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app EasySMS – Desktop SMS Free logo

EasySMS – Desktop SMS...


Please see website for help!NEW: Reply by email to a text!EasySMS enables you to read+write text via Wifi, USB or Bluetooth through a webinterface.Also MMS is supported read-only - read your MMS and s...

app Switch Network Type 2G / 3G logo

Switch Network Type 2G / 3G


This app/shortcut opens directly the settings app of mobile network settings to switch between "2G" and "allow 3G" networks (e.g. to save battery). A direct switch is sadly not pos...

app AppUsage Monitor/Manager logo

AppUsage Monitor/Manager


AppUsage Monitor & AppManager* Count every time you start the Apps. So you will know which Apps you use mostly.* Find Unused Apps* Launch, Clear cache, Kill App.* Consume very less battery and cpu...

app EveryTrail logo



TRACK, SHARE, EXPLORE... EveryTrail is the best way to share trips,connect with other travelers and find great new things to do. Plotyour trip, photos and videos right on the map and upload it toEvery...

app Bee Widgets logo

Bee Widgets


A matched set of small (single-cell) widgets with a common look and feel:* Clock (2 sizes)* Battery status* Local weather (USA only)Use Menu/Add from home screen to activate widgets. Click on widgets...

app GpsMail logo



It is called regularly by a system and works in a backgroundand transmits position information acquired with GPS by an email.When GPS is not effective, the email is transmitted.Ver.2.4.0Added a settin...

app 善聽聽書:有聲小說,相聲,百家講壇,評書,播客,兒童,英語 logo



Android手機最好的聽書軟件,上千部內容:有聲小說,百家講壇,名家評書,精品相聲,兒童故事……壹切盡在善聽。【功能特色】1. 既可在線收聽,亦...

app Auto Task Manager logo

Auto Task Manager


!!If you have a device that is rooted and/or android version 2.1 or higher, please search for 'bomb that task' in the market, it has more features for you then 'Auto Task Manager' but does exactly the...

app Sokodroid Pro logo

Sokodroid Pro


Sokodroid Pro is the first - and best - Android version of Sokoban, a true puzzle gaming classic praised for its simplicity and mentally challenging gameplay.Features:2400+ levels varying from easy to...

app Wapdroid logo



Wapdroid manages WiFi to save battery power, turning it on when near known networks, and off otherwise.Features:-cell towers used for location instead of GPS to save power-view and manage stored WiFi ...

app Quicols iSystem logo

Quicols iSystem


System Information Widget "iSystem" shows a)Battery Status in Percentage (%)b)Battery Temperature (°C or °F ) (Depends on phone)c)Phone Memory and external memory occupied in percentage (...

app Undress The Girl logo

Undress The Girl


Undress The Girl is a customizable 3x2 WIDGET for your Android mobile.Use the G-sensor or the battery level to undress the girl.Choose from the girls and select the color of her dress.1.0.3:- Battery ...


Dell Streak: Available August 13 For $300 On Contract, $550 Off Contract

In a press release issued today by Dell, the Streak will be available for those who signed up for the exclusive pre-order starting Thursday August 12. In case you decided to wait until the device is officially on sale for the general public, your day to order the tablet smartphone is August 13. In terms of pricing, if you sign up for a two ye...

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Tweak and Customize Your Android Experience with Spare Parts

Tweak and Customize Your Android Experience with Spare Parts Most power users relish tweaking and configuring the smallest aspects of the software they use. I myself have spent countless hours tweaking Windows using apps like X-Setup and even creating custom registry packages. Although, Android is customizable enough to keep most users happy, many advanced users probably want to do more. Spare Parts is a s...

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HTC To Use SLCD Displays For HTC Desire and HTC Nexus One

HTC has had a hard time keeping up with smartphone demand for devices that use Samsung's 3.7 inch AMOLED display, namely the HTC Desire and the HTC Nexus One. Since Samsung cannot keep up with demand, causing many shortages, HTC decided to switch from AMOLED displays to Super LCD displays in the HTC Desire and Nexus One smartphones. Peter Cho...

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Samsung Captivate Is Officially Available From AT&T

The second Samsung Galaxy S smartphone variant has officially launched in America. The Samsung Vibrant launched only three days ago on T-Mobile, and today, the Samsung Captivate launches on AT&T. The two devices are similarly spec'd and priced, the only difference is carrier preference. Some prefer AT&T to T-Mobile and vice versa. Wit...

