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Google Play Games could change Android gaming drastically

Google Play Now Google intends to launch a new game platform that intends to make games more accessible for android devices. This new platform is rumored to be called Google Play Games and will be a gaming platform similar to the Game Center for iOS. What Google plans to bring to the table with Google Play Games includes cloud game saves, multiplayer functionalit...

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Now currently available for STARZ® subscribers through AT&T U-verse®, Cox® cable, Grande Communications®, DIRECTV® and Verizon FiOS® only. More television providers coming soon.Your STARZ su...


Google to Reveal High Resolution Nexus 7 Tablet at I/O Next Week

nexus 7 An analyst from KGI securities with a pretty accurate  track record when it comes to predicting tech trends, announced that Google will present at I/O  next week  a new, updated Nexus 7 tablet featuring a high resolution screen of 1920x1200 pixels. The tablet will have a 7 inches wide display and a 5 megapixels camera and will be available for...

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Android Dominates the Global Smart Device Market for Q1 of 2013

android dominates The latest data released by the market researching company  Canalys reveals that Android dominates the world, as it holds a big chunk of the global OS market share for smart devices for the first quarter of 2013. Android is way ahead Apple on the global market, when it comes to smartphones, notebooks and tablets . The sales figures for Android ...

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Google Earth for Android gets Street View upgrade

Googleearth Google has finally upgraded their Google earth Android app to version 7.1. With this upgrade come some cool new features and the long awaited Street View. For those of you who somehow have never heard of Street View, it is the final zoom feature that takes you from the map view to a perspective view of the surface streets. Street View allows you ...

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Audi uses app development to advertise vehicle features

Audi German luxury auto company Audi has developed an app for mobile devices. Audi’s new mobile creation has been named Audi Start-Stop and has been designed to help manage your running apps. We often find ourselves wondering why our phones and tablets have slowed down to a crawl to discover that we have almost every app we own running in the backgr...

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Apple demands Android Source Code Records in Samsung's Law Suit

android source code Apple asked for a court order to force Google reveal its Android  Source Code documentation, as part of its  infringement law suit against the tech giant Samsung. This looks like another battle, by proxy this time, in Apple's patent war with Google. The trial takes place in San Jose, California and Apple argued to US Judge Paul S Grewal that G...

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Apple demands Android Source Code Records in Samsung’s Law Suit

android source code Apple asked for a court order to force Google reveal its Android  Source Code documentation, as part of its  infringement law suit against the tech giant Samsung. This looks like another battle, by proxy this time, in Apple's patent war with Google. The trial takes place in San Jose, California and Apple argued to US Judge Paul S Grewal that G...

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Splay! A New thumb friendly launcher for Android

splay1 ELSE LTD. has recently ported their thumb oriented launcher named Splay to Android. Splay originally was designed for a cancelled product called the First Else that was supposed to “revolutionize” mobile devices back in 2008. Fortunately the Splay portion of that long dead project has survived to make its way to us as a functioning Launcher. ...

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Android loses ground vs iOS in web traffic, according to analyst

web traffic If Android is the crowned king when it comes to smartphones and OS market share, iOS still reigns in web traffic data, according to analyst from Piper Jaffrey, Mr. Gene Munster. In the US, iOS managed to get ahead Android in terms of web traffic for two months in a row now. In layman's terms, it means that when it comes to mobile traffic, there ...

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BlueStack Android App player hits 10 million downloads

Bluestack A company by the name of BlueStacks has a popular application on their hands. Today the BlueStack Android player was revealed to have reached the download marker of 10 million. The BlueStack site launched back in March and they have reported that the first 4 million of theses downloads came within the first quarter of the year. These numbers show...

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Android Powered Monitor on the Horizon?

android powered monitorSince the sales of regular computer monitors are in steep decline, the industry is looking forward to an Android Powered Monitor: a 21 inches wide touchscreen computer display equipped with an ARM CPU and running on Android. Yes, we may start seeing Android powered monitors. The giants in the industry are contemplating this radical measure, accord...

