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app プロフカードで一発検索♪出会いのSNS logo




app Amore – Love Calculator logo

Amore – Love Calculat...


Divertiti anche tu con Love Calculator! Questa semplice app consente di testare l'affinità di coppia tra te e la tua ragazza o il tuo ragazzo.???????Quando non hai più idee sulle persone...

app Garden: Flowers free logo

Garden: Flowers free


In the app, there is a small reference to the flower plants for home gardening.The app contains a database with some flowers for the hobby gardener. It includes the planting months and evidence to the...

app Rabbit Educational Call logo

Rabbit Educational Call


Capitalise on your Android phone for your favorite hobby. It's simple open the program with your mobile, you press "play" and sound the call to lure the rabbit. For convenience, off the scre...

app Partridge Educational Call logo

Partridge Educational Call


Capitalise on your Android phone for your favorite hobby. It's simple open the program with your mobile, you press "play" and sound the call to attract partridge. For convenience, off the sc...

app Magic Painting logo

Magic Painting


Give life to your paintings with: Magic Painting!!!With app you paint and animate your drawings in a fun and simple way.Be surprised with the show of usability and fun. Magic Painting is a wonderfull ...

app Flugwetter Wels logo

Flugwetter Wels


Aktuelles Flugwetter (METAR und TAF), Ortswetter mit 3-Tagesprognose, Windverhältnisse, eine Live-Webcam auf den Zivilflugplatz Weisse Möwe Wels (LOWL) sowie einen News-Feed mit den wichtigs...


App Review – The BorneoWild Guide

Some people eat shrimp while others keep them as pets. I fall into the latter category, and recently stumbled across an Android app called The BorneoWild Guide. If you use BorneoWild's range of food and supplements you’ll want to keep reading as this is one handy little app to have on hand. If you keep or breed freshwater shrimp you have probabl...

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app Elektor Opamp Calculator logo

Elektor Opamp Calculator


Opamp Calculator for electronic engineers, hobbyists and students.Feature list:- Inverting Amplifier- Non inverting Amplifier- Differential Amplifier- Inverting Summing Amplifier- Summing Amplifier...

app Gundam Wallpaper 8 logo

Gundam Wallpaper 8


Gundam WallpaperMobile Suit GundamGundam W OO UC ZAKU GUNDAM SEED SEED DESTINYwallpaper MSN-04 Sazabi ??AMS-119 Geara Doga ??MSN-04-2 Nightingale ??NZ-222 Psyco Doga?MSV? ??NZ-333 Alpha Azieru ??RMS-1...

app Gundam Wallpaper 7 logo

Gundam Wallpaper 7


Gundam WallpaperMobile Suit GundamGundam W OO UC ZAKU GUNDAM SEED SEED DESTINYwallpaper MSN-04 Sazabi ??AMS-119 Geara Doga ??MSN-04-2 Nightingale ??NZ-222 Psyco Doga?MSV? ??NZ-333 Alpha Azieru ??RMS-1...

app ADB WiFi logo



ADB Wifi application allows to establish ADB connections using wireless network.This's very useful if you don't have the device USB cable.Instructions (I assume you have ADB installed in the PC):- Exe...

app Mobile Data Toggle logo

Mobile Data Toggle


Mobile Data toggle widget (for activate/deactivate mobile data connection).Also includes activities for use in conjunction with Locale, Setting profiles or any app that support shortcuts t activities....




The ideal application for all hunter, comprising:- Hunting regulations for State government.- Order by closed communities.- Ringtones and wallpaper in the world of hunting.- Lunar Calendar.- Chat Hunt...

app Aquarium I.D. Lite logo

Aquarium I.D. Lite


This app is the fastest way to learn about saltwater fish and corals. Stop buying expensive aquarium books because you can find all the information here. You can share your aquarium photos and meet f...

app Ham Radio logo

Ham Radio


Our Ham Radio application is a Glossary of Amateur radio terms and acronyms. This is a great application if you are dedicated to this great hobby, or if you are looking to get into being a “Ham Rad...

app Stress Reduction-Audio-Full logo

Stress Reduction-Audio-Full


Want to better learn how to relax and find some stress relief? Stress Reduction-Audio contains three guided relaxation techniques to guide you through the process of becoming more fully relaxed. Be s...

app English Grammar logo

English Grammar


Learn English Today.English Grammar test game quiz.6 levels from beginner to advanced. Take the challenge. Practice English anywhere.English language test for school, mid-term or final English examina...

app Flirt Asian Friends logo

Flirt Asian Friends


?? Make new friends! ?? Find a perfect love! ?? Meet people like you! ?? Share your interests & hobbies! ?? Make friends in other countries! (European, Asian, Japanese, Korean / Regions to be adde...

app Vietnam Tourist Speak Book Pro logo

Vietnam Tourist Speak Book ...


!!! Please try Free version first at: !!! to Vietnam! Xin Chào! VietNam Tourist Speakbook,the easy way with over 600+ useful p...

app Soft Air logo

Soft Air


Video,rules,regulations,events about one of the most popular sport/hobby of the moment....

app R.SA Sachsen logo

R.SA Sachsen


V E R S I O N 2.0.2Vielen Dank für die tollen Feedbacks und die wertvollen Hinweise zur neuen App-Version. Dieses Update enthält weitere kleine Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen. Die Stab...

app ayumu sena vol.1 beta logo

ayumu sena vol.1 beta


Beautiful Japanese model Ayumu Sena.Gallery vol.1 Beta version.By T-powersProfileName:Ayumu Senabirthday:1986/03/10birth place:Naganoblood type:Bheight:158cmhobby:Sing a songspecial skill:dancing...

app Rio vol.1official photo logo

Rio vol.1official photo


Beautiful Japanese model Rio.Gallery vol.1.By T-powersProfileName:Riobirthday:1986/10/29birth place:Tokyoblood type:Aheight:154cmsize?B/84(C) W/58 H/83hobby:Karaokespecial skill:Portuguese------------...

app PCBTrace logo



PCB Trace width calculator is a very useful tool for electrical engineers with PCB design. Students and hobbyists can use this intuitive tool at any level. Keep this handy in your Android phone wherev...

app Scuba Diving Guide logo

Scuba Diving Guide


Our Scuba Diving Glossary is for scuba divers and anyone else interested in scuba diving terminology. As with any sport or hobby, Scuba has its own set of terms and lingo that must be mastered. We h...

app Business English FREE logo

Business English FREE


This software tests your ability to use typical English for Business. A business English course in the form of a quiz game app. Take a 5 minute Business English lesson everyday!Premium includes all 6 ...

app Show of Hands logo

Show of Hands


Finally the 5-star polling app from the iPhone and iPad comes to Android!REVIEW COMMENTS ******************** "Addicted! It's the only app I constantly use." "An absolute must-have for ...

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