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app Plants Vs Ninja Slice FREE logo

Plants Vs Ninja Slice FREE


FREE FULL GAME!This is an original touch & slash game with flowers and hornets only for Android! A completely FREE Fruit Ninja style game!Developed by the legendary FightingFish Games Dev. Team!Te...

app ZombieBooth logo



How would you look as a zombie?! What about your friends?ZombieBooth is a fun way to instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie!CUSTOMIZABLE 3D ZOMBIES!- ZombieBooth makes any 2D portrait ful...

app Free Beer Battery Widget logo

Free Beer Battery Widget


Shows your current battery percentage in the beer glass.See the beer going down while the battery status goes down.This is the coolest battery status widget ever.You will find much more than just a si...

app Resident Evil Wallpapers logo

Resident Evil Wallpapers


HD (high definition) wallpapers for your enjoyment.Afterlife, Umbrella Corporation, Arcadia, Raccoon city, ZombiesAds pay for hosting.Support your developers!...

app Beat The Joker Slots logo

Beat The Joker Slots


Can you hit the jackpot?-Pullable arm-Fun sounds-Saves your creditsLike this? Search "Zombie Jackpot Madness" - similar game, but with zombies.To those using the original Motorola Droid - so...

app WootWatcher logo



Woot! A fast Woot watcher for Woot-Offs and Daily Sales at!Supported Woot sites include Shirt, Kids, Wine, Sellout, and now Moofi, Home, Sport,Tech and Accessories!WootWatcher Features:* Push...

app Zombie, Run! logo

Zombie, Run!


The Zombie, Run! Zombie Finder is a survival tool for people living in a zombie-infested area. Zombie, Run! displays the location of nearby zombies, helping you safely navigate your urban or rural ar...

app Vampires Thirst for Blood logo

Vampires Thirst for Blood


The most entertaining online game ever! Become a vampire lord by bringing other vampires into your clan. Feed your thirst for blood by acquiring slaves to gather blood for you. Perform numerous dark m...

app Jewels Galaxy Match 3 FREE logo

Jewels Galaxy Match 3 FREE


FREE FULL GAME!You can now play for FREE the next evolution of the classical match-3 games!This is an incredibly original puzzle game for Android and iOS!You will feel amazed after playing this revolu...

app Attack of Zombie Politicians logo

Attack of Zombie Politician...


This is a post election stress relieving game; beware your fingers get a work out.Zombies have taken over the nation's capital and they don't want your candidate to win the election. Protect your cand...

app Zombie Jackpot Madness logo

Zombie Jackpot Madness


A slot machine with zombies. What's not to love?This game is like Beat The Joker Slots (downloaded 200000 times), but with chainsaws and BRAINS!*v1.0.7 fix sound controls...

app GRave Defense Gold logo

GRave Defense Gold


GRave Defense is the tower defense game with the post-apocalypse game setting, the addictive gameplay and the excellent graphics! In the game You will find lots of upgradeable weapons, maps and monste...

app Zombie VS Monkie logo

Zombie VS Monkie


Guide the Monkie through the waves Zombies who want to cause Zombie Monkie DOOM. Get as far as your can and post your high score to the world wide high score table....

app XAP! noob Zombie logo

XAP! noob Zombie


XAP! noob - Zombie killing for everyoneArcade action game with smart opponents and fancy graphics. Shoot Zombies to protect babies, kill all attacking opponents!Free version of the harder ...

app Pipe Dreams – ON SALE NOW! logo

Pipe Dreams – ON SALE...


Race the flood of water to connect the pipes before it leaks in this fast-paced, addicting and challenging puzzle game.- 4 difficulty modes to test your skills- 2 full themes- Save your game and retur...

app Massive Awesome logo

Massive Awesome


A commando piece of man-sized Bacon and a Pickle that thinks it's a zombie. Together, they fight ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas. And robots. And evil masterminds. Must be read to be believed! Incl...

app Camera ZOOM FX Halloween Pack logo

Camera ZOOM FX Halloween Pa...


Download pack for Camera ZOOM FX = paid app on marketScare your friends with these ghostly templates to add to your photos. Choose from a ghostly figure who has mysteriously entered your photo, a scar...

app Zombie Killer Free logo

Zombie Killer Free


Zombie Killer Freever. 1.3.1 : UI changed ver. 1.3.0 : Works fine in Android OS 2.3 ver. 1.2.0 : Sniper Mode added.ver. 1.1.1 : Some bugs fixedver. 1.1 : A. Player can select weapon(Pistol,Machine-...

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