reg...

app X-Ray Body Scanner logo

X-Ray Body Scanner


The application is intended for users over 18 years of age.It does not contain pornography, however, some may feel offended. If you are not of legal age, don't download the applications.X-Ray Body Sca...

app Body Naked Scanner logo

Body Naked Scanner


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SEE YOUR FRIENDS NAKED???Prank your friends that you can see through their clothes!!You can select different body type scanning!REALISTIC woman's and man's body!This applicatio...

app Talking Dinosaur (☠Killer☠) logo

Talking Dinosaur (☠Killer...


Talking Dinosaur is an adorable, fun, and interactive character for your devicesYou can poke him, feed him, and interact with him in several other ways, and you can even have him mimic everything you ...

app Social Buddy logo

Social Buddy


Social Buddy is a hilarious app to help you in social situations. At a nightclub and need a pick-up line? Need a Yo Mama joke to insult one of your friends? On a date and need a topic to break the ic...

app Fart Machine logo

Fart Machine


Fart Machine is the ultimate free fun fart app for Android!Fart Machine is loaded with hilarious low maturity fart sound effects in classic soundboard format. Tap the buttons for high quality stereo ...

app Baby Pokes Face logo

Baby Pokes Face


Your toddler will laugh and giggle at this hilarious baby friendly app. Poke the face and it reacts and plays a sound. Endless fun for your little one! Share your baby's reaction videos with the hasht...

app Ask Some Zombies logo

Ask Some Zombies


Have you ever thought to yourself, "What would a zombie do?" Well, now you can get the answer to all your questions in the hysterical new phone app "Ask Some Zombies." If you have ...

app Eight Queen’s Puzzle logo

Eight Queen’s Puzzle


Eight Queen's PuzzleLong time ago there were 8 beautiful queens, each one with remarkable personality. But they used to compete with each other, and often quarrel.There was no end to there differences...

app Hindi Punch & Comedy Dialogues logo

Hindi Punch & Comedy Di...


***Newly added in v1.1: By popular demand Nana Patekar's Powerful & Emotion packed Dialogues***Listen & set as ringtones over 225+ Superhit Hindi Movie Punch Dialogues and Hilarious Comedy Dia...

app Funny Baby Sounds Ringtone logo

Funny Baby Sounds Ringtone


Funny Baby Sounds Ringtone contains high quality baby sounds. You will love these funny baby sounds. Crying baby, laughing baby, singing baby, playing baby, remix baby, rap baby, Japanese baby, Chine...

app Fart Camera Free logo

Fart Camera Free


Fart Camera is an application with which you will be able to play jokes on your friends.This free version has ads, to enjoy the app without them, click here: Fart CameraTell them to take a picture and...

app 50 greatest ringtones logo

50 greatest ringtones


The 50 best original, amusing, funny and family friendly ringtones optimized to sound great on your Android phone offering loads of fun assigning these tones to your friends and family when they call ...

app Fruit Catcher logo

Fruit Catcher


Fruit catcher is about fruit ( and bugs!). The goal of the game is to catch fruit as they fall from the sky. You will get badges ( Bon Banana badge, Magnificent Mango badge...etc) along the way, if ...

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