What Android has over iOS

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Apple’s WWDC will be upon us in a few hours, and Apple hopes to reignite a stale iOS, after it has fallen behind Android in recent times. Join us as we take a look at all the reasons why Android [...]

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 now official

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Earlier today, we got a hold of what we thought to be a clear photo of a new Samsung smartphone called the Galaxy Ace 3. Now we can finally confirm that the information in our earlier report was [...]

Quadropus Rampage


"A shining example of what a free game can be." – PixelFreak – 91/100"From probably the best IAP system in mobile gaming, to some incredibly fun gameplay, this is a [...]

Verizon HTC One Confirmed

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If there is one thing about smartphones in the US, it is the fact that unlocked models are extremely rare to come by as most of them are locked to a particular carrier. Well, if you so happen to [...]

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