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app Zombie Bobble Heads logo

Zombie Bobble Heads


Balance the Zombie Bobbleheads using the accelerometer, careful or their heads will drop right off.*FIXED playability issues!!*New Music*ADOBE AIR Included!Unlock awards which in turn increase your sc...

app Zombie TV logo

Zombie TV


You're hiding in your basement from a zombie plague when you discover after getting out of the shower they've got in to your basement. Can you escape? Is there a way to finish off the zombie plague on...

app Zombie Attack! Live Wallpaper logo

Zombie Attack! Live Wallpap...


Have a swarm of zombies attack your fingers as you use your phone! Control the swarm size, and control attack speed! Change your configuration settings to add/remove zombies, change their speed, and ...

app Zombie Cannon logo

Zombie Cannon


Launch Dead Zombie Bodies at different targets through 50 Levels of increasing difficulty and skill. Can you Beat them all? Press the Back Key to Open your options Menu....


Zombieville USA – Android Game Review

Zombieville USA – Android Game Review Overview Zombieville USA is a new side scrolling shooter from Mika Mobile, makers of the popular Android game Battleheart. In Zombieville your job is to kill every zombie you set eyes on as you travel from door to door looking for supplies. There are several different weapons to use, and tons of zombies to use them on. If you enjoy taking ...

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app Zombie Rider logo

Zombie Rider


????? TOP 1 Racing Game in 42 countries ????? There is a rumour that there is a Zombie sanctuary somewhere in the USA... A cure against the zombie virus has been developed by an evil scientist. The hu...

app ZombieBlast Origins logo

ZombieBlast Origins


Slap the Zombie and Don't Loose Your Brain!The game?minimum requirement is processor speed of 600Mhzthe game might not work properly on slower mobile processors.Users of mobiles with less than 600 MHz...

app Zombie Hunter logo

Zombie Hunter


A scary but fun game of hunting zombies in total darkness, armed with only a flashlight blessed with special powers. To kill a zombie, just shine the light at it. Are you brave enough to hunt zombies...

app Zombieville USA logo

Zombieville USA


Zombieville USA - one of the biggest hits for the iPhone, now on Android devices, and with a new low price! Experience the definitive mobile zombie experience, which has set records and won the hearts...

app Full Zombie Movies logo

Full Zombie Movies


Full Length Classic Zombie Horror Movies on your Mobile Phone!Free Movies!We love Zombies!Updated 03-01-2013Lots more moviesBetter quality full screen movies!HD for wi-fi, MQ for data connectionImage ...

app Zombie Takedown (Ad Free) logo

Zombie Takedown (Ad Free)


My granddaddy always told me the fastest way to take down the zombie hoard is to go straight to the source. As soon as those zombies rise from their graves you've got to hit them with an old fashioned...

app Zombie Pop LW Free logo

Zombie Pop LW Free


????? Love it ... so funny .. a cute game too, Jay - HTC Desire (bravo)????? Awesome Great job,i love it, probbiethe1 - Motorola Droid X (cdma_shadow)????? ?? ??????, ? - Pantech Mirach (ef13l)????? 1...

app Vikings vs Zombies logo

Vikings vs Zombies


Play the Tower Defense Vikings vs Zombies and enjoy a fun experience to be a Viking and kill zombies that want to steal your beer. This defense has several maps Towers, Vikings, an option to speed up ...

app Kill Apps & Zombies logo

Kill Apps & Zombies


This is promotional game of I LOVE ZOMBIES game authors.Have fun killing your running processes just by tapping them, you need to be really fast!Game can be used as non standard TASK KILLER. Don't hes...




"I greatly enjoyed this anthology..." --Night Owl Romance (4.5 stars and a Reviewer Top Pick)Zombies are everywhere. You can't escape. So you might as well fall in love.In the pages of HUNG...

app When Zombies Attack! logo

When Zombies Attack!


"Your only hope now is survival by fortifying your house and fending of the zombies with your trusty CR-86 C5 Hunting Rifle."Survive the zombie onslaught by keeping the zombies away from you...

app Afflicted Zombie Edition Lite logo

Afflicted Zombie Edition Li...


Afflicted (Zombie Edition) is a first-person horror shooter game. The player takes on the role of a police officer (Reginald Hawkins), who investigates a wave of violent crimes that originate in the i...

app Zombies And Shotguns Holiday logo

Zombies And Shotguns Holida...


Zombies and Shotguns Holiday Edition !The festive way to fight the Zombie Apocalypse! With updated graphics which brings the bright and colorful world to your screen.You are pitted against waves of zo...

app Zombie Mart logo

Zombie Mart


Designed by a group of interns in house at Open Emotion and programmed by Marque Browne, Zombie Mart is a simple and addictive game which puts you in control of Sweet McQueen, a trucker who has stoppe...


Top 5 Zombie Games for Android

Brains….. that’s what every Zombie wants, but what do you want out of a good Zombie game? Killing of course, you're gonna want a game that lets you destroy those evil zombie hordes by any means necessary. Lucky for us there are quite a few Zombie games out for Android. I’ve definitely played some stinkers, but lately there have been some grea...

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app Age of Zombies logo

Age of Zombies


** NOTE - Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.1 are currently not supported due to Samsung driver issues. We are currently working with Samsung to resolve this ASAP! **From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja ...

app Zombie Takedown logo

Zombie Takedown


My granddaddy always told me the fastest way to take down the zombie hoard is to go straight to the source. As soon as those zombies rise from their graves you've got to hit them with an old fashioned...

app AR ZombieGate logo

AR ZombieGate


"Gate to the another world"AR ZombieGate is a 3D concept Game that opens up a new world through AR technology.- Defend zombies trying to get out from the world beyond the marker. - When a us...

app ZombiePal – Survival Guide App logo

ZombiePal – Survival ...


A complete survival guide against the living dead, ZombiePal will help keep you alive and advise you on what course of action to take in the event of an undead outbreak.Features information on Zombies...

app I Love Zombies FREE logo

I Love Zombies FREE


I love zombies! - Fast action shooter with really scary zombies, really pretty girls and handsome boys! Doodle style graphics and a lot of fun!The current version contains 8 full of zombies scenarios ...

app Coins Vs Zombies logo

Coins Vs Zombies


Get the funniest zombies into your phone now! Coins VS Zombies, the latest smash-hit game released in June 2011!One of the fastest growing downloadable coins game apps in Europe and Asia!!Coin games...

app Zombie Village logo

Zombie Village


Please email us if you me the crash problem:, because we can't reply the comments.We eager to get more info to fix the crash bug?thanks a lot.Zombie Village is the most fun and c...

app Zombie Life logo

Zombie Life


Join Eddie Rotten and his family in this current day zombie apocalypse. This is a zombie blog that covers today's news, with the ever growing threat of having your brains eaten! Grab your shot guns an...

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