Archos touts $200 Android tablet – TG Daily

By In (blog)Archos touts $200 Android tabletTG DailyIndeed, Matthew Humphries of notes that the tablet does not offer access to the Android Marketplace and only runs v1.6 of the [...]

Hands On: Twitter for Android – PC Magazine

By In (blog)Hands On: Twitter for AndroidPC MagazineThe Twitter for Android app may not unseat other apps already popular and in use on Android phones, but it does provide an alternative [...]

Android Ported on iPhone 3G –

By In

Redmond PieAndroid Ported on iPhone 3GTechtree.comLinux on the iPhone guys have made yet another development by porting Android OS to iPhone 3G device. Planetbeing, an iPhone Dev Team member [...]

Sprint's new Android phone leaked – Fortune

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DailyTechSprint's new Android phone leakedFortuneThe Sprint EVO 4G is the next king of the hill Android phone. Besides having a 4.3-inch screen and 720P HD video capture and playback via HDMI [...]

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