This is a classic hidden object game. You have ten pages with ten items on each page to find. That’s 100 items to find. You can even reset the pages so that others can find the items. Other [...]



WikiSherpa is a mash-up of Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, and OpenStreetMap, the open-source world map. Use it to search and save Wikivoyage destination guides to your phone, and plot all their sights, [...]

dc Redial


Easily redial last incoming, outgoing & missed calls. Made for phones with no talk button, but great for users who want to call people back w/out accessing call log. (works best as a shortcut [...]

Bloatware on Android?

By In

It took a while, but I guess it should come as no surprise that Android-based smart phones are now falling prey to bloatware. PC users will typically get “free” software included on [...]

Quick Review: Nook for Android eReader App


Finally, the triumvirate of mobile ereader app is complete on the Android platform with the arrival of Barnes & Noble’s Nook ereader app. This was actually reported a few days ago but we were [...]

AndFTP – The Free Way to Transfer Files


Okay, so I realize that most people now-a-days have almost no need for FTP, at least not for a client which is what the AndFTP Android app provides. It is a stable and complete FTP client [...]

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