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Enjoy your large phone display? You’re not alone.

smartphones sony xperia nexus 4 aa 1600It seems that Android smartphone buyers located in the United States have developed a keen taste for larger screens, especially those at around 4.8-inch. Starting in April of this year, the volume of phones at this size have successfully surpassed more “conventional” devices, like the 4-inch panel mounted on the Samsung Nexus S.This may...

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Samsung SM-C101 (Galaxy S4 Zoom?) arrives at the FCC

galaxy-camera-Samsung Galaxy CameraWe first heard of the Samsung SM-C101 back in May, when rumors classified this smartphone as a proud member of the Galaxy S4 family with impressive camera capabilities. Also known as Zoom, the handset should be an interesting sequel of the Galaxy Camera, but one with conversations skills. The same model number has been spotted ...

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Google Play Games could change Android gaming drastically

Google Play Now Google intends to launch a new game platform that intends to make games more accessible for android devices. This new platform is rumored to be called Google Play Games and will be a gaming platform similar to the Game Center for iOS. What Google plans to bring to the table with Google Play Games includes cloud game saves, multiplayer functionalit...

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Android OS still rules the smartphone market in the US for the first quarter of 2013

android osAndroid OS continues to be the most important operating system for smartphones in the US with 52% market share in the first quarter of 2013, according to  the latest numbers released by comScore. Android is still reigning, even if the percents dropped a little bit from December of 2012, when the market share for Android OS was slightly above 53.4 ...

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Apple stands to lose tablet market dominance

appleloss2 Apple, the pioneer of the modern day tablet movement stands to lose its majority market dominance in the tablet arena very soon. This is disastrous for apple after its recent loss of the smartphone market majority. As Android powered devices gain popularity and momentum, Apple is staring at a bleak future as iPad sales are expected to plummet. An...

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app Yoga Begginers Guide logo

Yoga Begginers Guide


Stressed out? Do You Feel Like The World Is Crashing Down Around You? Want To Take A Vacation That Will Relax Your Mind, Body And Spirit? Well this Easy To Read Step By Step E-Book Makes It All Possib...

app Van Halen Jukebox logo

Van Halen Jukebox


Play Van Halen's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasade...

app Рецепты сэндвичей logo

Рецепты сэндви...


Рецепты сэндвичей!Много вкусных и аппетитных рецептов!Рецепты с фотографиями!Можно добавлять в избранное и ...

app Cocktails HD wallpapers logo

Cocktails HD wallpapers


Cocktails HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality, hand-watering cocktails confiscation images.More than 60 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication makes it u...

app The Roots Jukebox logo

The Roots Jukebox


Play The Roots songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !The Roots are an American Grammy Award-winning hip hop/neo...

app TUlive be happy logo

TUlive be happy


With TUlive be happy you can manage many factors that influence your happiness in order to increase it.How are you doing with work, money, partner, health, friends, sex, luck, family, success and popu...


Quick Review – GoComics for Android

Quick Review – GoComics for Android The newspapers may be slowly going the way of the Dinosaur, but Comic Strips will always be around in one form or another. GoComics is an Android app that can help you revisit some old friends from the funny pages, and it has a huge selection of comics to choose from so there’s a little something for everyone. GoComics gives you access to over 2...

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app AKB48 Wallpaper logo

AKB48 Wallpaper


AKB48 wallpapers and photos. Stunning pics high resolution HD quality. Set pictures as wallpaper and share with your friends via SMS!This is an unofficial free fan / parody app. Any content not owned...

app Pink Floyd The Wall logo

Pink Floyd The Wall


Pink Floyd The WallPink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic expe...

app Bernie Mac Wallpapers logo

Bernie Mac Wallpapers


Bernie Mac Wallpapers and Theme Application Bernard Jeffrey "Bernie" McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008), better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was an American stand-up come...

app wallpaper – ryosuke logo

wallpaper – ryosuke


☆ Είναι δωρεάν εφαρμογή ταπετσαρία εικόνα της ακραία δημοτικότητα ☆ Yamada Ryosuke!Θα έχουν δει ανά πάσα στιγμή αν...

app wallpaper – momokuro logo

wallpaper – momokuro


☆ Det är gratis bakgrundsbild tillämpning av den extrema popularitet ☆ peach black!Jag skulle ha sett när som helst standby bilden av svarta lår!Kan ställas i standby bilden och spara den bil...

app wallpaper – kismyft2 logo

wallpaper – kismyft2


☆ Està lliure aplicació d'imatges de fons de pantalla de la popularitat extrema ☆ Kis-My-FT2!M'hauria vist en qualsevol imatge standby moment de Kis-My-FT2!Es pot establir en la imatge en blanc ...

app wallpaper – kinbaku logo

wallpaper – kinbaku


☆ beeld Het is gratis wallpaper toepassing van de extreme populariteit ☆ Golden Bomber!Ik zou zijn gezien op elk moment standby beeld van de Golden Bomber!Kan worden ingesteld op standby afbeeldin...

app wallpaper – exile logo

wallpaper – exile


☆ See on tasuta tapeet pilt kohaldamise äärmine populaarsus ☆ EXILE!Ma oleks näinud igal ajal ooterežiimis pilt väliseesti!Saab seadistada ooterežiimis pilt ja salvestada pilt sulle meeldib!...

app wallpaper – danmitsu logo

wallpaper – danmitsu


☆ Це безкоштовний додаток, шпалери для робочого столу з надзвичайної популярності ☆ Ден мед!Я був би побачит...

app wallpaper – arashi logo

wallpaper – arashi


☆ E 'gratis applicazione immagine di sfondo della popolarità estrema ☆ tempesta!Sarei stato visto in qualsiasi momento un'immagine di standby della tempesta!Può essere impostato per l'immagine d...

app Joe Cocker Wallpapers logo

Joe Cocker Wallpapers


Joe Cocker Wallpapers and Backgrounds application with beautiful high quality images.John Robert "Joe" Cocker OBE (born 20 May 1944) is an English rock and blues singer, who came to populari...

app Rammstein widgets logo

Rammstein widgets


Customize you home screen with Rammstein Widget.About RammsteinRammstein was founded by guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe. In 1989, he escaped to West Berlin and started the band Orgasm Death Gimmicks. At t...

app Nelly widgets logo

Nelly widgets


Customize you home screen with Nelly Widget.About NellyNelly was born in Austin, Texas, where his father was serving in the military. When he was seven, his parents divorced. Nelly moved with his moth...

app Jack White widgets logo

Jack White widgets


Customize you home screen with Jack White Widget.About Jack WhiteWhite formed The White Stripes in 1997, along with Meg White, The band began its career as part of the Michigan garage rock underground...

app Gwen Stefani widgets logo

Gwen Stefani widgets


Customize you home screen with Gwen Stefani Widget.About Gwen StefaniStefani was born and raised in Fullerton, California, and grew up in a Roman Catholic household. She attended Loara High School in ...

app 【POMbyGaloo】5千円から換金OK!お小遣い【ポム】 logo



今なら必ず当たる無料ガチャ開催中!+★+☆+★+☆+★+☆+★+☆+★+☆+★    登録したその日に    5千円から換金OK!   ポイント還元率業...

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