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app Espresso Family Practice logo

Espresso Family Practice


Espresso Family Practice allows Medical Doctors to evaluate, assess and score the health status of your patients in a fast and pragmatic way.It contains the most relevant charts and scores generally n...

app Fart Express logo

Fart Express


Fart Express is a fun app to laugh so much with your friends! Choose your favorite color from those available in this app and find out what the fart te.Do not forget to bring this application to our f...

app SMS EXPRESS v.3.0 logo



Have you hurry? or you do not feel like writing a text message? Then this app is ideal for you. You can write sms with your voice and you can listen a sms just received.It is useful, fast and easy to ...

app BPOne Records Blood Pressure logo

BPOne Records Blood Pressur...


BPOneLite version is Lite version for BPOne. You can record Blood pressure for multiple users, but upto 6 entries in this lite version. Regular application features are1. You can record blood pressu...

app Expression Web Plain & Simple logo

Expression Web Plain & ...


Microsoft® Expression® Web Plain & Simple, published by Microsoft PressBuy this DRM-free ebook today! Powered by Aldiko.This no-nonsense guide uses easy numbered steps and concise, straigh...

app Capri Express logo

Capri Express


Order fresh food from Capri Express with this application....

app Blood Pressure Tracker Free logo

Blood Pressure Tracker Free


One of the most vital elements for the human body is Blood Pressure. Many ailments are caused when there are irregularities in the Blood Pressure levels. Doctors generally advice to keep a track of BP...

app Do Not Press ME Lite logo

Do Not Press ME Lite


Do Not Press Me Lite With 2 different characters that can be changed ! (Do Not Press Me Full With 9 different characters that can be changed ! Scare your friends just give your friend to press the red...

app BloodPressureDB logo



Now you can have your blood pressure under control everywhere. The fast and simple recording is easy and a real pleasure. Your doctor will be amazed by the chart, which will help him with his diagnosi...

app expressions francophones logo

expressions francophones


Sélectionnez ou faites afficher au hasard une expression francophone provenant de l'ensemble des pays de la francophonie. Pour chaque expression, on peut apprendre son origine....

app Grammar Express: Question Tag logo

Grammar Express: Question T...


? Over 13 Pages of Grammar Lessons.? Over 69 examples with Grammar Rules.? Over 500 Test Questions with Explanation. Grammar Express: Question Tag is the complete course in mastering the art of using ...

app Meet The Press logo

Meet The Press


For over 60 years, Meet the Press has featured headline-making interviews with world-leaders and U.S. newsmakers. "Meet the Press" is America's No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs broadcast,...

app Cypress Fairbanks Medical logo

Cypress Fairbanks Medical


The official Android app of Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center! Patients and prospective customers use this app as a handy tool for information about Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center such as Emergency R...

app The Henderson Press logo

The Henderson Press


With the Henderson Press application, your Android will get the most updated news, directory, video, calendar, weather and classifieds.This exciting free community newspaper is delivered to the reside...

app Do Not Press logo

Do Not Press


Do Not Press!!Have fun with your friends and family by daring them not to press the button. Carefully crafted result will ensue post pressing the button. Buy it now...

app Express IQ Test logo

Express IQ Test


Determine your intelligence with a quick interesting test - a few varying complexity questions will represent your IQ level!...

app The Jet Press logo

The Jet Press


**This app is outdated and non-functioning. A new app is coming in a few weeks. Please visit and sign up to be notified when we launch.**Get your New York Jets news delivered t...




Concerts, Tickets, Comedy Shows, Collegiate Parties, Step Shows, Live Performances, Social Networking and the Hottest Nightlife Events in the city of Dallas, TX all in the palm of your hand. Updated d...

app Mankato Free Press logo

Mankato Free Press


Mankato Free Press is the premier mobile news provider for the Minnesota River Valley for Android users....

app Grammar Express: Articles logo

Grammar Express: Articles


? Over 14 Pages of Grammar Lessons.? Over 109 examples with Grammar Rules.? Over 300 Test Questions with Explanation. Grammar Express: Articles is the complete course in mastering the use of correct a...

app SMS EXPRESS logo



Sei di fretta e devi scrivere un messaggio velocemente? oppure non hai voglia di scriverlo? allora SMS EXPRESS è la soluzione che fa per te!Con questa applicazione potrai utilizzare la tua voce...

app Expressive Voice Culture logo

Expressive Voice Culture


The first essential to one beginning the study of voice culture is an appreciation of the real significance of voice development. We must recognize at once the fact that the voice is a natural reporte...

app Coffee Press logo

Coffee Press


A coffee press timer for using a french press. Next version will be able to post a status updates to facebook...

app Grammar Express : Prepositions logo

Grammar Express : Prepositi...


? Over 68 Pages of Grammar Lessons.? Over 265 examples with Grammar Rules.? Over 500 Test Questions with Explanation. Grammar Express: Prepositions is the complete course in mastering English grammati...

app Low Pressure Salesmanship logo

Low Pressure Salesmanship


Discover the secrets of selling anything from a lollipop to a locomotive!No moment of time is wasted; no prospective customer ever displeased; no hope for an eventual repeated sale of goods and servic...

app Active English Expression logo

Active English Expression


AE ??????, ????? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???, ???? ??!? ???? ??? ??? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ??!? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??!? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?, ?? ?? 32?? ??? ?? 3500?? ??? ??/??? ?? ...

app Style English Expression logo

Style English Expression


AE ??????, ????? ???? ????? ???? ??? ???? 3?? Style???? ? ??? ?? ??? ??!? ???? Formal Style, ???? Standard Style, ?? ????? Casual Style!? ?? ? 7?? ??, 22?? ??? ??! ? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?, ?? ?? ???...

app JBpress logo




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