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app Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss logo

Green Eggs and Ham – ...


? Gold star - Kirkus Reviews ? Won 3rd Place in 2010 Best App Ever Awards for eBooks ? Editor's Choice - Children's Technology Review, August 2010? "A well-crafted digital book, a rich and immers...

app PMS Alert logo

PMS Alert


PMS alert i every mans friend.Type in the date of your partners last period first day and select the length of the cycle.It will then warn you when she is PMSing and ovulating.You can also have the ap...

app Mitt Romme logo

Mitt Romme


Skapa ett kontoGenom att registrera dig i "Mitt Romme" i nya appen eller på hemsidan kan du följa din och dina vänners skidsäsong samt ladda ditt SkiPass snabbt och smid...

app Lammet & Grisen logo

Lammet & Grisen


Boka bord online! Kolla öppettider, bildgalleri, meny, vinlista, vägbeskrivning, mm.EXTRA: Få Veckans Vintips direkt till din telefon. Kommer normalt inför helgen. Tips på allt från konsumsionvi...

app Camera Remote logo

Camera Remote


Camera Remote Main Functions:1. Bluetooth Mode, WiFi Mode, and Web Control Mode2. Remote Camera Control from another Android, Notebook, or Desktop PC, and from Web Browsers.3. Remote Viewfinder (realt...

app SheikoDroid Pro logo

SheikoDroid Pro


Punch in your 1RM benchpress, squat and deadlift, and let the Russian powerlifting mastermind Boris Sheiko decide what your training routine should look like.In this pro version you can currently choo...

app Wx3 logo



Wx3 Telecom Mobile Application. För mera information se vår hemsida eller kontakta oss påökord: telefoni, telekom, mobil växel, mobilväxel, mo...

app Mobilbank SE logo

Mobilbank SE


Med Danske Banks mobilbank kan du hålla koll på ekonomin med ett enda klick på din Android, iPhone, iPod touch eller iPad. Du kan till exempel kontrollera dina konton, betala rä...

app Quick Contacts logo

Quick Contacts


Quick Contacts lets you add shortcuts to your home screen for quick contacts, direct dialing, direct smsing or direct emailing a contact.If you don't know what quick contacts are then check out the sc...

app DroidGiro logo



<div id="doc-original-text">Med DroidGiro kan du skanna dina OCR-baserade pappersräkningar och få betalningsformuläret på banken automatiskt ifyllt.<p>Utöver detta program b...

app Battery Helper logo

Battery Helper


User can view the following information phone.1. Phone Number?IMEI?IMSI2. Battery State(Electricity?Life?Temperature, etc.)3. Memory UsageSetup1. Can set the power displayed in the status bar will inf...

app Every Inadequat… (本 ebook 书) logo

Every Inadequat… (本...


ISBN:E978189741485#【Limited offer】normally 1280⇒640yen (50%OFF) only for one year「Every Inadequate Name」In this, his highly anticipated debut collection of poems, Nick Thran fuses a whimsi...

app Works of Elbert Hubbard logo

Works of Elbert Hubbard


Works of Elbert Hubbard. Includes A Message to Garcia, Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, The Mintage and Love, Life & WorkThis collection was designed for optimal navigation on Android ph...

app TD Tech Data logo

TD Tech Data


TD Tech Data är Sveriges ledande IT-distributör och i vårt dagliga arbete ingår att fortlöpande hålla våra kunder bland de svenska IT-återförsäljarna informerade och uppdaterade om pågåend...

app Majora’s Mask Clock Widget logo

Majora’s Mask Clock W...


I realize there are some sound bugs; I'm not sure what's causing these, but I'll be going over the project when I get a chance (within a few weeks). Thanks for your patience.Glitch? Suggestion? Chec...

app Hammypie Calendars Plus logo

Hammypie Calendars Plus


This is the plus version of Hammypie's digital Calendars.You can flip between the beautifully and individually designed months instead of looking at that boring regular calendar.This includes 4 themes...

app ID Pilet logo

ID Pilet


Eesti ID-piletite ostmine telefonist. * Piletikoode ei pea enam mäletama* Piletiostude ajalugu* Hetkel kehtivad piletid* Hinnad ja tooted sealhulgas Tallinna ja Tartu transport, E...

app Random test app logo

Random test app


Don't download unless you want a thrilling, ride-of-your-life delve into the amazing world of "ball on a screen". The Adobe AIR plug-in is required, but it should tell you that when you dow...

app BMS logo



Vad är BMS-systemet? BMS-systemet (Bird Message Service) är en mobilapplikation utvecklad av Nordicstation i samarbete med Club300. Applikationen är framtagen för att främja spridningen av inform...

app MatvareInfo logo



MatvareInfo viser 38 forskjellige næringstoffer for 1188 norske matvarer.All informasjon og data er inkludert i appen og det trengs ingen internettforbindelse ved bruk.Verdiene er utarbeidet av ...

app Tooshtoosh Wallpapers logo

Tooshtoosh Wallpapers


Open up your phone to a joyful, imaginative, illustrated world of color with Tooshtoosh Wallpapers. Tooshtoosh paints a whimsical universe where children, animals, and mythical creatures frolic in sun...

app BetaMax Caller logo

BetaMax Caller


Make cheap phone call and send cheap sms via any BetaMax provider.Use a BetaMax account service to call (callback) an other phone wherever in the world.Your phone call will use your regular phone netw...

app Airport Mania XP FREE logo

Airport Mania XP FREE


Take an extended flight with Airport Mania: First Flight XP FREE!The XP stands for eXtended Play and that is the focus of this new (phone only!) edition of everyone's favorite airplane game. Airport M...

app Calculus Study Guide logo

Calculus Study Guide


You will use it from high school all the way to graduate school and beyond.FeaturesIncludes both Calculus I and IIClear and concise explanationsDifficult concepts are explained in simple termsIllustra...

app Signal Processing Study Guide logo

Signal Processing Study Gui...


You will use it from an undergraduate school all the way to graduate school and beyond. FREE first 2 chapters in the trial version.FeaturesClear and concise explanationsDifficult concepts are explaine...

app Linear Algebra Study Guide logo

Linear Algebra Study Guide


You will use it from college all the way to graduate school and beyond. FREE chapters on Linear equations, Determinant, and more in the trial version.FeaturesClear and concise explanationsDifficult co...

app Geometry Study Guide logo

Geometry Study Guide


Boost Your grades with this illustrated study guide. You will use it from college to graduate school and beyond. FREE Geometry Background and Triangles chapters in the trial version.FeaturesClear and ...

app Trin Meters logo

Trin Meters


Trin 1.7 Brings Trading Index Information to Mobile Devices in Real Time.Trin is an acronym for Trading Index. The Trin index, also called the Arms Index, is used by short-term traders on the major U...

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