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Make things go Boom with Demolition Master by App Mania

Make things go Boom with Demolition Master by App Mania Since we all love to make things go boom and then watch the destruction that follows, Demolition Master by developer App Mania is a good way to go. Featuring 16 different locations and 240 unique levels Demolition Master will keep you busy for quite a while. I mean, who doesn’t want to blow things up over and over and over again? The Demolition M...

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app CI ShowKad Demo Edition logo

CI ShowKad Demo Edition


This is a demo edition of CI ShowKad. It allows a user to see how CI ShowKad works and its functionalities, without a smartcard reader. It has got everything that CI ShowKad contains, just that it o...

app Invaders Strike Demo logo

Invaders Strike Demo


Comes to your mobile "Invaders Strike" ! joint to the Phoenix squad with Rock and Sasha to defend the humanity from alien attacks! exciting levels and difficult challenges makes of Invaders ...

app Fearless! (Demo) logo

Fearless! (Demo)


Fearless! is a revolutionary new app which aims to add some excitement into people's everyday lives. Particularly good when used on a night out, the idea is to take it in turns to randomly select a ch...

app Oil Rush: Free Demo logo

Oil Rush: Free Demo


Oil Rush is a 3D naval strategy game that takes place in a world where nuclear war has melted the ice caps, changing the face of the planet forever. It features unique gameplay focused on group contro...

app Android 2.2 API Demos logo

Android 2.2 API Demos


This Application has all api demo components/widgets which are available for developers in Android 2.2....


Slice up Demons while learning Japanese in Fude Samurai for Android

There are a lot of learning games on Google Play, but Fude Samurai is the first one we’ve seen that can teach you Japanese. While it won’t have you speaking Japanese in a few days or weeks, you can learn to write Kanji’s which are used in the modern Japanese writing system. Fude Samurai is a running game that puts you to work taking down s...

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NVIDIA announces Tegra 4 a powerful demon

NVIDIA is looking to sweep the show this year around with its exciting and intriguing announcements at CES 2013. NVIDIA took the stage and quite frankly it droned on a little until we saw the company reveal its latest mobile chip, the Tegra 4. The latest chip issued the dawn of a new generation of mobile processing and quite frankly is a giant le...

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app Discretion 3D RPG Demo logo

Discretion 3D RPG Demo


A story-focused Role-Playing Game (RPG), Discretion follows a young noble thrust into the danger and intrigues of life at the court of King Assam.Full version has recently had a major content update: ...

app Gun Score Demo logo

Gun Score Demo


This application is not a game it's a scoreboard for shooter !This application allows you to record your results in rifle shooting, pistol ....You can save them, email them, see your progress graphica...

app Basket Score Demo logo

Basket Score Demo


Use your smartphone or tablet as a professional scoreboard for basketball!NEW demo version fully functional for game (but without graphics)It includes: * Stopwatch including count 24 seconds * T...

app Ronny og Sonny – DEMO logo

Ronny og Sonny – DEMO


Ronny og Sonny er en barnebok som lærer barn å forstå hva forurensning er.Boken tar utgangspunkt i en liten selfamilie på Nordpolen, og følger selungen Sonnys reise på det åpne hav. På sjøen ...

app Pocket Money Box USD demo ver. logo

Pocket Money Box USD demo v...


Do you want to buy a gift for yourself? Start saving money ...Use 'Pocket Money Box' and keep an eye on the amount of money saved.Select a coin, activate it on screen and then drag and drop it in the ...

app Demolition Derby 3D logo

Demolition Derby 3D


Take part in a demolition battle between old worn out cars and trucks using the latest in high tech 3D rendering, physics, collisions and interaction. You must last the longest, take the least damage,...

app Nostalgic Phone DEMO logo

Nostalgic Phone DEMO


Demo of the Nostalgic Phone without the dialing capabilities. If you like the feel this classic retro phone gives you the full version is only a buck......

app Dirtball! demo logo

Dirtball! demo


The time to THROW DOWN has come! Your tribe is on a mission to reunite the WORLD MAP’S Nine pieces to reveal an ancient secret – but you will have to defeat the other tribes to get their map pie...

app Learn ABC at My School (Demo) logo

Learn ABC at My School (Dem...


We have created a simple to use highly interactive software, which will keep children engaged, while the learn english alphabets, words, sentence,also recognize the object and each word is having a im...

app Bubble Level Digital   Demo logo

Bubble Level Digital Demo


Bubble Level Digital is design for practical use. I do not name it spirit level, because measurement reading is easy, take not much spirit and effort. The software can detect not only object level in ...

app Maxwell’s demon logo

Maxwell’s demon


Learn physics with killing time app!You are Maxwell's demon, who is aiming to decrease the entropy in the room.You are allowed to open and close the gate to selectively pass the particles through it.D...

app gothball demo logo

gothball demo


gothball is a new action-adventure game where you control the interesting being known as the gothball...gothball rolls, jumps and blasts it's way through tons of levels with enemies, traps and puzzles...

app HSC Maths 2U Formulas Demo logo

HSC Maths 2U Formulas Demo


This is a Demonstration version of the "HSC Maths 2U Formulas" app. The Full Version is a perfect learning app for maths students to study maths formulas anywhere, anytime on their Android p...

app hControl DEMO logo

hControl DEMO


So you are one of those lucky ones who live in polar climate? There are few options you should consider before moving.Clever engineers have developed a heater system (Defa, Webasto) that heats your ca...

app Drips and Pumps Demo logo

Drips and Pumps Demo


This is the DEMO version of the 'Drips and Pumps'. It demonstrates only 5 drugs out of the 46....

app Podemos confiar en la Biblia? logo

Podemos confiar en la Bibli...


Descubre los misterios y secretos que han envuelto la creación de este libro tan popular. Las historias y los hechos que los poderosos esconden están revelados en esta obra de investigación. Ademá...

app Almost Smart Cover – DEMO logo

Almost Smart Cover – ...


*** This is DEMO version ***This is Almost Smart Cover.This application uses proximity sensor to turn on/off your device's screen. Meaning, if you have a sort of cover, it will be like iPad2's smart c...

app Figment (demo) logo

Figment (demo)


Figment(demo) is a multiplayer top-down survival game!Shine your flashlight around to destroy the evil nightmare monsters and see how long you can survive.Cooperate and work together with your teammat...

app Pollo Loco: The Demo! logo

Pollo Loco: The Demo!


Touch to collect the chickens. Simple, yet compelling and addictive. You've been warned. Demo Features:* Fun, animated and brightly colored graphics* 3 Whimsical stages with 3 waves per stages.* 1 Egg...

app Chromatic Hits demo (Caustic) logo

Chromatic Hits demo (Causti...


This a content pack for use with Caustic 2. You must have Caustic 2 installed to use this!The concept: often when I use one-shot samples, I would like to have them play higher or lower without changin...

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