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app earth live wallpaper donation9 logo

earth live wallpaper donati...


!!! THIS IS NOT A WALLPAPER AT ALL, BUY IT JUST TO SUPPORT ME !!!Earth live wallpaper donationbuy this application if you enjoy my free live wallpaper.keep it installed for 48h minimum to validate you...

app BearthDays Birthday calculator logo

BearthDays Birthday calcula...


Fill in your birthdate and press calculate to check how many days, weeks and months you have lived on Earth with this Birthday Calculator.This app also tells you how many hours, minutes, seconds and m...

app Earth Defense Demo logo

Earth Defense Demo


An original tower defense in earth. Choose the tactics for each tower to increase damage.Defense of the world needs you !!- 5 towers and many ennemies.- Purchase Damage, Speed and Range increases for ...

app Earth, Moon & Sun logo

Earth, Moon & Sun


Here is an application that shows the Earth revolving around the Sun and the Moon revolving around the Earth. This application is a modification of a demo of an application that uses the Min3D library...

app Earth Documentary logo

Earth Documentary


Copyright free earth documentary....

app Earth Worm 2 logo

Earth Worm 2


Move your Earth Worm around and collect leaves that you drop of in your nest.But avoid the birds. Pick up bodyparts if you lose any.Navigate with joystick and use fire button to complete as many level...

app Save the Earth logo

Save the Earth


Save the Earth from different hostile things, shooting them energy balls!...

app Earthquake meter (Lamp switch) logo

Earthquake meter (Lamp swit...


Detects the earthquake vibration and has the lamp switch swing....

app Super Earth Wallpaper Free logo

Super Earth Wallpaper Free


*** LIVE WALLPAPER - REQUIRES ANDROID 2.1 OR ABOVE ***Super Earth Wallpaper Free brings a unique amazing look to your Android Device.If you like it, get the Full Version with Super Earth Wallpaper Pro...

app Discovery Earth logo

Discovery Earth


-Discovery Earth brings you amazing videos of places and cultures from every corner of our planet.-With over 30 touch points displayed on a world map, Discovery Earth offers unique footage from groun...

app Earth Viewer logo

Earth Viewer


Earth Viewer by using OpenGL ES 2.0. renders 3D rotating planet Earth with detail surface, live clouds, including atmosphere effect and bump map technique. Application includes the following Live weat...

app Earth Live Wallpaper FREE logo

Earth Live Wallpaper FREE


An animation of our beautiful earth.You can zoom and set the time for one rotation.It's an live wallpaper (so it won't appear in your App folder, but in your Live Wallpaper folder).Instruction:-> G...

app Abduction : Earth logo

Abduction : Earth


You are an alien on a mission. The Earth is targeted for harvest and the mothership needs fresh meat. Collect earthlings, rescue comrades, and prepare earth for the coming invasion. Tilt or Joystick C...

app Middle-earth Name Generator logo

Middle-earth Name Generator


Generates Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, Adûnaic, and Orc names, intended for fun - use the generated names as party nametags and let the Middle Earth fun begin!Features* Generation of Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, ...

app EQInfo – Global Earthquakes logo

EQInfo – Global Earth...


Global earthquake information - Different agencies, many filter options, no ads, interactive map, system notifications, sharing of events, epicenter distance, customizable, minimized data volume and u...

app EarthOtherSide logo



[Other side of the earth] (antipodes) to the present place is displayed accurately in the Google map.When the address on the other side of the earth can be acquired, the address is displayed on the sc...

app Earth Dragon-DRAGON PJ Free logo

Earth Dragon-DRAGON PJ Free


Drgon god?Seishi Bosatsu charmYour Birthday?For those born either 7th, 16th, or 25th of a given monthLuck of the dragon power?Awaking of talent?Mystical power?Spiritual improvementAfter rescuing peopl...

app Earth’s Greatest Mysteries logo

Earth’s Greatest Myst...


Myths from the depths of time that hint of other, far more Ancient civilizations. Bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies. Tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging grea...

app Amazing Earth logo

Amazing Earth


Amazing Earth provides a list of spectacular places to view in Google Earth on your Android device.Google Earth must be installed on your device for this application to function.If you have a dual cor...

app EarthDarts logo




app KMLZ to Earth logo

KMLZ to Earth


KMLZ to Earth allows you to view KML and KMZ files on your Android device using Google Earth. If you are unable to view a KML or KMZ file or attachment in Google Earth, then this is the app that you n...

app VA Earth Live Wallpaper logo

VA Earth Live Wallpaper


This app is a Earth live wallpaper beautiful animated in 3D.The background is animated according to the switching of the screen.Operation check, please use the free version.this The Full Version the f...

app The Earth logo

The Earth


The Earth 3D Live Wallpaper is simple and colorful live wallpaper.TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> The Earth Live WallpaperThis free app is ad supported and m...

app Ozone Index Saves Earth logo

Ozone Index Saves Earth


Ozone Index Saves Earth is an android application which depicts the Ozone Concentration (in dobson units) at your place. The data is acquired from satellites every 3 hours.Moreover the user can take q...

app VA Earth Live Wallpaper LITE logo

VA Earth Live Wallpaper LIT...


This app is a Earth live wallpaper beautiful animated in 3D.The background is animated according to the switching of the screen.The free version is available in the following functions: constraint.- H...

app Live Sun Earth Moon! logo

Live Sun Earth Moon!


^Do you need to know:? What time the sun will set today? And rise tomorrow? ? Is it a full moon tonight? Or still waxing gibbous? ? Are there any sun spots right now? Or solar flares? Or maybe ...

app Live Sun Earth Moon! (FULL) logo

Live Sun Earth Moon! (FULL)


^??? Want to try it FREE first? Look for our LITE version! ???Do you need to know:? What time the sun will set today? And rise tomorrow? ? Is it a full moon tonight? Or still waxing gibbous? ? ...

app Latest earthquakes logo

Latest earthquakes


Get the latest earthquakes worldwide from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre....

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