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app Mobile processor benchmark logo

Mobile processor benchmark


Measure efficiency of multicore processor - or do you really need so many cores?This is CPU benchmark which demonstrates processor characteristics and performs some heavy calculation using threads to ...

app CPU Benchmark (No Ads) logo

CPU Benchmark (No Ads)


A CPU Benchmarking tool for Android. Perfect for testing the results of an Overclock or comparing phone speeds with your friends among different devices and configurations, even online results.V 1.7.1...

app ITGS Driving Benchmark Demo logo

ITGS Driving Benchmark Demo


ITGS Driving Benchmark DemoA tech demo using ultra-detailed 3D graphic and real-time physics to test the capability of your device.version 1.6 change log : ( BIG UPDATE ! )- Added INTENSE BENCHMARK mo...

app Benchmark & Tuning (Full) logo

Benchmark & Tuning (Ful...


This app is a must have if you want to run a quick but precise benchmark on your phone, without wasting your battery's energy. The tested components will be your cpu, memory and input/output capabili...

app MPAC Multithreaded Benchmarks logo

MPAC Multithreaded Benchmar...


MPAC Benchmarks are multi-threaded micro benchmarks for CPU, memory, cache and file I/O. The main GUI has two tabs namely, 'Specs'(i.e. Specifications) and 'MPAC'(i.e micro benchmarks). The Specificat...

app Multi-touch Benchmark Test logo

Multi-touch Benchmark Test


Test device for multi-touch capabilities.Features: touch, event counts, fps, pressure & size.Completely ad free and requires only touch input.Useful for hardware reviewers and application develope...

app Javascript Game & Benchmark logo

Javascript Game & Bench...


*** Please do not rate low because of the performance! ***This is a game demo and no finished game!Internet permission required for Cordova (former PhoneGap) to work without spamming the log with netw...

app Bullet Benchmark logo

Bullet Benchmark


Barrage is a game benchmarking + Wind avoid shooting with a barrage of massive barrage. Perform benchmark tests for the benchmark-mode terminals. The level of impact will change to show up to the barr...

app Androbench (Storage Benchmark) logo

Androbench (Storage Benchma...


AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the storage performance of your Android Devices. Now we provide the function of Micro benchmarks, SQLite benchmarks and Macro-benchmarks for free an...

app Vellamo Mobile Benchmark logo

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark


Vellamo is designed to be an accurate, easy-to-use suite of system-level benchmarks for devices based on Android 2.3 forward.Vellamo began as a mobile web benchmarking tool that today has expanded to ...

app RealPi Benchmark logo

RealPi Benchmark


RealPi provides some of the best and most interesting Pi calculation algorithms out there. This app is a benchmark which tests your Android device's CPU and memory performance. It calculates the value...

app Billion Counter Benchmark logo

Billion Counter Benchmark


Have you ever wondered how long it would take your phone to count to one billion? (Probably Not). Well now you wont have to wait any longer. This is a simple app that counts to one billion and tells ...

app )s) Benchmark One logo

)s) Benchmark One


This app provides valuable info to users: - a comparison of one's device performance with other devices, - an independent performance ranking of multiple Android devices, - a spectrogram for acoustic ...

app Monjori Shader Benchmark logo

Monjori Shader Benchmark


This is a GLES 2.0 Shader Demo which can be used to benchmark your GPU Fragment Shader Performance. It won't reflect your devices performance in real games. Some devices with a non unified shader GPU ...

app AnTuTu Benchmark logo

AnTuTu Benchmark


AnTuTu Benchmark is Android Benchmarking tool.NOTE: Some manufacturers promote they products for profits by using fake benchmarks. In fact, some users are unable to run official version of AnTuTu Benc...

app RL Benchmark: SQLite logo

RL Benchmark: SQLite


SQLite database is used on many applications based on Android platform for information storage. This test determines within what time your device processes a number of SQL queries....

app Input Benchmark logo

Input Benchmark


Allow you to benchmar inputs like : touch screen, accelerometer, multitouchUpdate : frequency bugfix (event recycle)...

app Benchmark logo



Tool measure phone performance for following categories:- 2D Graphic performance- CPU performance- Memory performance- File system performance...

app BenchmarkPi logo



Benchmark your Android device by calculating the Pi and compete your time with others!Try to be the first in the Top10 list!Very usefull tool to check the CPU speed of different Android Devices, diffe...


The Nexus 5 Spotted in a Bar, Launching Date Rumored to be October 14

nexus A few days ago, in a bar, an employee from Google left unattended a device which hasn’t been announced yet and appears to be the heir to the Nexus throne, the 5th one from the series, to be more precise. A barkeeper took advantage of those moments and, besides taking a peek, he took some pictures and recorded a few clips of it, revealing that...

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Droid World London 2013 Needs You!

droid world london Droid World London 2013 is an Android related Conference which will take place  at Earls Court 2,  between October 22-23 2013. This is where leading Android developers, along with  Android representatives and industry giants  like Google and Twitter will meet and discuss the challenges facing the Android  ecosystem. Even if Android is...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pictures and Specs Leaked Again

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And then again, like a wild Snorlax, yet another rumor surfaces over the interwebz,  another epic story about the legendary Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This weird half smartphone half tablet thingy was so rumored in the last few months that I'm wondering if it will ever hit the shelves in my life time. Samsung's marketing department is playing wit...

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20nm ARM processors could be 30% faster, pushing for the 3GHz mark

Cortex A15WaferCredit: Extremetech Semi-conductor manufacturing firms TSMC and Globalfoundries are both expected to have their 20nm mobile chip foundries up and running by 2014, which means that a new wave of faster and more energy efficient ARM processors should be heading our way sometime next year.According to TSMC, the shrink down to 20nm could see clock for...

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HTC One mini listing shows up on GFXBench web site, confirms long-rumored specs

HTC One Mini benchmark Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a bunch of new info pop up about the upcoming HTC One mini, a downsized version of the flagship HTC One. We’ve named it as one of several Android devices worth waiting out for, and for good reason. The rumored specs are really not that bad, and a recent appearance on the GFXBench web site confirms th...

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 review (video)

samsung-galaxy-mega-5.8-aa-in-hand It seems as if Samsung is on a quest to offer a smartphone in just about every size. While many don’t like big phones like the Note 2, Samsung decided to go even further with the Galaxy Mega 5.8, the little brother of the Galaxy Mega 6.3, which is easily one of the largest smartphones on the market. We already took a look at the Mega 6.3, so...

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MediaTek looks to be working on an octo-core processor

mediatek logo aa - 600px MediaTek seems to be really cranking up its pressure on the high-end processor manufactures, and the news that the company is working on its own eight core processor confirms that MediaTek is just interested in peak performance as much as it is budget technologies. First news of the octo-core chip came from UDN yesterday, which stated that MediaTe...

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The LG Optimus G2 Will Run on Snapdragon 800 And That's Official

LG Optimus G2 LG announced officially that their next flagship, the LG Optimus G2, will definitely run on the Snapdragon 800 system on chip, which is the most powerful SoC at the moment. If you check out my previous articles regarding this matter, you will see why. Anyway, LG and Qualcomm are partners now and they announced the LG Optimus G2 to hit the market...

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The LG Optimus G2 Will Run on Snapdragon 800 And That’s Official

LG Optimus G2 LG announced officially that their next flagship, the LG Optimus G2, will definitely run on the Snapdragon 800 system on chip, which is the most powerful SoC at the moment. If you check out my previous articles regarding this matter, you will see why. Anyway, LG and Qualcomm are partners now and they announced the LG Optimus G2 to hit the market...

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