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app kanjiLiveWallPaper-破天荒- logo



破天荒-Yborecedebted-【Meaning】Do what the person won't do yet. It is a live wallpaper by which the character of 破天荒 does animation. There are two kinds of kinds of the font. The animation...

app Kanji Reader logo

Kanji Reader


Kanji Reader (DrKanji) is a fantastic supporter in your Kanji learning. It can instantly read whatever kanji pasted into the box!* Pro-quality vocab set; support almost all (6,000+) kanji's used in th...

app Kanji Battle logo

Kanji Battle


Play and learn japanese!In the Kanji Battle card game you are a japanese sorcerer. You face others that, like you, are eager to possess the powers that kirin grant to their owners. You can create powe...

app Easy Japanese IME with Kanji logo

Easy Japanese IME with Kanj...


----------This application is no longer maintenance .Please use the new app belowEasy Japanese Keyboard IME V2

app Kanji Draw 40% logo

Kanji Draw 40%


Kanji Draw is a tool created to help you practice your Japanese writing and improve your character memorization skills. As all Japanese language students should know, kanji stroke order is essential a...

app JFCards – Kanji Flashcards logo

JFCards – Kanji Flash...


The JFCards (Japanese Flash Cards) application will help you learn the writing and meaning of the Japanese Kanji characters. Based on the system of James Heisig (as described in the book ...

app Kanji Numcro Search logo

Kanji Numcro Search


The number crossword puzzle helper tools. Shows the candidate from a combination of letters and numbers. Example) ???? ? ????. Please use the companion of the puzzle. Paid version without ads is avail...

app Kanji Numcro Search (free) logo

Kanji Numcro Search (free)


The number crossword puzzle helper tools. Shows the candidate from a combination of letters and numbers. Example) ?????????. Please use the companion of the puzzle. The free version displays ads. (*)T...

app Write Kanji logo

Write Kanji


This application is for everyone who learn Kanji as a hobby. You create a personal Database with your selected Kanji and practice them in small exercises of 10 Kanji each by trying to remember the rig...

app NyanKana: Kanji Phase 2 logo

NyanKana: Kanji Phase 2


Practice your knowledge of kanji with this flash-card application. This version contains the 160 kanji taught during the 2nd grade of Japanese primary school....

app Japanese Kanji Tattoo logo

Japanese Kanji Tattoo


This app will convert your preferred language Kanji fonts.Please use reference of the tattoo....

app NyanKana: Kanji Phase 1 logo

NyanKana: Kanji Phase 1


NyanKana: Kanji Phase 1 is an educational game which aims to help people learn and practice the Japanese kanji characters. The set of kanji in this game include the first 80 kanji, as taught during th...

app Japanese Confusing Kanjis Set1 logo

Japanese Confusing Kanjis S...


Confusing Kanjis is a set of groups of similar kanjis that are difficult to distinguish.This is a basic set of 100 confusing kanji groups of the most frequently used kanjis.Note, that this is not an a...

app NouKan – Brain KANJI – logo

NouKan – Brain KANJ...


Easily anytime and anywhere, can learn the kanji and brain exercises.Let's learn kanji and brain activations strengthen the brain in spare time.【Summary】1.Training of the brainBecause the kanji ...

app JAPANESE_KANJI Live Wallpaper logo

JAPANESE_KANJI Live Wallpap...


"SAMURAI"It is a man who skillfully manipulates the Chinese character. "KANJI" wallpaper with the number is "SAMURAI" that makes a clear distinction200 or more adopts a g...

app Kanji logo



If you are learning japanese "KANJI" is the best Sensei, it allow you to learn 2136 kanji that are in the official Jōyō list. The studying is done through virtual cards that are compatible...

app Brain Learnin’ Kanji logo

Brain Learnin’ Kanji


This Android app provides an effective and flexible platform for learning Japanese kanji.With a built-in Leitner learning system, we maximize memorization potential.Comes with a number of pre-made kan...

app Kanji  Calc logo

Kanji Calc


Kanji Calc is Simple Calculator with Kanji Style.Normaly you can use same as other calcurator. And if you select "Kanji Mode", The numerical result is indicated used by Kanji (Kanji Style is...

app Kanji Tattoo Lite logo

Kanji Tattoo Lite


You can get more than 800 designs of Kanji tattoo!900 words and 1 font!This app is a lite version.The full version has 4000 designs and 5 fonts!!Feel free to contact us for any requests....

app YourKanji logo



Application that introduces recommended Chinese character to you[Your Kanji]The operation is easy.The name is input and the button is pushed.A fit Chinese character and the meaning are displayed by yo...

app KanjiQuiz JLPT N5/L4 logo

KanjiQuiz JLPT N5/L4


KanjiQuiz is a helpful tool that helps you learn and memorise Japanese kanji.You can choose which kanji you want to be quizzed on so you can concentrate on what you need to know.KanjiQuiz makes it eas...

app KanjiFrow livewall logo

KanjiFrow livewall


Chinese characters are displayed one after another....

app Kanji Tattoo (Vertical) logo

Kanji Tattoo (Vertical)


You can get more than 4000 designs of Kanji tattoo!900 words and 5 fonts!This app is the vertical alignment(tategaki) version.You can also buy the horizontal alignment(yokogaki) version.Feel free to c...

app Kanji Draw logo

Kanji Draw


leafdigital Kanji draw is a simple application that lets you draw Japanese characters (kanji) using the touch screen. It is intended for Japanese language learners who might need to enter characters i...

app SAMURAI Kanji LiveWallpaper logo

SAMURAI Kanji LiveWallpaper


NansouSatomiHakkenden The Eight Dogs SAMURAI Spirit Pearl.Only portrait...

app Vanilla Kanji Flashcards 2 logo

Vanilla Kanji Flashcards 2


This is a flashcard application for learning kanji, the main characters in the Japanese language.You can study the kanji flashcards in groups as small or as big as you like.This app contains the secon...

app Vanilla Kanji Flashcards logo

Vanilla Kanji Flashcards


This is a flashcard application for learning kanji, the main characters in the Japanese language.You can study the kanji flashcards in groups as small or as big as you like.There is also a 2 quiz game...

app Find Your Name In KANJI (Free) logo

Find Your Name In KANJI (Fr...


Find your Name In Kanji is a party app. Look for your name expressed in cool Kanji. Every single Kanji has its meaning and this app shows it. So you can find not only the style of a Kanji but its m...

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