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GMAT Maths Preview


Do you want to boost your chance of success in GMAT or GRE? Then this is a perfect app for you. This app teaches you practical tips to perform math calculations faster. You will be able to multiple 97...


Chalk Ball Android Game Review

Chalk Ball Android Game Review Overview Chalk Ball is the first Android game released by a new group called “The Pill Tree.” It’s a fresh take on the always popular “bouncing game” genre with a few twists. You have to use your finger to draw a chalk line that gives your ball something to bounce off so it will not hit the ground. You need to hit other balls to build up...

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Moblox Android Game Review

Moblox Android Game Review It seems that the trend among mobile games right now is the combination of the great features of two or more games. Meteor Brick Breaker which we reviewed recently combines a space shooter and brick breaking game and came out as a great and entertaining game. Now, we have Moblox - another nice game, this time combining the famous Angry Birds and an...

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Redbox Android App Review

Redbox Android App Review If you haven't noticed video stores seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. As the video stores fade away, more people are turning to kiosks like Redbox. As great as the kiosks are, there has always been one drawback which is driving down there only to find that they don't have your movie.  Well, Redbox has an app that will take care of those pr...

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MOMA – Museum of Modern Art Android App Review

MOMA – Museum of Modern Art Android App Review Today I decided to check out the Android app called MOMA. It’s the official app put out by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Trying to take on a task this big could not have been easy and while it isn’t bad, there are some areas that need improvement. The MOMA app lets you browse through collections, send snapshots, get information on curre...

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Meteor Brick Breaker Android Game Review

Meteor Brick Breaker Android Game Review Meteor Brick Breaker is a nice-looking Android game from Chilingo, one of the most popular game developers for both iPhone and Android. From its name alone, you can easily guess what this game is all about. Yes, it's a combination of your popular brick game and space arkanoid with shoot' em up elements. The result - a great shooter with more than a...

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iDisplay Android App Review

iDisplay Android App Review You've all probably heard about extending your computer's windows onto another display unit, right? This multi-display setup is usual done to run more apps and software for productivity's sake. But what if it is about extending your main computer's display onto a smaller screen display - such as on your Android phone? Sounds a little off balance, r...

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PRAXIS Math Review



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GED Math Review




SideScroll Android Game Review

SideScroll Android Game Review One thing that really amazes in the past several months that I've been reviewing Android apps and games is the fact that I haven't spend as much as I spent on iOS apps and games. Why is that so? Well, aside from the fact that paid Android apps and games are not readily available in my location (but I do have an access to them though via Market Enab...

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GMAT Math Review



app Haptic Effect Preview logo

Haptic Effect Preview


Haptic Effect Preview is directed to developers who are implementing tactile feedback (also referred to as haptics or "rumble") into their applications. This application is used to preview,...


Google Maps for Android Now Lets You Tweet Reviews and Ratings

Google's approach to the popular location-based services is being carried in either Google Places with Hotpot or Google Latitude. You can use both of these services on your Android phones by way of Google Maps for Android which allows you to post your ratings of places you've been to and share it with your contacts. Now, this service becomes even m...

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Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom Android Game Review

Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom Android Game Review The folks at HandyGames, the same app developer who gave us the Android game Super Dynamite Fishing does it again with another game. This time instead of slaughtering fish with dynamite, you control some smart pigs from hell. But unlike Angry Birds where your nemesis are the swine, this time in Pigs of Doom you have to follow four hero pigs through...

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GRE Math Review


• Practice tests with over 2400+ questions • 1400+ Problem Solving questions• Solution for all 1400+ Problem Solving questions• 1000+ Quantitative comparison questions• Comprehensive review ...


TrueCaller Android App Review

TrueCaller Android App Review If you get many calls from unidentified numbers - meaning those which are not in your Android phone's contact list, you certainly need a caller id. One Android app that you might want to consider is TrueCaller. TrueCaller is a very useful app especially if you get too many incoming calls from unknown numbers. What this app does is to show you who ...

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µTorrent Remote Android App Review

µTorrent Remote Android App Review As I was scouring the new Android Market website, I stumbled upon this new Android app called µTorrent Remote. The app description said that it's from BitTorrent, Inc. so I checked it out and was convinced to download the app on my Android phone based on the app details. Simply put, µTorrent Remote Android app lets you access and manage µTorrent...

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Reviewing the Brew


**This app is outdated and non-functioning. A new app is coming in a few weeks. Please visit and sign up to be notified when we launch.**Get your Milwaukee Brewers news deliver...

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Mental Maths Preview


What's 51 x 51?Can your child do this in less than five seconds?Well, he really can do! This Mental Maths app helps improve your mental calculation skills through introduction to various methods &...




3 STOOGES REVIEWERNOW WITH "TYPE A LETTER"- where you can type any letter that sort of matches a review (a is 1, b is the 2nd review, etc)...This app is totally useless- unpurpose- much like...

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Check Preview of the Book


Search for Book Preview page by ISBN number. This app is using Google Books....


Pinball Deluxe Android Game Review

Pinball Deluxe Android Game Review Pinball Deluxe Android Game Review - Features, Gameplay, Graphics and More Pinball Deluxe is a nicely-rendered pinball game for your Android smartphones. It requires Android 2.1 or higher. According to the developer, the game runs on its native resolution when played on the bigger screen of Android tablets. This means that the graphics will not be...

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FlightBoard Android App Review

FlightBoard Android App Review If you travel a lot or fly a lot, you'll definitely find this new Android app called FlightBoard. This Android basically turns your Android phone into an arrivals and departures board that lets you check out your favorite airports and view flight information in real-time as well. Incidentally, in case you're not aware, FlightBoard Android app was ...

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PowerAMP Android App Review: Best Music Player for Android

PowerAMP Android App Review: Best Music Player for Android Here's something that will really blow you away with its sleek user interface. The Android app is called PowerAMP and it's one of the best if not the best music player for Android that I have used so far. Topping this app's great features are easy-to-navigate and beautiful interface and built-in dynamic equalizers. So, here we go with our PowerAMP ...

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Cricket World Cup 2011 Android App Review

Cricket World Cup 2011 Android App Review Just in time for the opening of Cricket World Cup 2011 on February 19, one of the most comprehensive Cricket app on the Android Market has just been updated. We're talking about Cricket World Cup 2011. This Android app has everything you need to stay in touch of the happenings in the Cricket World Cup. In other words, CWC 2011 Android app is a feat...

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Music Review News


This is a collection of news articles and reviews of music and musicians of various genres....

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Movie Review News


This is a collection of news articles and reviews of movies in production, in the theatres, and available on home video....

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Paramedic Review Plus


Paramedic Review Plus...

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