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app VIP – VIdeo Poker logo

VIP – VIdeo Poker


Game play begins by placing a bet of one or more credits, by inserting money into the machine, and then pressing a "Deal" button to draw cards. The player is then given an opportunity to kee...

app Meet or Beat that Price logo

Meet or Beat that Price



app Cash 4 Books logo

Cash 4 Books


IMPORTANT NOTE!!! READ THIS OR ELSE =)Due to some changes to the Cash 4 Books server this application is no longer to pull pricing information from Cash4Books. Unfortunately because that was one of th...

app Ping Pong Party . logo

Ping Pong Party .


Now run un 1.5!Special priceArka Ping Pong: funny mix of ping pong and arkanoid & Classic Ping-Pong, table tennisTest the demo version.- Nice graphics- Touch control- 3 difficulty modes- 30 opp...

app QuadSeeker logo



A simple but very addictive game. The goal of the game is to find rectangles with same-colored corner tiles to make them disappear. Try to clear as many as you can by finding and selecting them within...

app Roll Or Don’t For Two logo

Roll Or Don’t For Two


It's you against the computer, one-on-one! Roll dice, and choose your columns to play. When you think your luck is running out, end your turn to save your progress. Because if you roll and don't get ...

app Gem Timing logo

Gem Timing


How good are you at time estimation? Gem Timing is an addictive Timer Anticipation Game that promises loads of fun.+ casual game+ several game modes (including 2-player)+ local highscore for each cate...

app Par 3 Golf II logo

Par 3 Golf II


Par 3 Golf II is a fast paced golf game with four courses rated par 3. While the computer opponents don't seem to have much trouble sinking the ball in three strokes, your results may vary as you wand...

app Submarine Warfare logo

Submarine Warfare


In this game you will you control a submarine fighting the enemy. Navigating through the fire, you will find the best chance to destroy enemy's vessels. You need also find the opportunities to upgrade...

app AtomBlast logo



AtomBlast is a fun and addictive strategy/puzzle game that tests a player's skill and cunning to dominate the game board. Players take turns to place their atoms on the board, setting up chain reactio...

app Roll Or Don’t logo

Roll Or Don’t


Roll dice, and keep rolling as long as you feel lucky! When you think your luck is running out, end your turn to save your progress. If you get to the top of three columns and capture them, you win!*...

app Vortago (Demo Version) logo

Vortago (Demo Version)


VOTAGO™ challenges you to get all of your marbles to the center of the board before your opponent does the same. Use your moves to form strings of marbles and advance to the center, or disrupt the ...

app Chinese Chess Online logo

Chinese Chess Online


Multiplayer Chinese Chess Online game for Android phones. Operates through touch screen. Intuitive UI to select opponents. Highlights moves on the chessboard. Supports sound effects, vibrate, nudge. N...

app Sudoku 10,000 Trial logo

Sudoku 10,000 Trial


Trial VersionSudoku 10,000 is so named because we have included 10,000 unique puzzles to solve (full version). There are 5 levels of difficulty plus 3 bonus levels.This trial contains 2 puzzles for ea...

app Par 72 Golf logo

Par 72 Golf


Par 72 Golf is a 3D golf game featuring three 18 hole courses set in mountain, desert, and seaside environments. Features:- Merciless computer opponents.- Hills, water, undulating fairways, sand traps...

app Diaballik logo



Diaballik is an abstract strategy game for 2 players designed by Philippe Lefrançois. The game attempts to simulate a sport whereby 2 teams are simultaneously trying to get their ball to the opposite...

app GoBama logo



2010 version updates from the Internet.GoBama is way to show your love for Alabama Football. Playing Yea Alabama, the background screen lists the current schedule and points per game. Messages include...

app Roll Or Don’t™ logo

Roll Or Don’t™


Roll dice, and keep rolling as long as you feel lucky! When you think your luck is running out, end your turn to save your progress. If you get to the top of three columns and capture them, you win!*...

app Air Hockey Championship II logo

Air Hockey Championship II


Tournament based Air Hockey - compete for many seasons by starting a career or just jump right into quick play. You can create multiple careers each with their own bank account to keep track of you ca...

app Tank Ace 1944 logo

Tank Ace 1944


Do you like to drive tanks over rugged terrain, lob artillery shells into the far hills, and blow up lethal opponents lurking around every bend? If so, then Tank Ace 1944 is the game for you.In Tank A...

app 12 Games logo

12 Games


Welcome to a real online multiplayer experience. Here you can play 12 games vs. other opponents, and be a part of Skiller community! You can easily invite your Skiller buddies to join the fun as well....

app Robots Sounds logo

Robots Sounds


More droid in your droid ! Robots Sounds is a must have for android phone users. A real opportunity for geeks (and other fans) to recall sci-fi sounds.Now get ready to learn robot langage. Huh that on...


200,000 Android Phones are Sold Daily

Nevermind if their Nexus One didn't quite live up to Google's expectations. This would not stop Google's CEO Eric Schmidt from feeling happy from the fact that their Android OS which is powering several smartphones in the market is catapulting the sales of these handsets. In fact, according to Mr. Schmidt, there are now around 200,000 Android pho...

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Will The Motorola Droid Receive Android 2.2 By July 13?

We already heard the Motorola Droid would receive the Android 2.2 update well before the Motorola Droid X, but the only time frame given was a vague late July.  However, today we have a new rumor about the Droid saying it will receive the Froyo update on July 13. This information comes from a "most reliable source" according to Droid-Life and t...

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HTC Evo 4G Will Be Second To Get Android 2.2 – ozCarGuide

TFTS (blog)HTC Evo 4G Will Be Second To Get Android 2.2ozCarGuideThe Google I/O event which is only a few days away will give us the opportunity to see Android 2.2 Froyo in action. Furthermore, Google reported that they ...Will Sprint Android users finally get 2.1 this week?Afterdawn.comSprint Android users to get 2.1 Updates this weekDroidedUp (bl...

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Could 2010 be the year Android unlocks your phone contract? – VentureBeat

UberGizmo (blog)Could 2010 be the year Android unlocks your phone contract?VentureBeatIn this post, he shares key conclusions from his 35-page report, “The Android Ecosystem.” Steve Jobs, the iPad, and iPhone OS 4.0 are dominating the ...Can Android Overtake the iPhone?PC MagazineAndroid Mobile Phones: Short and Crisp ReviewTopNews United State...

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Android OS has nearly doubled its market share over the last three months – News Live (blog)

innocreativesAndroid OS has nearly doubled its market share over the last three monthsNews Live (blog)Among consumers who own a smartphone survey showed that 7% compared to 4 hours using the shell Android% three months ago. No doubt,The other operating ...Google Is Missing an Android Opportunity on Non-smartphonesGigaOm (blog)Latest Android consume...

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Patents' growing role in battle of mobile – San Francisco Chronicle

Daily MailPatents' growing role in battle of mobileSan Francisco ChronicleMany believe the HTC suit is aimed at Google, whose Android operating system sits at the heart of most of the phones cited by Apple. ...Heating the CompetitioniPhone Scoop (blog)10 Things Apple and Microsoft Haven't Learned About GoogleeWeekAndroid This Week: Apple vs...

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