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app Cashbook – Expense Tracker logo

Cashbook – Expense Tr...


Award: No.10 of "The 25 Best Android Apps for Business" by"Cashbook is the Swiss Army Knife of Android finance-apps" by lifeofandroid.comFor Business: a quick ha...

app XiiaLive™ – Internet Radio logo

XiiaLive™ – Interne...


Users’ ratings say it all! Experience the all new sleek design and the most stable/uninterrupted internet radio app in the market. Stream music and explore more than 50,000 live radio stations from ...

app Boingo Wi-Finder logo

Boingo Wi-Finder


Now it’s easier than ever to find hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Boingo Wi-Finder! Even enjoy the ability to auto-connect at free hotspots. ***** 2012 Reader’s C...

app HTTP Poster and Locale Plug-In logo

HTTP Poster and Locale Plug...


With Locale and the HTTP Request Plug-in, your phone can post a http request to any Server available to your phone. You could update your status online, control your home entertainment system, log int...

app 开心网 logo



開心網[V3.2.5]開心網(是中國最大的社區網站,通過開心網手機客戶端,您可以與朋友、同學、同事、家人保持更緊密的聯系, 及時了解他...

app GetBlue Bluetooth Reader, Demo logo

GetBlue Bluetooth Reader, D...


GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners.OVERVIEW: GetBlue collects data from...

app Contact Widget DEMO logo

Contact Widget DEMO


Limitations of this version:-30-day trialThe quick dial or speed dial widget for your homescreen. Place this widget on your home screen, add your favorite contacts and call, message, view, e-mail or s...

app Freebox Recorder logo

Freebox Recorder


Freebox Recorder est une application très légère qui permet de programmer ses enregistrements TV sur Freebox HD V5/V6 Révolution/Optique à distance depuis un mobile Android. /! FREEBOX V5 ATTENTI...

app FitSync® logo



Track Your Progress, Compare & Share with a Worldwide Community™FitSync, the choice of leading health clubs and professional trainers worldwide since 2001... Read what experts and REAL professi...

app Robotic Guitarist logo

Robotic Guitarist


Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar and chord guide for your device. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar and learners, and even if you can't play but want to ...

app Flashcards ToGo logo

Flashcards ToGo


Makes learning with flashcards (e.g. vocabulary) fun and effective, combining the advantages of flashcard learning with the possibilities of your android device:- uses spaced repetition learning for r...

app My Location Widget logo

My Location Widget


Want an app that tells your current address without those creepy tracking features? Want to know what’s going on around you? This is the app for that.*NOTE* This is a widget only. There’s no launc...

app Beer Word (Drinking Game) logo

Beer Word (Drinking Game)


Beer-Word is a drinking game on your phone. Great for partiesIt will give you a word, Then it will call a random person and block your number. You must get the person to say the word without saying it...


Facebook Gives its Android App a Much Needed Update

Facebook Gives its Android App a Much Needed Update It's been a long time coming but it's definitely worth the wait. Finally, Facebook updated its Android app bringing in some nice features that makes it at par with the iPhone Facebook app.  Ok, I must admit that whenever I'm on the go, I use my iPhone Facebook app more than I used the one on my Google Nexus One. Hopefully, this update would make m...

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Vignette Is a Stunning Camera App for Android

Vignette Is a Stunning Camera App for Android Vignette is a nifty camera app for Android, which enables anyone and everyone to take stunning photographs. It’s an open secret that the stock Android camera app sucks. Fortunately, manufacturers like Sony Ericsson have been doing a pretty decent job at making it usable. However, Vignette goes far above and beyond any other camera app. Vignette...

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Motorola: The Droid X Doesn't Need a Jacket

Several days ago, Apple uploaded a video to YouTube showing the Droid X also suffers from a similar antennagate issue plaguing the iPhone 4. As you can imagine, Motorola was annoyed by this and decided to send another message to Apple. Previously, it ran an ad claiming you can hold the Droid X however you want. Motorola, on Facebook, revealed ...

