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app ROVER Wallpaper 3D Cube logo

ROVER Wallpaper 3D Cube


Acclaimed photographer Andrew Grant presents Rover, an extraordinary wallpaper collection of soulful images of dogs in stunning detail to bring attention to pet rescues and shelters.Rover has spawned ...

app Infestation Free LW logo

Infestation Free LW


Shouldn't have left your phone in your significant others dirty {insert blank here}. Now its infested with roaches.If you like the free version Upgrade to Infestation Live Wallpaper for more features...

app Arachnophobia Free LW logo

Arachnophobia Free LW


Spiders!!! Get em off me!!! If you like the free version upgrade to Arachnophobia Live Wallpaper. Buying the paid version allows us to keep putting out great apps for your phone!Paid Version Features...

app Lava Lamp Free Live Wallpaper logo

Lava Lamp Free Live Wallpap...


Lava Lamp live wallpaper uses real heat transfer physics to create a lava lamp type effect. Lava bubbles float as they heat up, and upon cooling sink back to the bottom, interacting with each other a...

app Barkpwn logo



Barkpwn is an app created to make those pesky barking dogs stop barking! It emits a high-frequency sound that is inaudible my most humans, and is designed to make the dog behave. It has been shown to ...

app Love Critters logo

Love Critters


Love Critters Live Wallpaper puts adorable animals on your desktop! Choose from birds, deer, squirrels, pandas and dogs.Hearts will float up the screen and there are many customization options that al...

app Humpometer2 logo



Skip the diet plan...Skip the yoga!Get this app and hump your brains out!<p>Just imagine two people humping together and measuring all of their fun! This app will monitor and measure the stroke ...

app Terrier Puppy and Dog Puzzles logo

Terrier Puppy and Dog Puzzl...


This puzzle consists of several puzzles of amazing pictures of Terriers. The puzzle consists of tiles that you slide to form the image. good for people who like Terrier, dogs, puppies, terriers, jigs...

app Animal Age logo

Animal Age


You can check how old your pet is if it were a man.This application is applied to various animals, not only dogs and cats.You can also check how old you are if you were an animal.Oct 13, 2010, updated...

app Pet Master Pro logo

Pet Master Pro


The ultimate organizer to keep track of your pets' health and details.User comments for our Free App:- KristenLove it. I feel so organized with Gracies info. I did send over a few suggestions to devel...

app DogFoodInfo logo



Dog owners are always concern with what is safe to feed their dogs. This handy application helps dogs owner everywhere to answer such questions and provides descriptions on why certain food or plants ...

app Dog and Puppy Puzzles logo

Dog and Puppy Puzzles


Modern twist on the traditional slide puzzle. This puzzle consists of several puzzles of amazing pictures of Dog and Puppies. The puzzle consists of tiles that you slide to form the image. good for p...

app The Call of the Wild logo

The Call of the Wild


The Call of the Wild is a novel by American writer Jack London. The plot concerns a previously domesticated dog named Buck, whose primordial instincts return after a series of events leads to his serv...

app The Modern Prometheus logo

The Modern Prometheus


Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein begins in epistolary form, documenting the correspondence between Captain Robert Walton and his sister, Margare...

app Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes logo

Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes


Eveybody Loves The Fair, Everyone Loves Fair Food. Now You Can Make The Same Exact Foods That You Can Only Get At The Fair...Here are some of the recipes included inside:? Candy-Coated Popcorn (Summer...

app Dog Food Guide logo

Dog Food Guide


While many dog owners want what's best for their dogs, sometimes little thought is given to what we feed them. If we were to believe the TV and magazine advertisements, all we have to do is pour some ...

app Dog Whistle App logo

Dog Whistle App


Dog whistler is a simple app that makes a high frequency sound to get dogs' attention.Whistle, dog trainer, whistle app....

app Healthy Dog logo

Healthy Dog


Discover How You Can Insure That Your Dog Is The Healthiest Pet Alive!This guide is for the dog owner who wants to better understand the health of their pet so they know when it is appropriate to take...

app Dog feels… (Keys) logo

Dog feels… (Keys)


500 images of dogs by mood - search bots show pictures. You guess the mood.- Type to guess the mood- Use the left flow selector to guess without typing...

app Make It Rain Donation logo

Make It Rain Donation


Cash, Scratch, Scrilla, Moola, Dough, Dollar. All words that describe the same thing... Money. 2.0.We're all just tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents. It's time to Make it Rain!!! Thank you for p...

app Marine Corps Wallpaper logo

Marine Corps Wallpaper


Show your Marine Corps Spirit on your Android Handset! With over 125 5-star ratings, you can't go wrong with this app!This collection of Marine Corps backgrounds contains over 125 high quality images....

app Journal Of A Tour Of Discovery logo

Journal Of A Tour Of Discov...


Pioneer farmer and explorer. Born in England in 1788 and came to Australia in 1806 as a free settler.In 1813, he led the first known European expedition across the area of the Great Dividing Range kno...

app The South Pole logo

The South Pole


About the BookThe South Pole; an account of the Norwegian antarctic expedition in the 'Fram', 1910 to 1912After crossing the Northwest Passage, Amundsen made plans to go to the North Pole and explore ...

app Animal Trivia logo

Animal Trivia


Animal Trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of pets and animals of all kinds: cats, dogs, horses, sharks, snakes, whales, insects, birds, fish, spiders, and pretty much any animal you can think o...

app App Lock II Widget Pro logo

App Lock II Widget Pro


? What's the best app protector?Strong password or cool lock screen? Of course NOT. The best proector would let prier not to be aware of any protection applied for your apps. App Lock II is one such p...

app Leather Helmet Blog logo

Leather Helmet Blog


Get the Leather Helmet Blog app. It's a must for Georgia Bulldogs fans. Bulldogs and NCAA content from and the Bloguin network. Be the first to know with push notifications de...

app Cute Dog Wallpapers logo

Cute Dog Wallpapers


So many cute dogs! Little puppies, small breeds, floppy ears and big sad eyes!Features:¤ Set as wallpaper¤ Updated regularly...

app Bulldog Wallpapers logo

Bulldog Wallpapers


Big bulldogs, sleepy bulldogs, goofy bulldogs, and some little pups too!Features:¤ Set as wallpaper¤ Updated regularly...

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