PayPal Android App Gets the Bump Feature


Do you use your Android phone to do your PayPal transaction? Well, if you do and you've got the PayPal Android app on your phone, you'd be interested to know that the app just got a new feature, [...]

200,000 Android Phones are Sold Daily

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Nevermind if their Nexus One didn’t quite live up to Google’s expectations. This would not stop Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt from feeling happy from the fact that their Android OS [...]

Verizon 3g early upgrade details.

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Verizon let slip the details about their 3G early upgrade promotion.  The promotion will run between June 23 and August  31.  So if your contracts ends by the ends this year then you [...]

Archos touts $200 Android tablet – TG Daily

By In (blog)Archos touts $200 Android tabletTG DailyIndeed, Matthew Humphries of notes that the tablet does not offer access to the Android Marketplace and only runs v1.6 of the [...]

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