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app MatchCard logo



An easy, yet challenging card game. The rules are simple: clear each level by selecting matching pairs of cards that are adjacent. Cards are adjacent if they are next to each other left / right, up ...

app a Zombie Runner logo

a Zombie Runner


If you like kill zombies! This game is for you.Our most recent game, a Zombie runnerYou must survive to the zombie apocalypse!You are trapped in a city infested with zombies, you must scape!.As you pl...

app Yet Another Zombie Shooter logo

Yet Another Zombie Shooter


Shotgun smite attack the undead hordes as they seek to slay you by consuming your face! More zombies come as time goes on - yet untold shotgun power ups yield the key to salvation! Left thumb stick to...

app Horror Soundscapes logo

Horror Soundscapes


An app designed with independent filmmakers in mind, HORROR SOUNDSCAPES is a unique compilation of 10 brilliantly composed horror soundtracks. Not limited to use by filmmakers, any audiophile that app...


Spacetime Studios Releases New MMORPG Dark Legends for Android

Overview Fans of Spacetime Studios MMORPG’s should be happy this week as the studio finally released Dark Legends for Android. Dark Legends is a complete 360 from the groups other games, as their new title is adult oriented and deals with the world of Vampires. Dark Legends takes place in a world full of Vampires, Zombies, and Humans. You pla...

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app MiniTown Papaya logo

MiniTown Papaya


**************************NEWS************************** LOADING PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED, NO UPDATE REQUIREDWe do apologize for this loading issue that has affectedmany of our users! For those who ha...

app Zomboid [free] logo

Zomboid [free]


Zomboid is the ultimate runner - jumper - slider - survivor arcade game on the Android Market. With Zombies. They want YOUR brain. I mean... Really. But, I have the solution for you. A plan. Maybe the...

app Zombie Road logo

Zombie Road


Zombies have taken over the world - Civilization as we know it has ended. The year is 2014.The last remaining bastion of humanity, a top secret army research establishment, is under siege from an endl...

app 《Dead City 2》 logo

《Dead City 2》


《Dead City 2》comes out to the market!New features:※ Agile self-exploding zombies with higher moving speed.※ The zombie leader, which is slow but strong with high HP, and will lead the zombie r...

app Skullpogo logo



The hordes of undead are invading!Zombies, bloodthirsty bats, and... vampire PIGS? It's time to deal with these vile cretins using your secret weapon: a POGO stick!Tilt your Phone or Tablet left or ri...

app Zombie predator logo

Zombie predator


Welcome to Zombie predator!!If you enjoy killing zombies, this game is for you!Buy weapons and kill as many zombies as you can, you must survive in a city infested with zombiesSeven diferent weapons t...


Slimy Fun with Slime vs. Mushrooms 2 for Android

Overview Slime vs. Mushroom 2 is a funky little strategy game from the folks at Westriver. You are the slime, and the mushrooms are your mortal enemy out to take you down. We’re not sure why the two are enemies, but we do know that it makes for a very fun game. Gameplay Your job in the game is to defend your slimy little village from the evil...

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app Bird Hunting Mania HD logo

Bird Hunting Mania HD


Jointly developed by Blue Peach and Hortor Soft!???No. 1 iPad and iPhone Game in the Chinese App Store??????Tell us what you want to make this game great!???Notes1. Phoenix CANNOT be paralyzed by the ...

app Te Agarre x Ahi Cap 1 logo

Te Agarre x Ahi Cap 1


Si eres seguidor de la Serie VALV y fan de Roberto Alatriz te traemos el juego oficial de la serie "Vete a la Versh" que sin duda alguna te tendrá un buen rato pegado a tu dispositivo...

app Horror Sounds logo

Horror Sounds


Horror Sounds gives you over 25 blood tingling and spine chilling sounds at your fingertips. Download today and get into the Halloween spirit, or scare your friend with these classic sound clips! Were...

app Ninja Kitchen logo

Ninja Kitchen


Slice your way through all kinds of exotic, delicious foods in the all new game, Ninja Kitchen ! An all new perspective at the classic food slicing games !Pick your victims ! YOU decide ! Will it be a...

app Bull Mouse Free logo

Bull Mouse Free


Take control of the famous bull Mouse and hit the runners! HIGHLIGHTS Hit the runners to earn points and money. Use powerful power ups. ???The full version includes more time and lower prices???FEATUR...

app Zombie Siege logo

Zombie Siege


Battle the zombies and prove your worth to survive the siege! This interactive game, developed by Hadlow College with Fruitbowl Media, is a fun way to learn more about how to live sustainably; it cont...

app Black Ops Zombie Guide Pro logo

Black Ops Zombie Guide Pro


?????From the same company that brought you the most downloaded Black Ops and MW2 Apps! ?????The perfect, Zombie reference guide for the popular video game, Call of Duty Black Ops is here! This app is...

app Rise of the Android logo

Rise of the Android


A satirical work poking at 'iSheep' - blind followers of Apple - where Apple has turned the world's population into zombies, leaving only Andy the Android to make things right again.Android has quickl...

app Ninja Kitchen Lite logo

Ninja Kitchen Lite


Slice your way through all kinds of exotic, delicious foods in the all new game, Ninja Kitchen ! An all new perspective at the classic food slicing games !Pick your victims ! YOU decide ! Will it be a...

app Halloween live wallpaper lite logo

Halloween live wallpaper li...


Halloween is coming, dress your smartphone with halloween live wallpaper.Flying witches and walking zombies will populate your screen. Don't be afraid, try this halloween experience.Configuration sett...

app Zombie Sounds FREE logo

Zombie Sounds FREE


Recreate living hell with this selection of Zombie Sounds. Attack zombies with your selection of weapons including a chainsaw and shotgun. Or just select some zombie effects to scare your friends. ...

app Zombie Popup Prank logo

Zombie Popup Prank


Zombie scare popup scares people by suddenly popping up zombie picture when they are looking at screen very involved trying to spot differences between 2 pictures.Zombie scare popup Prank scares anyon...

app Talk Romanian (Free) logo

Talk Romanian (Free)


+++ Get your personal Bhuio language collection! Search for "bhuio" in the Android Market +++Hear, Read & Learn the most important spoken Romanian phrases! The easiest way ever! FEATURES...

app Thriller Night logo

Thriller Night


As night fell, the various zombies crawled out from the graves or coffins. To protect yourself, you must attack these zombies. Similar to Hamster game, only the zombies is the target, be careful and...

app Zombie Mayhem logo

Zombie Mayhem


The Far West, land of new hopes, territory of magical mysteries and hungry zombies. Yes, hungry zombies. Among the charlatans who abound on the roads from village to village, sometimes some say the tr...

app Walking Dead Zombie Shooter logo

Walking Dead Zombie Shooter


Have you always been fascinated with zombies and love shooting them in games? Now you can defend your base while killing waves of zombies on your mobile device!Features:Upgradable gunsUnlockable items...

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