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app DNA Repair and Sound of Love logo

DNA Repair and Sound of Lov...


This is the sound of DNA Repair and Love.This app has a few facts on the frequency and even plays the frequency!The Frequency has been theorized to promote DNA repairThis Frequency also promotes Peace...

app Peludna prognoza logo

Peludna prognoza


Jeste li znali da je jedna od najva...

app anti-Kidnap SOS Voice+ GPS+ logo

anti-Kidnap SOS Voice+ GPS+


Only need USD1.68 then can Save your Life!!Voice Recording plus and auto-attach to send with GPS location!!Everyone Must have and will Save your Life app!! Add this app shortcut to your desktop and pr...

app anti-Kidnap SOS Voice+ logo

anti-Kidnap SOS Voice+


Voice Recording plus and auto-attach to send!!Everyone Must have and will Save your Life app!! Add this app shortcut to your desktop and press it in emergency case to save your life!Multi-function com...

app IDEAdna logo



Don't Neglect Your Dreams...As history reminds us, business empires can start on the back of a napkin. Think what you could do with our IDEAdna app leveraging your touch sensitive, internet browsing, ...

app hamednajafalarm logo



Salam helia in avalin versionie ke sakhtam baraye ferestadane alarm servero ina nadare alarmi nemifreste , paye telephon codesho behet migam...

app 3D DNA logo



3D Live Wallpaper...

app 3D DNA Model logo

3D DNA Model


This is a live wallpaper. NOT AN APP.3D DNA Model moves back and forth whilst rotating and responding to touch. A more accurate guess of what DNA looks like, colors should be mostly correct. Bacon....

app 3D DNA Double Helix logo

3D DNA Double Helix


A 3D double helix model that spins and responds to touch.Sorry I couldn't get any actual screenshots, DDMS messes up 3D....

app Kidnapped-Book logo



Kidnapped is a historical fiction adventure novel by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Inspired by a true story, the presumptive heir to five aristocratic titles was kidnapped at the age of ...

app 3D Amazing DNA logo

3D Amazing DNA


3D Live Wallpaper...

app a1-LoveDNA logo



Anyone have a girl De Hart loin spiral "loving feeling" ★ Ni Wairuto ゙ ゙ & Serefu off a little on security design background ゙ ☆ La'm looking to express...

app DNA Replication logo

DNA Replication


Very Handy App to learn about DNA replication! Serves as a good reference with a mini things to know section as well as steps organized by numbers. This app also helps you learn the vocabulary and en...

app Navigateur logo



[FRANCAIS UNIQUEMENT / FRENCH ONLY]Le navigateur vous permet de naviguer sans soucis sur le site fladnaG.netFonctionnalités :- Chargement automatique du site.- Sauvegarde du nom d'u...

app Edna St Vincent Millay Books logo

Edna St Vincent Millay Book...


This book contain collection of 6 books1. Renascence and other poems [1917]2. A Few Figs from Thistles [1920]3. Second April [1921]4. The Harp-Weaver and Other Poems [1923]5. Aria da Capo [1921]6. The...

app diversityDNA logo



Cultural competency is the ability to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds and experiences.Developing cultural competency is a necessity to succeed in our global economy.diversity...

app IDNA (DNS Punycode) notepad logo

IDNA (DNS Punycode) notepad


System administrator's IP address keeper helps you remember your domain names. IDNA (PUnycode) DNS records support....

app Ariadna logo



Monitorovací vozidel.Vlastnosti:* Online / offline monitorování* Monitorovaní polohy, rychlosti, sm?ru.* Monitorovaní stavových informací vozidla p?es ...

app SongDNA logo



SongDNA allows you to quickly search for your favorite song's detailed information. It includes tourdates, artist's bio + homepage, highest chart rank, music videos and more.Should run on Android 1.5 ...

app Fluidnation logo



Keep up to date with all the news on Ben Mynott's Fluidnation sound.With over 80,000 weekly listeners to his radio show, this app will keep you up to date with all the news and Ben Mynott's album rele...

app AndNav1 logo



AndNav (BETA) is a Navigation application providing NON-REALTIME(!) directions. Supports Waypoints, Satellite-Imagery, POI, Favorites, Contacts, etc...If you experience 'Force Close' please use the 'L...

app DNA Alignment logo

DNA Alignment


Align DNA sequences using your phone! Simple text strings (such as your name and a friend's name) may also be entered. Both Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman alignment options are available. For seq...


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