TPD -Twitter, Messages Stream-


* Not tested on Froyo. Contact me for any issues ;)v1.0.2+ Bug fixedTPD is application that shows some messages(Twitter and Gmail by defaults) on pop-up dialog.The dialog is untouchable, so it [...]

Augmented Traffic Views


As seen on Fox and CBS TVNamed Top 10 T3 Travel App"coolest AR app we’ve seen yet""one of the most popular" USA Today100% hands-free operation as you [...]



尚邮作为国内领先的手机邮件服务提供商,为成千上万的用户提供了轻松、便捷、即时、高效、安全的移动邮件解决方案。使用尚邮,您可以随时随地收发邮件,重要信息尽在掌控,充分利用碎片时间,让您更加完美地平衡个人的生活和工作。支持机型:支持诺基亚、黑莓、多普达、三星、索爱等上千款手机及机型,无须更换手机 [...]

eBuddy – The All-in-One Android Chat Client


Ebuddy Android App Review It was a Monday at work a couple months ago and I decided to chat with my wife on Gtalk so I could ask her what I need to buy from the grocery. Google has a handy way of [...]

Android 2.1 OTA Update for Droid and Cliq

By In

Motorola has recently released the Android 2.1 software update. This update should automatically download to all Droid phones. I have to admit, the update for my phone automatically downloaded [...]

Droid Incredible Review


HTC Droid Incredible The new HTC Droid Incredible has finally been released. In the U.S., it is a top-of-the-line smartphone offered on the Verizon network. Incredible is both the name of the [...]

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