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app Chickenoid logo



Earth was invaded by the snaky aliens. They are dropping their egg-like evil seeds. The invaders use the outfit of the lovely chickens trying to soften your heart. But do not let them fool you with th...

app Super Whistle logo

Super Whistle


Super Whistle is a fast and effective whistle app for the Android. Culminating the lessons learned from my mega popular "easy whistle" series of Android apps, Super Whistle is a customizabl...

app Easy Cow and Chicken Whistle logo

Easy Cow and Chicken Whistl...


Easy Cow and Chicken Whistle is a fast and free app to generate sounds your cows and chickens can hear. Use this to train your farm animals.... maybe. You can also use it as a frequency generator.(FY...

app KidS Memory Matching Game logo

KidS Memory Matching Game


Children's game that builds memory skills! Have your child find matching pictures of cute farm animals like cows and chickens. There are 3 levels and the game automatically saves your fastest time....

app Sound World logo

Sound World


Over 260 sounds and images of animals, birds, vehicles, musical instruments and other interesting categories!Requirements: 75 mb on SD cardEach category has 5 real life photos + 5 sounds. This full ve...

app Sunset Reminder logo

Sunset Reminder


Sunset Alarm - reminds you that the sun is setting.Very basic app that simply rings or plays a tune every day as the sun sets, based on your location.Can be set to go off up to 60 minutes before or af...

app Clicker Time logo

Clicker Time


Growling Software is pleased to offer this professional clicker training application, Clicker Time. Dog training with a clicker is both fun and rewarding for dog and handler. This application provid...

app Lawn Mower Madness logo

Lawn Mower Madness


Get your old lawn mower, make it better and run around the farm.Join this crazy kart-style race where there is just one rule: THERE'S NO RULES!Hit your opponents, throw tomatoes, drop eggs on their pa...

app Poultry Manager logo

Poultry Manager


The Poultry Manager is designed to be a pocket assistant to farmers involved in the commercial raising of chickens for meat or eggs. You can utilize this app to determine the probable cost and returns...

app J-Roc Soundboard logo

J-Roc Soundboard


If you're obsessed with Trailer Park Boys, and your favorite character is J-Roc, then this app is for you.Straight outta Sunnyvale, know what i'm sayin??? Everyone's favorite white boy from Trailer P...

app Vet Nurse Quick Reference logo

Vet Nurse Quick Reference


?????????? A quick reference guide for veterinary nurse professionals. Contains a quick reference of normal parameters for small and common household pets. A perfect pocket companion for vets and ve...


Dog Pile Android Game Review

Dog Pile Android Game Review Overview Dog Pile is a fun new Android game by JoshOCLock and ArtWitz Design. It’s really hard to put this game into one category. It’s kind of like they combined pachinko with a match game, and threw in some pinball in for good measure. I really wasn’t sure what to think at first. After a few minutes of listening to the quirky soundtrack, a...

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app Brutal Farmer logo

Brutal Farmer


Yours was a simple life. Wake up at dawn. Tend to your chickens. Try to get by with the little money you can make from the farm.That all changed the day your chickens learned to fly. Now you're on a m...

app Easter Themed Live Wallpaper logo

Easter Themed Live Wallpape...


Celebrate Easter on your phone with this new live wallpaper! Image's of bunnies, baby chickens, Easter eggs, and flowers make their way down your home screen! You can pick which images you want to dis...

app Cow Plop logo

Cow Plop


Protect the farm! Cow Plop is a physics game staring a fat cow and a pink unicorn. Physics based farm defense! Shooting poop at a unicorn trying to invade the cows barn is the best touch based experie...

app Works of P. G. Wodehouse logo

Works of P. G. Wodehouse


This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Android phones. It is indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. This collection off...

app Bahasa Sunda logo

Bahasa Sunda


Bahasa Sunda adalah kamus penerjemah kata, bahasa Indonesia ke Sunda dan Sunda ke Indonesia.Aplikasi kami yang lain: Toresto, Bahasa Dictionary, Chickenstrip, Image Color Picker, Power Nap Alarm, Trih...

app Natural Alarm Free logo

Natural Alarm Free


This is an Alarm that slowly wakes you up with natural sounds.Choices of natural sounds: * Bird melody * Water and rain * Farm compilation * Chickens and Rooster * Church Bells...

app croco xtAD logo

croco xtAD


In this Mario -like game controled by motion sensor, you shall help the "Croco" to eat chickens and ducks while avoiding traps, fires and arrows from hunters.Tilt your device left/right to w...

app Learn To Cook Chinese logo

Learn To Cook Chinese


A collection of 20 cookery instructional videos on how to cook Chinese Style.IncludesEasy Chinease beef stir-fryChinease Beef And Broccolli Crispy Sichuan BeefBeef ChowmeinChinease Orange Chicken Reci...

app Mad Battery Chicken Hockey logo

Mad Battery Chicken Hockey


Mad battery chickens battle it out in a game of hockey to save as many battery eggs as possible. Features a single player mode with 3 levels of difficulty, as well as 2 player chicken to chicken battl...

app Woman And Labour By Olive logo

Woman And Labour By Olive


About the BookWoman and Labour [1911]In 1881 Schreiner traveled with her savings to England to seek a publisher for her three manuscripts. Eventually The Story of an African Farm was accepted for Chap...

app FaceFighter Lite logo

FaceFighter Lite


This is the free version of FaceFighter!FaceFighter Lite is a memory and hardware intensive game. It is recommended for late model Android devices running Android 2.2 and above. Please make sure you h...

app Food Racer logo

Food Racer


The Fastest way to find somewhere to EAT!Find the closest of 12 different Restaurants!Waffle HouseVillage InnTaco BellPapa Johns PizzaDominos PizzaMcDonaldsBurger KingChurchs ChickenKFC ChickenSubwayP...

app Slimming Recipe Ideas logo

Slimming Recipe Ideas


A collection of videos on Slimming World Recipe Ideas. Includes:KFC Style ChickenSlimming World ChipsSpicy PastaDiet Coke ChickenChicken VindalooPilau RiceCampfire ChickenBlueberry Burgers And FriesLe...

app Lame Castle HD Free logo

Lame Castle HD Free


"While the castle is lame.. this game is anything but lame! a must buy" "Any fan of running and dashing should just buy this now...Pure genius" "This game is definitely one of...

app Epe Eater Lite logo

Epe Eater Lite


Break your fingers with Epe Eater.This is one of these vexing games that you can't drag yourself away from. Feed the hungry lizard, named Epe, with flock of tasty chickens. If you like russian eggs ak...

app croco logo



In this Mario -like game controled by motion sensor, you shall help the "Croco" to eat chickens and ducks while avoiding traps, fires and arrows from hunters.Tilt your device left/right to w...

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