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app PChord  (Piano Chord Finder) logo

PChord (Piano Chord Finder...


This is a piano chord finder for beginners.You can easily conduct a reverse search and save the data.This is a free version.Three versions of the PChord. PChord (Free) PChord (No Ads) PChord2 (Multifu...

app My Little Piano Lite logo

My Little Piano Lite


Start introducing your kids to music at an early age with "My Little Piano", from "Learn By Playing Series". Stimulate your child...

app Virtual Piano Keyboard logo

Virtual Piano Keyboard


Play Virtual Piano Keyboard with photo-realistic graphics and an unbelievable sound !Soon with different instrument sounds and more ......

app Burp And Fart Piano HD logo

Burp And Fart Piano HD


Burps and farts are funnyIf you dont think they are, don't download this app.With this app you can now fart and burp your favorite tunes without the risk of having to change your pants or throw up.Ima...

app Piano Man logo

Piano Man


Piano Man is a Simon style memory game which uses a piano keyboard as the game board. Score points by mimicking the Piano Man as he plays a sequence of notes on the piano. Earn extra turns by playing ...


Tickle the Ivories with Piano Master for Android

Tickle the Ivories with Piano Master for Android I was recently browsing for musical Android Apps when I stumbled across Piano Master from B77 Entertainment. Piano is an instrument I’ve always wanted to play, and Piano Master is the first Android game I’ve found that actually teaches me how to tickle the ivories while still staying fun. Gameplay The gameplay behind Piano Master is similar t...

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app Animal Piano logo

Animal Piano


Play a piano with animal voices instead of traditional piano notes. Select from a variety of animal sounds including pig, cat, frog, and more. Enjoy the easy touchscreen controls and colorful interfac...

app Piano Scales & Jam Pro logo

Piano Scales & Jam Pro


• Learn Scales, Modes, Broken Chords in any key on the Piano (1000s of combinations)• Highlights the right notes to play in jam mode• Highly configurable piano - multitouch, glissando,highlighti...

app Space Piano Pro logo

Space Piano Pro


Enjoy this brilliant Piano App fresh from the Spaceware Laboratories. It's main purpose is to look fancy, but it is also an awesome instrument - if your hardware is powerful enough. The universe will ...

app Piano Game logo

Piano Game


There is a "game" to help you become fluent in sheet music reading.Few notes:- to pause the game press MENU button- to resume the game press UNPAUSE from the menu- application does not suppo...

app 3D Classic Piano logo

3D Classic Piano


3D Classic Piano RingtonesLet the beautiful melody of piano arouse the attention of young admirers forever.Easily set your default ringtone or SMS ringtone. Best of all, its free!Plus enjoy 1,000+ rin...

app 3D Piano (Pro) logo

3D Piano (Pro)


The word piano is a shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian word for the instrument (which in turn derives from the previous terms "gravicembalo col piano e forte" and fortepiano). The mus...

app Piano "crazy sounds" FREE logo

Piano "crazy sounds&qu...


This is a special Piano, with crazy high quality sounds, for your enjoying alone or with your friends.Lot of funny sounds(will increase in the next updates).- Multi-touch supported.- Better performanc...

app Cat Piano Free logo

Cat Piano Free


This is a free cat piano!Play a piano with cute kitten voices. Enjoy & have fun!The cat in the splash screen, Mopetti, is in 2010 version of "Neco Mekuri" calendar in Japan![Features]- 1...

app Piano Chords logo

Piano Chords


Learn Piano Chords!Basic triads (major, minor, aug, dim) and different types of 7th chords can be drawn on piano.You can learn the main triads (I, IV, V) as well....

app Cat Piano logo

Cat Piano


Play Piano on Piano Keyboard with Cat sounds created your own Cat Piano.Entertainer both for humans and cats alike. Serves are Cat teaser and also Dog teaser and entertainer for kids with real piano k...

app Piano Lesson PianoMan logo

Piano Lesson PianoMan


*******Available for Japan ONLY*******A musical game that includes 5 FREE songs!The famous application on iPhone, downloaded more the 4 million times around the world is now available for the Android ...

app Piano 88 Key Official logo

Piano 88 Key Official


Are you sick of a 10 note piano? Are you sick of digital noises made in attempt to sound like a piano?This application is for you! An 88 key piano on 1 screen. The piano sounds come straight from a ...

app piano and beat box maker logo

piano and beat box maker


Playing a piano plus beatboxing all in one small app.With No Ads...

app Super Piano (72 Key) logo

Super Piano (72 Key)


Super Piano = Contain Ten Musical Instruments In One App + 72 piano keys in one screen + Teach Mode(teach you play simple piano songs) + Support multi-touch + Adjust timbre of musical instruments + Fi...

app Piano Keyboard logo

Piano Keyboard


Piano Keyboard is a virtual piano app that allows you to compose music, play your own Music ina simple way. You can down Piano App free of charge. It features a new innovative way to playpiano on your...

app Pianonimo logo



Jeu pour les pianistes pour apprendre à lire la clé de sol et la clé de fa. Dans ce programme, une note sur une portée est affichée sur l'écran. Vous devez ap...

app Piano Cats logo

Piano Cats


Meow out your favorite song on a keyboard made of kittens!This music hall has gone to the dogs since these animated kitties arranged themselves to imitate a piano keyboard! Each kitty is well tempered...

app goodyVoicePiano logo



This is the piano of the voice.To record your voice and animal sounds and can play the keyboard.The recorded voice can save up to 10.Simple operation, so please try it once....

app Frog Piano Free logo

Frog Piano Free


** LIMITED TIME FREE DOWNLOAD !!! **Enjoy playing piano with frog sound effects. Play REAL music now! It's useful as sound effect machine too.- Intuitive and Simple Interface- Realistic Pitch- Quick R...

app fart laugh burp piano logo

fart laugh burp piano


Choose from several pre defined modes1) Piano2) Baby Laugh3) Burp4) Fart5) Scream6) Laser7) Dr who8) BangoThis will set the keyboard to play these sounds or instruments.Just press and play.Loads of fu...

app Farting Piano Demo logo

Farting Piano Demo


Play fart tunes on the keyboard Add sounds or background beats.Play tricks on your friendsUse the long farts for extra effectAdjust volume levelsThis is the demo version with a 5 minute play time.The ...

app Dog Piano logo

Dog Piano


Play dog sounds with Piano Keyboard. Fun for humans and good teaser for Dogs. Kids love the love the dog sounds and love to play the piano with dog sounds coming from each key of the keyboard.Easier t...

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