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The New iPhone is Out…Android Still Kicks A$$

Well lookie here. The PC bashing giant Apple released their new hot summer toy: the iPhone 4G. Sure we could point to the iTampon, oops, I mean iPad but it's mostly just a glorified iPhone with a giant screen. In any case, I must say the iPhone has gotten quite the revamp. Now it has HD recording at 720p, video calling, a very high resolution scree...

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Device Tune-Up – T-Mobile Made Another App

Device Tune-Up – T-Mobile Made Another App T-Mobile was the first company to give the Android OS a shot with the HTC G1/Dream and has been very enthusiastic about supporting the Andrroid movement. Sure they can't offer warranties to modified phones (rooted phones) but they can't be expected to pay for other people's noobish mistakes. In any case, now T-Mobile is expanding its app portfolio ...

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The New Garmin GPS Android Phone

So if a Garmin GPS and an Adroid Phone mated what would you get? This! This is pretty exciting news for T-Mobile since now they will finally have a popular and well-established GPS maker working exclusively with them. Also this is a momentous day for Android lovers since we all will finally have a major GPS solution for our phones. You may remem...

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AT&T to Release the HTC Aria on June 20

Still waiting for that ultimate Android phone that will be released under AT&T contract? Well, your prayers have been answered as AT&T announces that the  Android-powered HTC Aria will be coming to the network on June 20.  The HTC Aria may not be the most powerful and best looking Android phones to date, but it is packed with several ni...

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Foursquare for Android App Review

Foursquare for Android App Review There are two major players in the mobile location-based social networking niche- Foursquare and Gowalla.  Both of these mobile services have their Android apps. I'm more inclined to recommend Foursquare since I found it more robusts, sleeker and gets the job done pretty well.  Here's a quick review of Foursquare for Android features. Foursquare...

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Motorola Has Plans for a 2GHz Android Phone By The End of 2010

The Nexus One by HTC and the HTC Droid Incredible both boast of a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. If you ever tried out either phone, then you probably know how fast it is compared to other smartphones with a smaller processor. Motorola's CEO, Sanjay Jha, decided to release a little information about the future of Motorola in terms of produ...

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Android 2.1 OTA Update for Droid and Cliq

Motorola has recently released the Android 2.1 software update. This update should automatically download to all Droid phones. I have to admit, the update for my phone automatically downloaded and I didn't even notice a difference. If you didn't notice, either, here's a rundown on what has changed. One of the biggest changes ushered in by 2.1 is t...

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The Dell Streak! The new Android tablet

The Dell Streak. Though the idea of Michael Dell streaking through the streets is both amusing and disturbing, this happens to be the name of the newest addition to the Android tablet market. It's sleek, it's new, and it's a tablet! Just like the last couple years had netbooks be all the rage, this is the year of the tablet PC. Admittedly this is a...

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Motorola Announces the New FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR

In an announcement today, Motorola revealed the latest addition to its European Android lineup, the FLIPOUT. The compact, square-shaped FLIPOUT has a pivot screen that swivels around to reveal a five row QWERTY keyboard. Its slim and compact design are the most notable features about Motorola's latest Android phone. In addition, it runs Andr...

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Droid Incredible Review

Droid Incredible Review HTC Droid Incredible The new HTC Droid Incredible has finally been released. In the U.S., it is a top-of-the-line smartphone offered on the Verizon network. Incredible is both the name of the device and what we think about it. This smartphone lives up to the standard it has set for itself through its name. This new HTC Droid uses the Google Andro...

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HP killing Windows 7 slate to use Android and webOS? – Electronista (blog)

Geeky gadgetsHP killing Windows 7 slate to use Android and webOS?Electronista (blog)Instead, it could use Android or or webOS. The contact for TechCrunch suggested HP may even drop Intel chips entirely due to battery life issues, ...HP's Slate was an Ugly Baby with Windows 7ZDNet (blog)Has HP 'killed off' its Windows 7–powered Slate t...

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Why Most Current Android Phones Will Never Get Flash 10.1 – (blog)

Product Reviews (blog)Why Most Current Android Phones Will Never Get Flash (blog)Flash is coming to Android phones, and for this, some of you are grateful. So when is it due? For some new handsets, the "first half of this year. ...Flash on Android: Good News, Bad NewsAndroidGuys (blog)Flash Player 10.1 Won't Come to All And...

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