Xbox One Finally Revealed With Windows OS

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We finally got to see the next generation Xbox gaming console by Microsoft on May 21st. Here is our take on the brand new Xbox One and its new features which include a new built in kinect which [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Photo Leaked

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There were quite a few rumors about a mysterious Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, codenamed I9295, but now we have pictures to prove its existence. According to the leaked photos, the Samsung Galaxy S4 [...]

HEAVY sword


"HEAVY – sword is a good-looking game with plenty of quirky sprites and detailed backgrounds. However it’s the exploratory nature of the levels and the ability to acquire an unnaturally [...]

Crescent Moon Games releases Dig! for Android

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Dig! is the tale of Douglas Chase, a bumbling archaeologist who’s been hired by a rich tycoon to spruce up an old museum. Your job is to dig, and you’ll do that by drawing lines to section of [...]

Angry Birds Movie is coming to Theaters in 2016

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Everyone knows how popular the Angry Birds franchise is, and if you don’t you will soon. Sony is bringing an Angry Birds Movie into theaters on July 1, 2016. Sony won the rights to put the birds [...]

White Nexus 4 Photos Leaked Before Google I/O

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New photos of a white Nexus 4 surfaced just ahead Google’s I/O conference, this happened after the initial photos were leaked   back in January by an insider. Yesterday, a Philipino guy [...]

Nvidia SHIELD is headed your way in June

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If you’re in to Android Gaming, today is a good day. Nvidia has finally released some info on SHIELD, the product formerly known as Project Shield. The new gaming device is headed your way in [...]

Kiz Studios releases Chuck the Muck for Android

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You may not think “muck” is cute, but maybe that’s because you haven’t met Chuck the Muck. He’s a little blobby pile of muck, and he’s hungrier than a woodchuck. He doesn’t eat dirt or goo though [...]

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