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Run through the Clouds in RPS Dash for Android

rps.dash-android They say that running with scissors is dangerous, but how about running with Rock, Paper, and Scissors? Hamon manages to combine the two (kind of) with RPS Dash for Android, and it’s just as quirky as the name implies. RPS Dash is an Endless Running game that has you control a stick man that’s running for his life down a path through the hea...

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app Craps Trainer Pro logo

Craps Trainer Pro


Have fun while you improve your game playing the most realistic craps simulation on the market. Test your strategies using the unique strategy performance dashboard. Realistic graphics and professio...


The Top New Android Games of the Week – March 18, 2013 It's Monday which means it's time for another list of the Top New Android Games of the Week. Last week saw some great Android games released including a super sequel, gun toting squids, and a dungeon runner that will keep you busy for ages. There's a little something for everyone so sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the Top New Android ...

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Quick Review: DPFlashes Studios Clear Vision (17+)

Quick Review: DPFlashes Studios Clear Vision (17+) Clear Vision (17+) puts you in the role of Tyler, a down on his luck supermarket worker that’s decided he’s finally had enough. After you get canned from the grocery store you decide to get a new job as a hitman which is a pretty big change of pace, to say the least. You’ll start your new career in a seedy little apartment where you’ll ta...

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app Doodle Sprint 2 logo

Doodle Sprint 2


????? Doodle Sprint 2 is now available on Android ( Google play ).Finally it's time for Doodle Sprint 2. This time playing a completely different doodle sprint, In this game you can run, jump and fly...

app BOULYMPIC logo



million total DL!The "Stickman" of popular live wallpaper has appeared in the game!?Contents of game?Worldwide sports that international BOULYMPIC committee once every four years holds "...

app Lunar Racer logo

Lunar Racer


The real space race is about to begin! Sure there's racing games... but then there's racing games with powerups! Ever tried racing with homing missiles, land mines, bubble shields and gravity thruste...

app Flow Free logo

Flow Free


Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes ...


Go for the Gold with these 5 Olympic Android Games

The 2012 London Olympics finally open this evening and with that in mind we thought it was time for an Olympic themed list. If you dig Android games this one’s for you as we proudly present you with our Top 5 Olympic Android Games… 1. Toons Summer Games 2012 Toons Summer Games 2012 takes the top spot on our list for several different r...

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app Stickdroid Demo logo

Stickdroid Demo


Create stick-figure animations easily. Just put the figure in a pose, press the "Next Frame" button and repeat!Note: Instructions can be found at the bottom of the menu, by clicking the &quo...

app Bull Mouse Free logo

Bull Mouse Free


Take control of the famous bull Mouse and hit the runners! HIGHLIGHTS Hit the runners to earn points and money. Use powerful power ups. ???The full version includes more time and lower prices???FEATUR...

app Caveman Pool logo

Caveman Pool


It's pool that fits your phone! So simple, a caveman can play it. "It feels like I have an actual little pool table in my hands. Wow!"- User CommentFeatures:* Full screen mini pool table.*...

app Stylish Sprint logo

Stylish Sprint


Endless Dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action running game, Stylish Sprint!Stylish Sprint is an action running game that you control a stickman who travels around the world in order to find treasure...

app Jumping Stick Man logo

Jumping Stick Man


Stickman action game is to jump. Obstacles, or jumping, please aim high scores by stepping Dali. Coming towards me, you can also earn points by stepping on the obstacle Dali. Also, stick to the ground...

app Zombie Stickmen Invasion logo

Zombie Stickmen Invasion


The Zombie Stickman horde have invaded and you need to get out of the infection zones to safety in the quickest time.This will pick up the genetic markers of the infection to a limited range. Get too ...

app Confused Escape 2 logo

Confused Escape 2


It is a game which controls a stick person and escapes from a puzzle stage.(日本語モードあります。)One day, a mysterious oldman appeared and sent a boy to the stickman's world.In order ...

app Midnight Basketball logo

Midnight Basketball


Experience amazing "TRUE Physics" with Midnight Basketball. Shoot the ball using a slingshot action, and score as many points as you can in 60 seconds.The most amazing basketball shot physi...

app Line Birds (Free) logo

Line Birds (Free)


The #1 iPhone hit now available for you android device! This is the ORIGINAL LINE BIRDS as played by millions of people worldwide!Guide these cute birds through a world full of danger. Unlock new bird...

app Line Birds logo

Line Birds


The #1 iPhone hit now available for you android device! This is the ORIGINAL LINE BIRDS as played by millions of people worldwide!Guide these cute birds through a world full of danger. Unlock new bird...

app Stick Fighter 2 logo

Stick Fighter 2


Simple control but addicted stickman game, More than 2 Million downloads on iOS, now enjoy this game on android!????? "This is a very addicted game, i didn't know an hour has passed since i star...


Slam Dunk Basketball – Android Game Review

Slam Dunk Basketball – Android Game Review Overview Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and I’ve been waiting for a good Android basketball game to drop for awhile now. Slam Dunk Basketball is a new Android game from VisualDreams that puts a new twist on the old game. It’s a trajectory based shooting game (no dunking unfortunately) with tons of achievements to unlock and it’...

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app Scroll Lock logo

Scroll Lock


***Note: Game requires Adobe AIR. If not present, its installation should be prompted automatically when the game is executed. If not, you can get it here:

app Stick Archer Demo logo

Stick Archer Demo


** THIS IS A DEMO VERSION WHICH ALLOWS PLAY ON THE FIRST 11 CHALLENGES. ARE YOU UP TO THE TEST? **STICK ARCHER DEMO 2.35Local scoring, variable trajectories (with a Power Indicator), Award Ribbons for...

app Stick Archer logo

Stick Archer


STICK ARCHER 2.32 is hereLocal scoring, variable trajectories (with a Power Indicator), Award Ribbons for challenges that were accomplished in near-perfect form, and 3 distinct challenge levels contai...

app Drawing cartoons logo

Drawing cartoons


Become a cartoon creator! If you want to try youself as a real filmmaker but have no time for professional tools, look no further.Animating Touch is an animation editor that allows you to create your ...

app Stick Figure Maniacs  Live Wal logo

Stick Figure Maniacs Live ...


Stick Figure Maniacs Live WallpaperStickmen running, jumping, climbing, falling, and kicking each other in an endless loop on your home screen. This is a very amusing live wallpaper and a must for an...

app 2DLove TRIAL logo



Drag the stickmans to each other and get the high score!Have fun!Adults only!Buy a full version for only 0.99 and post you high score online!...

app 2DLove FULL logo



Drag the stickmans to each other and get the high score!Post your high score online!Have fun!Adults only!...

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