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app Pollux Beta logo

Pollux Beta


"Pollux Beta" は、シンプルなAndroidのyouRoomクライアントです。下記のような基本操作ができます。・RoomList、RoomTimelineやCommentsTreeの表示・コメン...

app polltogo logo



Create polls on the go, right from your device (or on the web at Share the generated short URL or QR code with your friends, audience, classroom, clients, network, etc., for quick feedb...

app Apolline & Leon logo

Apolline & Leon


? Adobe MAX Awards 2011 : Honorable Mention in the Entertainment category ? ? FWA : Mobile of the day 1st august 2011 ? ? Parent's Choice Awards : Mobile App - Silver Honor ? A delightful interactive ...

app NPolls logo



BECOME PART OF A GLOBAL VOICE AND BE REWARDED! Earn money, share your opinion, view results and be informed of the latest news!__________________________________________________________________ ? ? Mo...

app Pollenflug-Vorhersage logo



Völlig neu überarbeitete Version: Die Pollenflug-Vorhersage mit den vielen neuen Funktionen für die Allergie-Saison 2013.Welche Pollen fliegen heute? Die Android-App von Hexal zeigt Ihn...

app Pollenzo’s GetItQuick logo

Pollenzo’s GetItQuick


This app allows customers to place online food orders for Pollenzos Restaurant in Keller, TX....

app Pollenvarsel logo



Norwegian pollen appThe pollen season is upon us, and it's important to know what's in store. Now you don't need to poke your head outside to sniff the air and check for pollen, you can use this app i...

app Pollen Forecast UK logo

Pollen Forecast UK


Presenting Clarityn...

app Voting Aid logo Voting A...


This app is designed to facilitate voting on . It operates via SMS and automatically routes your reply to PollEverywhere. Currently only numeric votes are compatible. The user is re...

app Jackson Pollock T-RING logo

Jackson Pollock T-RING


<div id="doc-original-text">View photos when you finish a call! These pictures are selected using the keyword &quot;Jackson Pollock&quot;, so they change whenever you make a ca...

app aPollBook logo



Electronic PollBook for Android. Requires active account before use....

app Pollicino (Free) logo

Pollicino (Free)


Test the functionality of Pollicino, the navigation system that guides you looking for places that are not identified by an address. During a walk in the mountains, remember on your mobile a place tha...

app HKAPI/Hong Kong Air Pollution logo

HKAPI/Hong Kong Air Polluti...


This application shows the air pollution in Hong Kong on a map based on data provided by the the Air Pollution Index (API) published by the Environmental Protection Department....

app Pollo Loco: The Game! logo

Pollo Loco: The Game!



app Beijing pollution index logo

Beijing pollution index


You can use this small software to view the status of Beijing's fine particles(Pm2.5).Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter are called "fine" particles. These particles are so smal...

app Scary Movie 2 – Polly logo

Scary Movie 2 – Polly


<div id="doc-original-text">Soundboard of Polly the foul mouthed talking parrot from scary movie 2.<br>Thank you all for your suggestions. Im doing my best to keep up. <p>l...

app PolloPollo Puzzle logo

PolloPollo Puzzle


The best action puzzle game for Android. Free the chickens grouping four or more of the same color. Many challenging levels with amazing music, easy to play and compatible with Wiimote.Our blog:http:/...

app Pollen (de) logo

Pollen (de)


Pollen forecasts for Germany. Showing current degree of pollen and forecasts in a map or in a table perspective. The displayed data is based on the forecasts of the DWD and is supposed to be useful fo...

app Apollo Pack logo

Apollo Pack


**PLEASE NOTE: this is an expansion pack for the Spot the Difference game and is not playable as a stand-alone game**Forty years ago, the Apollo mission took man to the moon. You can revisit our clos...


WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts

WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts The WeatherBug App is arguably one of the oldest, best known and prominent weather applications out there, as it's been with us for quite a while. I even remember the good old days when I was using the WeatherBug App on my Windows desktop and I am well aware of the OS X dashboard widget and/or menu-bar app from the same period. Time passed by a...

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app Tangerine Dream CM10.1 Theme logo

Tangerine Dream CM10.1 Them...


THIS THEME SUPPORTS HDPI AND XHDPI DEVICES ONLY.In order to use this theme, your device must be rooted and running a Custom ROM that supports the T-Mobile Theme Engine. (Like CM9, CM10, CM10.1, AOKP, ...

app Acid Green CM10.1 Theme logo

Acid Green CM10.1 Theme


THIS THEME SUPPORTS HDPI AND XHDPI DEVICES ONLY.In order to use this theme, your device must be rooted and running a Custom ROM that supports the T-Mobile Theme Engine. (Like CM9, CM10, CM10.1, AOKP, ...

app 4º Ano – Volume 1 logo

4º Ano – Volume ...


Os jogos educativos do Sistema de Ensino J. Piaget auxiliam, de forma significativa, a aprendizagem da criança de nove anos, incentivando-a e desenvolvendo as habilidades motoras, matemá...

app Pashto Buzz logo

Pashto Buzz


Watch Latest Afghan and Pashto Songs, Pashto Dramas, Film and Latest Updates from PollyWood. Pashto Buzz is your ultimate choice if you Love Afghan and Pashto Music. Official App for http://www.pashto...

app chistes de sexo logo

chistes de sexo


Hemos seleccionado este recopilatorio de chistes de sexo en español para tí. Chistes cortos y verdes xxx en español para las mentes más calenturientas. Si quieres chistes v...


Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Most Loved Smartphone, According to Study

Samsung Galaxy S4 Today a new study revealed what I was suspecting for some time now, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the apple of everyone's eye, while Apple's iPhone 5 received the most complaints from their customers. Ain't that ironic, somehow? I am not kidding either. There is actually science behind this study. While with statistics you can prove anything, li...

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Phone customization: Do we want it? Do we need it?

The-Friday-Debate aa Evan Forester This week, we’re debating the merits and drawbacks of phone customization, spurred by Motorola’s teasing of the upcoming Moto X. The Google subsidiary promised that the Moto X will be the first phone we’ll be able to design ourselves, though a leak revealed that the “designing” is just picking the colors and a cust...

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With Q2 performance below expectations, has Samsung finally peaked?

Samsung Logo aa 600px 2 Has Samsung reached its peak? Or is everyone just expecting too much? Last month, Samsung’s market capitalization was reduced by an alarming $25.3 billion, a figure that is greater than the total value of Sony Corp. This was after the sales of the company’s latest flagship smartphone turned out to be lower than what investors expected....

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