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Raise and Fight Monsters in Gameloft’s Monster Life for Android

Gameloft has long been a developer to pay attention too, and over the past 6 months they’ve consistently put out solid top tier games.  Well it seems like you can add another title to that growing list as they recently released a cool little game called Monster Life for Android. Monster Life gives you the job of monster keeper, and you’r...

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Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – July 23, 2012

It was a better week for Android games than it was for apps, but we've still managed to round up 10 apps worthy of your attention. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for the Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week July 23, 2012... 1. MixBooth Pivi & Co. has become king of the “booth apps” and they’ve just put out a new...

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Gamevil releases Chicken Revolution for Android

Overview The revolution has begun… the Chicken Revolution that is. Your chickens have grown tired of being caged and you’ll have to stop them from flying the coup in Gamevil’s quirky new Android game Chicken Revolution. Chicken Revolution is a tower fence defense game of sorts where you’ll need to defend the fence and keep the chicken...

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app Talking Ted LITE logo

Talking Ted LITE


Talking Ted is a soundboard mobile application that has animated video along with your favorite lines from the movie. You can control Ted's actions and record a video of his actions to share with you...


Fire a Few Corks with PopCork Pirates! for Android

Overview If there was one toy that I drove my parent’s nuts with growing up it was a cork gun. Now thanks to PopCork Pirates! I can play with a cork slingshot on a pirate ship! Are you confused or Intrigued? No matter how you feel one thing’s for certain, PopCork Pirates! is great for some mindless fun. PopCork Pirates! is a shooting game...

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IceCat Studios releases Garden Troopers for Android

Tomatoes or Cucumbers which one will you choose? That’s the question in IceCat Studios new Android Game Garden Troopers as you’ll have to pick a veggie and try to best your opponent to become king of the Garden. Garden Troopers is a strategy game of sorts that lets you play as tomatoes or cucumbers with the goal of taking all the squares/cel...

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Raise a Virtual Beast with Bit Beast from Cheese and Bacon Games

I’ll start this one out by saying thanks to the Because We May sale for showing me games like Bit Beast which I might not have noticed otherwise. So what’s a Bit Beast? Bit Beast is a virtual pet game from Cheese and Bacon Games where you’ll get to take care of your own digital beast and raise them from a hatchling. Just like a baby you...

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HeroCraft releases Dragon and Dracula for Android

Dragons and Dracula is a new Android Game from our friends at HeroCraft, and honestly any game that involves Dragons and Vampires is enough to get my attention... Dragons and Dracula takes place in a fairytale world and you get to play the Dragon that’s out do defeat Dracula. You might be thinking… no match, dragons are huge and Vampires ...

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Quick Review – Plopp for Android

Quick Review – Plopp for Android Plopp is a slick new puzzle game from Games2be that involves tiny little circles called plopps. Circles usually aren't that exciting, but that's not the case with the little plopps which tend to go "pop" and explode rather easily... Gameplay On any given stage in the game random plopps will appear and start to grow. As they grow you'll see poin...

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app GTC 2012 logo

GTC 2012


On behalf of Arbonne, EproMeetingApps is the official app provider for the GTC 2012 ""Growing Strong"", April 26-28, 2012, at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.This app puts all detai...

app Talking Droid logo

Talking Droid


Grown-ups can now bring out their inner-droid, he's a maniac in your pocket! With high-quality 3d graphics, shake him, make him dance, feed him and most importantly, talk to him to hear him talk back!...

app Mole Mania! logo

Mole Mania!


Finally, the beloved children's classic "Whack-A-Mole" is available on your tablet!Easy to learn but impossible to master, Mole Mania pits you against an ever-growing army of moles hellbent ...

app MLM Pro Dialer logo

MLM Pro Dialer


MLM Pro Dialer is an Android based dialer designed exclusively for use in the MLM/Network Marketing/Home Based Business Professional. MLM Pro Dialer is the only industry exclusive Android App availabl...

app Little Garden logo

Little Garden


Another small game I wrote for my daughter. Water the plants to let them grow. Remember to give them plenty of sun or the flowers don't turn into fruits. When the fruits are ripe, pick them into yo...

app Pride and Prejudice (Premium) logo

Pride and Prejudice (Premiu...


Premium version without Ads.Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringin...

app Seinfeld Calendar logo

Seinfeld Calendar


Practice makes a man perfect. Habit calendar helps to you to track regularity of the tasks you wish make it a habit. It helps to log your habit patterns and track/review your performance.This applicat...

app Mediagol Palermo News logo

Mediagol Palermo News


Download the new iPhone app to stay in touch in real-time with your favorite team, Us. Città di Palermo, and receive news, photos and videos in your mobile phone with a click. Media...

app Photo Voyages of Trey – FREE logo

Photo Voyages of Trey ̵...


BE INSPIRED DAILY! -------------------------- Now you can enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of Trey Ratcliff’s images on your Android device or GoogleTV! You will receive 50 free photos to get you star...

app Moon Phases and Zodiac logo

Moon Phases and Zodiac


Moon calendar - new moon and full moon dates - lunar phases - The MoonFeatures:- use swipe/fling to browse days and month (swipe up and down for month navigation and left and right for days)- you can ...

app PMP Exam Free – Oliver Lehmann logo

PMP Exam Free – Olive...


** Written for the revised exam version per 31 August 2011 **Oliver F. Lehmann's PMP® Exam prep app coaches you for the PMP® (Project Management Professional) examination, offered by PMI®....

app Moral Stories logo

Moral Stories


A lesson of ethical or practical significance expressed or implied in a story.This app will mainly contain the stories which will be really useful to kids. All are containing good moral values and ver...

app Hungry Shark 3 Free! logo

Hungry Shark 3 Free!


Sink your teeth into the most exciting Hungry Shark Yet! Hungry Shark Part 3 is the super-addictive sequel to the top selling iPhone game. Part 3 contains an underwater volcano complete with an evil g...

app Clark Thought Leadership logo

Clark Thought Leadership


The purpose of this mobile app is to provide Thought Leadership in the areas of Information Technology and Security. Technology innovation can efficiently grow commerce, create jobs and help with soci...

app Unofficial RSWX logo

Unofficial RSWX


Welcome to the Unofficial RSWX application. I make no claim over any of the content, that is all Dave and Steph's work, I simply made it available to the many thousands of Android fans, in an app tha...

app Dot-Ranger FREE – Easy version logo

Dot-Ranger FREE – Eas...


If it is search about an interesting game, this "Dot Ranger FREE" surely satisfies you. A game is simplicity and operation is a can tongue. Therefore, fun can feel actually 100%. The method ...

app Okotte Nakama Clock Widget logo

Okotte Nakama Clock Widget


Okotte Nakame thrives off pain and destruction. With his large body he is able to slam opponents into millions of pieces. If aggravated, he will stop at nothing to destroy his aggressor. You would do ...

app Emergency Ultrasound of Eye logo

Emergency Ultrasound of Eye


Emergency Ultrasound of the Eye and Orbit was written and published to provide a basic reference to emergency physicians and ophthalmologists. While the intended audience includes emergency physicians...


Kairosoft bringing Pocket Academy to Android

Growing up I hated school like damn near everyone else I knew, but now that I’m all growed up building a school might be fun. That “seems” to be the premise behind a new Kairosoft game that crept into existence last week. Two prestigious Academy of Pocket is the translated name of the new game, but iOS users already know it as Pocket Academ...

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