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app White Horses In Exotic Sunset logo

White Horses In Exotic Suns...


Upload 03/06/2011This is a Live Wallpaper that takes up very little space on your phone and also can be moved on SD memory....

app Horseshoe Spread of Tarot logo

Horseshoe Spread of Tarot


Horseshoe Spread can divines the state of the thing and show you how to do.Explores your Pass,Now and Future.It is a spread that contraposes a designated problem,uses your view,explore suggestions and...

app Desert Dreams &  Piston Horses logo

Desert Dreams & Piston...


The world is dead, a wasteland of sand and ash. The dead walk and phantoms wander the land casting long shadows over the hearts of humanities remnants. In this world of chaos only the Law Men maintain...

app Horses Photo Book logo

Horses Photo Book


In the horses photo book app you'll learn interesting facts about horses with beautiful pictures of the animal. This isn't just a kids book, it is great app for anyone who who enjoys horses.Get starte...

app 100+ Horses (Keys) logo

100+ Horses (Keys)


Love horses?100+ breeds, 500+ 3D pages, 800 best-of-the-best images, and 800 videos.Play pictionary with bots. Search robots show images. You guess the horse.The unique, intuitive interface for mobile...

app 3D Horses logo

3D Horses


3D Live Wallpaper...

app 100+ Horses Lite (Keys) logo

100+ Horses Lite (Keys)


Love horses?Play pictionary with bots. Search robots show images. You guess the horse....

app Horseshoe Scoring logo

Horseshoe Scoring


Want to EASY way keep track of your Ringers?Want to EASY way track of your Score? This is the App for you.Developed by a National Horseshoe Pitching Association Member, this Application is designed to...

app 8-Bit Horseshoes logo

8-Bit Horseshoes


Take a trip back in time to a day when men were men, and phones were tethered to the wall. When graphics were in your imagination. And fun was measured in smaller units. Units called pixels.The classi...

app I Love Horses doo-dad logo

I Love Horses doo-dad


doo-dads! - Attention please read below.What is a doo-dad? A doo-dad is a widget that sole purpose is to add a little bling to your screen without having to change your background or theme. Most doo-...

app Horses! logo



Horses! displays a slideshow of the world's most stunning and photogenic horses in their natural habitat. Among the well known photographers that worked to bring you these images are Chris Willis and ...


Email Client for Exchange + for Android Review

Email Client for Exchange +  for Android Review The Email Client for Exchange + brings emailing to another level. If you're using your email frantically (and who doesn't these days?), you will rediscover the little pleasures in life using this Android app from Mail Wise Communication. Like all the good things  (for droids, that is), this email app is absolutely free of charge. To benefit...

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Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game

Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game For those of us who love our brain and enjoy practicing memorization techniques, here comes Memozzle, a turn based memory card game from Netplay Solutions. To begin with, just visit Google Play Store and download the game, install it on your droid and let the fun times begin!  Yes, this ...

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Say Hello to HTC One Max

htc one max Almost a month ago there were rumors about a bigger version of the Taiwanese flagship HTC One, called HTC One Max. Max stands for super-size, because it was said to feature a huge six inches wide touchscreen. Also, it was said it will run on the Snapdragon 800 system on chip and it will be available in September, being the direct competitor ...

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app PSY Gangnam Style: The Game logo

PSY Gangnam Style: The Game


??? Get ready! Launched Gangnam Style : The Game ???Do you like SEXLADY! Off course, because Psy 's rule!!! You're FAN of Gangnam style - Psy? So play it! ???You control the Korean artist PSY using y...


Samsung Galaxy Note III Appears on Picasa

Samsung Galaxy Note III Hold your horses, it's not the smart phone itself, just a photo sample which looks like it was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note III. If we take a look at the photo's specs,the 13 Megapixels camera sensor  that was rumored appears to be there. The Samsung Galaxy Note III was announced for September 2013 and as the date of its release comes closer...

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EU to put an end to mobile roaming charges next year

Europe flagImage source: The IndependentIf you’ve travel abroad at any point you’re likely to have incurred a roaming charge whilst using your mobile phone. Over recent years there’s been a concerted effort to bring these costs down across Europe, and after a new European proposal it looks like we could be rid of them for good next year.A group of 27 Eu...

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New Verizon Galaxy S3 Update VRBMD3 is Live

galaxy.s3Verizon is one of the best carriers out there when it comes to reliability and customer service, but when it comes to pushing out updates they are the worst. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 through Verizon, today’s your lucky day as they have finally put out the Verizon Galaxy S3 update that a lot of us have been waiting for... The Verizon Galax...

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Welcome to Boon Hill lets you Visit a Virtual Graveyard

welcome to boon hillWe’ve seen simulation games that let you raise horses, race cars, and run tattoo parlors. Welcome to Boon Hill is an upcoming simulation game that takes a bit of a darker turn, as it’s a pixely graveyard simulator with a very interesting premise.Welcome to Boon Hill is a game about gravestones, and the histories behind them. You’ll wander aro...

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app Sport game:Polo free logo

Sport game:Polo free


Awesome POLO photos! All pictures are chosen carefully and HD.You will definitely find the one like.This is a free game about polo, specifically designed for polo fans.Through the game, not only can y...

app Golf Star™ logo

Golf Star™


Experience the most vivid game of golf ever, all in the palm of your hand!Introducing Golf Star™, the greatest golf game you’ll ever play! Featuring realistic graphics, a multitude of golfing tech...

app Steam locomotive wallpaper logo

Steam locomotive wallpaper


Powerful steam engine running through winter forest. Animated smoke!The earliest railways employed horses to draw carts along railed tracks.As the development of steam engines progressed through the 1...

app Animals Wallpaper logo

Animals Wallpaper


Animals Wallpaper(fish, squirrel, rabbit, cow, frog, cat, owl, giraffe, deer, koala, monkey, bee, skunks,elephants, jellyfish, tigers, lions, turtles, dolphins, seals, parrots, cats, dogs, horses, dog...

app Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo logo

Hoosier Horse Fair & Ex...


The Hoosier Horse Fair app is the best way to interact with your favorite clinicians, demonstrations, shows, horses and riders before, during, and after the fair! Use our interactive message board to ...

app Funny Animals logo

Funny Animals


A collection of 147 hilarious animal video clips that will have you in stitches. Where would we be without all of these lovely creatures? Clips include: Very Funny Animals 7 Very Funny Animals Very Fu...

app Horse Race logo

Horse Race


This is a very lightweight game which simulates a horse race.You can choose a horse in every round out of the 5 competiting horses.If You are lucky, Your horse will win :)You don't have to worry, caus...

app 宝宝故事  (成语故事)  离线有声版 logo

宝宝故事 (成语故事...



app 유아 동화 ♥ 신데렐라 ♥Lite [무료] logo

유아 동화 ♥ 신데렐...


유아 동화 앱북 신데렐라는 기존의 플레이 방식의 보기만 하는 동화가 아닌 아이들이 직접 스토리 진행에 참여하도록 유도 하는 인터렉티브 동화 어플...

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