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Samsung’s CEO Announces 64-bit Capable Android Smartphones in the Future

samsung After Apple announced the iPhone 5s which comes with a brand-new 64-bit  A7 CPU, Samsung's CEO JK Shin told  the Korean newspapers that his company too will include in its future handsets a blazing fast 64-bit capable processor. Of course, what else can be expected from Samsung but to follow the example of an American company? Just kidding, m...

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Gridiron Thunder Set to Bring Arcade Style Football to the Ouya

gridiron-thunerIf you’re a mobile game I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of ‘quality’ football games out there. There are some decent ones, but nobody has managed to give us a true Madden or Tecmo Bowl experience on a mobile. Enter Gridiron Thunder, a Kickstarter project from MogoTXT that looks to bring a solid football experience to the Ouya and other m...

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Trial by Survival Review

Trial by Survival Review Google Play is flooded with zombie games, so it’s nice when a developer puts their own twist on the zombie/survival genre. Nah-Meen Studios has managed to do that with Trial By Survival, and as the name implies you’ll have to be tough to if you want to make it out of the post-apocalyptic world alive. Trial by Survival drops you into a zombie...

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Contra: Evolution now available for Android

contra evolutionIt’s no secret that Android games usually come after their iOS counterpart has been out for a spell, and that’s the case with Contra: Evolution for Android. The old-school arcade shooter dropped yesterday morning, and while it looks like the game you grew up with quite a few things have changed. Contra: Evolution was originally released back...

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Retro Runners Review

Retro Runners Review Tired of the playing endless runners that all look the same? If so, you’ll welcome Countryside Games Retro Runners, a new running game with a cool 8-bit style. The controls behind Retro Runners are simple as you swipe the left side of the screen to change lanes and tap the right side to jump. As you’re on a track, you’ll have to jump over hu...

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Asphalt 8: Airborne Out Now on Google Play

asphalt 8: Airborne  If you live your life a quarter mile at a time you probably love racing games… and Vin Diesel. If you’ve got oil running through your veins today is your lucky day as Gameloft has unleashed the beast on Google Play with Asphalt 8: Airborne. Asphalt 8: Airborne is the latest game in the popular Asphalt franchise, and as the title im...

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Turn Chores into an Adventure with the HabitRPG App for Android

habit.rpgI normally stick to covering Android games, but occasionally an Android App comes out that makes me say hmmmm. Today that app is called Habit RPG, and it’s an app that treats every day of your life like an RPG experience. Ready to level up? The HabitRPG app is basically a “to-do list” in the form of an RPG adventure where you can turn mund...

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Connect the Dots, Now Available on Android

Dots I don't know about you but I often find myself playing with my phone, especially when in the bathroom (yeah, too much info, I know) or waiting on a friend somewhere in the city. I usually go and check out my favorite websites or take a look on Facebook, but sometimes I like to play a little, you know, wasting some (un)productive time, like my g...

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Amazon Preparing His Own Android Gaming Console?

amazon According to anonymous sources (I just love this kind) cited by the Game Informer magazine, the retail giant Amazon is preparing for entering combat in the increasingly competitive market of Android gaming consoles with its own brand. So, those mysterious sources told Game Informer that Amazon Inc is working hard in developing its own Androi...

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Bloons TD Battles Review: Battling Balloons with Abandon

Bloons TD Battles Review: Battling Balloons with Abandon When you hear the name Ninja Kiwi balloons probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. That’s all you’ll think about after playing one of their popular Bloons games, and their latest release is going to whittle away at your free time. Bloons TD Battles is the name of the game, and it’s  one of the best mobile multiplayer games you'...

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Droid World London 2013 Needs You!

droid world london Droid World London 2013 is an Android related Conference which will take place  at Earls Court 2,  between October 22-23 2013. This is where leading Android developers, along with  Android representatives and industry giants  like Google and Twitter will meet and discuss the challenges facing the Android  ecosystem. Even if Android is...