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Motorola: The Droid X Doesn’t Need a Jacket

Several days ago, Apple uploaded a video to YouTube showing the Droid X also suffers from a similar antennagate issue plaguing the iPhone 4. As you can imagine, Motorola was annoyed by this and decided to send another message to Apple. Previously, it ran an ad claiming you can hold the Droid X however you want. Motorola, on Facebook, revealed ...

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Rumor: Motorola To Launch WX445 On Verizon

Verizon currently only sells high end Android devices from the likes of Motorola, HTC, and LG. However, there are plenty of people who want to experience Android without having to spend $199 on a high end device. Engadget managed to get a hold of a leaked image, which shows the unannounced Motorola WX445. The WX445 is not the official name of ...

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The New iPhone is Out…Android Still Kicks A$$

Well lookie here. The PC bashing giant Apple released their new hot summer toy: the iPhone 4G. Sure we could point to the iTampon, oops, I mean iPad but it's mostly just a glorified iPhone with a giant screen. In any case, I must say the iPhone has gotten quite the revamp. Now it has HD recording at 720p, video calling, a very high resolution scree...

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AndFTP – The Free Way to Transfer Files

AndFTP – The Free Way to Transfer Files Okay, so I realize that most people now-a-days have almost no need for FTP, at least not for a client which is what the AndFTP Android app provides. It is a stable and complete FTP client solution for the Android platform and one of the only decent free ones I have seen. FTP for those who are not familiar with the term stands for File Transfer Prot...

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Photobucket Android App Review

Photobucket Android App Review I tend to take more photos with my Android than with my nice digital camera. It's always with me and takes up little space. But then I have the problem of getting my cell photos to where they can be viewed. Thank goodness I discovered the Photobucket Android app by Photobucket Moble. It automatically uploads my Droid photos to my Photobucket accoun...

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The New Android TV?

A company named TCL is announcing a new product for this year using the Android OS. Not a tablet nor a computer, it's a full-fledged TV. The  TV from most accounts will run off an ARM CPU, have internal storage, and even cook you breakfast apparently in the form of an cupcake, dounut, eclair and now a froyo :P.   The last claim about breakfast is...

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DoubleTwist Android App – A media player with a twist

DoubleTwist Android app, a new twist (I couldn't help myself :P) on the traditional media player for your Android powered phone. First thing I had to ask myself is, "Why the hell does Android need another media player app? There's like 100 of them!" Well there aren't 100 media players on the system (I think there's 99, lol), but there is still way ...

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Qik Announces Additional Details for Premium Video Messaging Service

Almost a week ago, there was a misunderstanding about the Qik video service that would be installed on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G.  Qik came out with a clarifying message that the core service of two way video chat would be free, but premium features would cost $5 a month.  At that time, Qik refused to give any major details on the specific premium ...

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Motorola Droid Extreme to be the first device with froyo pre-installed

Droid ExtremeThe best selling smart phone running on Android platform, Motorola Droid is all set to make it's comeback with Motorola Droid Extreme, previously known as Shadow. We know you love the new name, so do we, but the surprise does not end there, DroidLife has some really cool pics coupled with a very impressive spec-sheet of the latest phone from the Dr...

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Droid Incredible Review

Droid Incredible Review HTC Droid Incredible The new HTC Droid Incredible has finally been released. In the U.S., it is a top-of-the-line smartphone offered on the Verizon network. Incredible is both the name of the device and what we think about it. This smartphone lives up to the standard it has set for itself through its name. This new HTC Droid uses the Google Andro...

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Samsung extends Yahoo services across Android, bada – Fiercemobilecontent

ReutersSamsung extends Yahoo services across Android, badaFiercemobilecontentSamsung's Android devices won't be the only smartphones running the Google OS without featuring Google's mobile services--last month, the Motorola Backflip, ...Samsung Android and Bada phones will have pre-loaded Yahoo servicesUnwired ViewYahoo expands offering...

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