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app Japanese hair salon logo

Japanese hair salon


Introduction. For your hair you are still upset you? This software provide theultra-multi-hair reference, and be able to face screening hair.Convenient to you and your friends explore hairstyle, image...

app Japanese Sexy Girls Photos logo

Japanese Sexy Girls Photos


The most sexy girls, hottest body and tempting pose, all in the most popular Album App in Google Play. You should try this app because:IT'S SEXYWe choose the most beautiful high-quality(HD) photos of ...


Kairosoft releases New Japanese Game Highway Seafood Sushi for Android

Overview Kairosoft is on a roll of late as they released Pocket Clothier earlier this week and then dropped another game with the Japanese version of Highway Seafood Sushi. We’re sure this won’t be the English title of the game, but it will be all about running a sushi restaurant. Highway Seafood Sushi puts you in charge of a sushi restaurant...

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app Flick Maze (Japanese Version) logo

Flick Maze (Japanese Versio...


Please use other android application in English version "Flick Maze - Time Attack".

app Russian – Japanese Phrasebook logo

Russian – Japanese Ph...


THE NUMBER ONE RUSSIAN <-> JAPANESE TALKING PHRASEBOOK FOR ANDROID DEVICES!The intelligent talking solution for portable communication that features more than 14,000 phrases for all common situa...

app japanese useful idioms logo

japanese useful idioms


I would like to regain fine Japan. It contributes to the person troubled with 10% of these sale at the massive earthquake of Azuma's Japan. This application is the wallpaper of a traditional 4-charact...

app Japanese Beautiful Legs logo

Japanese Beautiful Legs


Price Down!!!It is a photograph collection application "Ashi-damono".The photograph collection application which appointed the Japanese amateur model.This concept is a "leg".The le...

app Filthy Phrasebook Japanese logo

Filthy Phrasebook Japanese


For the world traveler who is looking for something more...The slang phrasebook for all your language translation needs.You’re in Shibuya, Tokyo drunk as hell and wondering why so many people are al...

app Japanese – Portuguese (Brazil) logo

Japanese – Portuguese...


Find the right words at the right moment with iSayHello, the travel phrasebook and language course that doesn’t just have a great audio output but can also be used offline and has been professionall...

app Japanese-kanji logo



Let's master Japanese kanji for fun!We Japanese learn 80-kanji first at an elementary school in a first grader.Yes, you can learn 80-kanji same as above-mentioned in this app too!The kanji is categori...

app Japanese Sexy Girls Album logo

Japanese Sexy Girls Album


The most sexy girls, hottest body and tempting pose, all in the most popular Album App in Google Play. You should try this app because:IT'S SEXYWe choose the most beautiful high-quality(HD) photos of ...

app Japanese Showa Songs logo

Japanese Showa Songs


This application will link to Japanese Showa Songs contents on YouTube.Please enjoy Japanese Showa Songs!Showa is from 1927 to 1988.Android application of the middle-aged for the middle-aged by the mi...

app Engadget Japanese logo

Engadget Japanese


Engadget Japanese sReaderEngadget brings you obsessive daily coverage on gadgets & consumer electronics.Engadget is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. KEY FEA...

app JapaneseIdol Miduki Horii #1 logo

JapaneseIdol Miduki Horii #...


Japanese Sexy Idol Miduki Horii photograph collection "Biiku"#145pics.Miduki Horii I-CUP!!MIduki Horii1986/4/21T:148 B:93 W:55 H:86Get the photogravure of a cute and sexy Japan...

app JAPANESE GIRLS 07 Full Version logo

JAPANESE GIRLS 07 Full Vers...


This application is JAPANESE ADORABLE FASHION MODELS' live wallpaper.The wallpaper can be easily switched by the double tap.To install live wallpaper, press the open space on the home screen/desktop f...

app Japanese Flower Design logo

Japanese Flower Design


The flower design like Kimono is very beautiful !Let's make your smart phone Japanese style with this live wallpaper!!Notes* Android OS2.1 or higher* To use: home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live W...

app Japanese AV Search logo

Japanese AV Search


Japanese AV Search the terminator has been!The latest of more than 1,100 of AV actors (the title and part number) can be retrieved immediately.(Including release yejeongjak provides 18,000 works - Wee...

app JapaneseSexy Yuuri Morishita logo

JapaneseSexy Yuuri Morishit...


Japanese Sexy girl Yuuri Morishita photograph collection "Kuroyuri"58pics.Yuuri Morishita1985/1/30T:160?B:90?W:55?H:90Get the photogravure of a cute and sexy Japanese idol!...

app Japanese Blog 2012 logo

Japanese Blog 2012


This is a news aggregator made for instant access to the 2012 blog, this was made using Java, HTML5, C#, and SQL's DCL.You can also comment to the blog, and reply to blog posts easily here....

app Touch Japanese  Katakana logo

Touch Japanese Katakana


This is a simple game only of pushing the same button as the Japanese Katakana that appears at random. BGM came to flow....

app Japanese Translator logo

Japanese Translator


Japanese English Translator and Dictionary日本語翻訳英語辞書と特長シンプルで直感的なインターフェイス翻訳する文章や言葉翻訳読み取り大声後音声認識SMS...

app Japanese MenuCards logo

Japanese MenuCards


MenuCards is a language study flashcards app that helps students learn to read food menus. This set contains 94 real Japanese restaurant dishes and the over 100 hiragana, katakana or kanji words neede...

app JapaneseSummerSoundsLite logo



you can feel Japanese Summer with this app.ver0.4.1: new scene addtap sound icon: play a soundtap arrow icon: change scene...

app Japanese SMS Ringtone logo

Japanese SMS Ringtone


Japanese SMS RingtoneThe app provides 36 Japanese SMS ringtone. These ringtone are very cute and popular, your ringtone, set as default ringtone, notification or alarm and more...Plus thousands of coo...

app Japanese Hindi Dictionary logo

Japanese Hindi Dictionary


Japanese Hindi Dictionary - offline travel dictionary to translate Japanese to Hindi displaying a list of words in Hindi or romanised Hindi. The dictionary also translates from Hindi to Japanese or ro...

app Japanese Translator(English) logo

Japanese Translator(English...


!!!Free in this Month!!![The Best Language APP]It translates from English to Japanese. Don't you know Japanese Language?But, You can talk with Japanese.If you speak in English. It translate to Japanes...

app Japanese Hot Sexy Girls logo

Japanese Hot Sexy Girls


A huge wave of sexy girls is approaching! Just enjoy it!We choose the most beautiful high-quality photos/wallpaper of pretty Japanese girls from thousands of photos meticulously. Now you can have thes...

app Japanese Girls logo

Japanese Girls


Sexy images of Japanese Girls are delivered free of charge....

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