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Crossbar RRAM is the Future of Data Storage Technology

Crossbar RAM Crossbar is a high tech company based in Santa Clara, California, specialized in non volatile memory technologies, and they just announced what is to be the future in data storage, namely the Crossbar RRAM. Crossbar RRAM will revolutionize the way we store data, because it offers a huge amount of storage on a very tiny memory chip, also the ...

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app Windows Solitaire logo

Windows Solitaire


Windows Solitaire Windows classic solitaire games, including Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Forty Thieves four classic games are played.Nostalgic poker background image, you revisit windows98 games Com...

app リベンジ オブ ドラグーンX 【超強力レア+1000コイン】 logo

リベンジ オブ ドラ...



app PocketBracket March Basketball logo

PocketBracket March Basketb...


March Madness® starts today at 12:15pm ET. Finish your NCAA® brackets and organize your pools before then to compete on the PocketBracket Network. Continue to use PocketBracket after the tournament ...

app Blew Holi Color Game logo

Blew Holi Color Game


Download the hilarious application "Blew Holi Color Game" on your android mobile phones for free and have fun.Blow the Holi Color in the given time period and watch the blowing of Holi Color...

app Blew Baloon Game logo

Blew Baloon Game


Download the hilarious application "Blew Baloon Game" on your android mobile phones for free and have fun.Blow the baloon in the given time period and watch the blowing of balloon. The harde...

app Blew Dolphin Game logo

Blew Dolphin Game


Download the hilarious application "Blew Dolphin Game" on your android mobile phones for free and have fun.Blow the Dolphin in the given time period and watch the blowing of Dolphin. The har...

app Blew Butterfly Game logo

Blew Butterfly Game


Download the hilarious application "Blew Butterfly Game" on your android mobile phones for free and have fun.Blow the Butterfly in the given time period and watch the blowing of Butterfly. T...

app Blew Bubble Game logo

Blew Bubble Game


Download the hilarious application "Blew Bubble Game" on your android mobile phones for free and have fun.Blow the bubble in the given time period and watch the blowing of bubble. The harder...


Quick Review: Juicy Hunt for Android

Quick Review: Juicy Hunt for Android Physics-based fruit games became popular with Fruit Ninja, and many a developer has taken a crack at the winning formula behind the fruit slicing game. Juicy Hunt is the latest Android game to let you play with fruit, and if flinging flip flops is your thing it’s a game you may want to check out.Juicy Hunt is a game about two friends on a quest f...

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app Magyar Celeb Kvíz logo

Magyar Celeb Kvíz


Feladatod, hogy felismerd a 10 szintből álló játék 160 magyar közszereplőjét.A szintenkénti 16 celeb közül 13-at kell felismerned és nevét begépelned, hogy új szint nyíljon meg előtte...

app Utah Basketball *FREE* logo

Utah Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the Utah Jazz? The Utah Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Jazz games easily!Features of this app include:* Utah Jazz News* Ut...

app Russell Westbrook LWP logo

Russell Westbrook LWP


Have the explosive and high energy Russell Westbrook go wild on your background with this active live wallpaper. Russell Westbrook is an American professional basketball player who currently plays fo...

app L.A. Stars Live Wallpaper logo

L.A. Stars Live Wallpaper


Have the Laker' stars show their resilience on your background as they fight to get into the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Can Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace, and Pau Gasol still have ...

app Jackie Robinson Live Wallpaper logo

Jackie Robinson Live Wallpa...


Legendary African American athlete, Jackie Robinson, can be sliding home safe all day with this throwback live wallpaper. Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was an American baseball player who...

app I Lob LA logo

I Lob LA


Not only do I love Los Angeles I lob it! With high flyers like DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, Chris Paul simply just has to throw it up! Lob City has taken the city of Los Angeles by storm as the C...

app Derek Jeter Live Wallpaper logo

Derek Jeter Live Wallpaper


Have the pin stripe legend, Derek Jeter, post on your background all day with this faithful live wallpaper. Derek Sanderson Jeter (pron.: /?d?i?t?r/; born June 26, 1974) is an American baseball shorts...

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