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app archify – capture everything logo

archify – capture eve...


archify captures and organizes your messages, calls, browser activity and social media streams, making it searchable and accessible across devices. "archify is the answer to my prayers" - Te...

app Agawi Beta logo

Agawi Beta


*Play the best Indie PC games on your Nexus 7 tablet using Agawi: Any game, anywhere, instantly. For a limited time games will be available for FREE while Agawi is in Beta! *Download Agawi for FREE to...

app Samsung Smart Switch Mobile logo

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


Smart Switch Mobile lets you switch from your old GALAXY to a new GALAXY with ease. Just lean them against each other then tap on the screens; you can instantly transfer your personal data from your o...


Apple stands to lose tablet market dominance

appleloss2 Apple, the pioneer of the modern day tablet movement stands to lose its majority market dominance in the tablet arena very soon. This is disastrous for apple after its recent loss of the smartphone market majority. As Android powered devices gain popularity and momentum, Apple is staring at a bleak future as iPad sales are expected to plummet. An...

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app Emilly In Darkness logo

Emilly In Darkness


Available at $0.99 for a limited time only! "Emilly In Darkness" is an old school action-adventure game in which on one hand the character shoots, sets traps and learns new skills, but on ...

app Afternoon Tea Time Wallpaper logo

Afternoon Tea Time Wallpape...


Tea time and the fresh soft blowing wind! Just by looking this wallpaper, illustrations of animals, sweets, cute goods can make you HAPPY♪If you trace with your finger or touch any part of the scree...

app Blonde Girls Sexy Wallpaper logo

Blonde Girls Sexy Wallpaper


Guys!! Do you like Blonde girl?!Find here 9 SMART SEXY Blonde Girls. These girls, they not just SEXY but also SMART!Don't be shy to set them as your phone screen wallpaper. See all of our selected Sex...

app Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper logo

Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper


Welcome to the Romantic World of Fairy Tale♪ Showing animations of "Alice in Wonderland", "Snow White" and "Thumbelina" in random ☆ When trace a finger or touch any p...

app Sharing of the world-in the M- logo

Sharing of the world-in the...


Now the fantastic "Kaori world" is available on Google Play.Just download and set it as live wallpaper!The illustrator Kaori Wakamatsu is one of the most active Japanese illustrator of the d...

app Shiny Moon Live Wallpaper logo

Shiny Moon Live Wallpaper


Gems strewn on the crescent moon, elegant design Live Wallpaper. Glitter shining around the moon, beautiful and sparkling like a starry sky! You can also see digital date bellow the clock. This wallpa...

app Galaxy S4 For All logo

Galaxy S4 For All


Galaxy S4 For AllFor All Android DevicesFrom Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500Wallpapers 10 / 1920x1920 DimensionsAlarms 9Notifications 20Ringtons 32Ui 71apk 8Keywords:samsung SAMSUNG Galaxy GALAXY S4 svi s4 ri...

app دليل المستخدم للجالكسي logo

دليل المستخدم ...


دليل المستخدم للجالكسيهو تطبيق يجمع كل ملفات بي دي إف الرسمية الخاصة بسامسونج في مكان واحد ليسهل عليك البحثيح...

app File Expert HD logo

File Expert HD


File Expert HD is an ultimate app for managing your files on your mobile phones or tablets.File manager&explorer, app manager, Wi-Fi file transfer, cloud storage integrater-all in one!File Expert ...

app Wifi Hotspot  & USB Tether logo

Wifi Hotspot & USB Tet...


In simple language Wi-Fi hotspot enables you to share internet connection between Wi-Fi enabled devices. You can imagine it like your phone converted into a Wi-Fi router itself and sharing internet be...


Google defends against battery drain rumors

googleBattery Google seems to always run into problems when they decide to port the goods to iOS. This time around the Apple crowd has claimed that the fairly new Google Now app for the iOS is a battery hog. The iOS users have claimed that after installing the Google Now app their battery lives have been reduced dramatically. Google has made a stand that direc...

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app Toggle Bluetooth logo

Toggle Bluetooth


Use this simple application to quickly toggle your Bluetooth on/off (from on to off and back again). It is particularly useful for those android phones with no quick settings bar on the notifications...

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