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app Sound Meter (DB Meter) logo

Sound Meter (DB Meter)


Check the noise in your surrounding in DB.As the noise/sound increases, you'll see the indicator/pointer moving towards right (like speedometer).You can also see the graph of noise.Different devices h...

app Teeter 3D logo

Teeter 3D


Teeter 3D is a game of skill in full 3D. Agility, Dexterity, Reflex and Observer are your qualities. You should move your ball from green base to red base. Objects (Walls, Canons, Magnets...) progress...

app Hide Text Call Foto File Video logo

Hide Text Call Foto File Vi...


Yeah! This is a huge app. This lets you - Hide SMS / TEXT message, Calls, Photos, Videos, Files. Block Calls, Create secret hidden contact and what not!There's more. It's disguised & password prot...

app Love TVShows Free logo

Love TVShows Free


Show how much you know about 16 TV Shows playing this quiz! The shows included are: modern family, fringe, damages, how i met your mother, sons of anarchy, big bang theory, dexter, lost, the good wife...

app Open Sea! Go Down Mo! logo

Open Sea! Go Down Mo!


? An epic, sweeping game... a treat to look at... keeping you consistently interested in playing... exactly what you want from a casual game ? JayIsGames, Voted Best Mobile Action Game of 2011!? Great...

app 무료 핸드메이드(수공예) 동영상 어플 – 손이랑 logo

무료 핸드메이드(수...


손으로 만들기를 좋아하시는 분들은 한번쯤 관심을 가져볼만 한 어플입니다.세계 각국의 손재주있는 사람들의 동영상을 분류해서 모아놓았습니다.종...

app Call Recorder with Speaker logo

Call Recorder with Speaker


This is an experiment (ALPHA version). The intent of this version is to get feedback from you.This app records calls. There are many apps on the market for call recording, but hardly any of them is fu...

app Aviation Uplift/Fueling logo

Aviation Uplift/Fueling


Aviation Uplift/Fueling is providing four different fuel functions.If you find bugs or if you have some suggestions or just a question please send a mail to:stevedexter58@aol.comLimitation:With this f...

app Physics Stacker logo

Physics Stacker


Real-world physics gravity-defying stack the tower game!Defy gravity. Stack blocks as high as you can. Each level has different number of blocks to stack. The number increases with each level - as the...

app Aviation FlightTime Calculator logo

Aviation FlightTime Calcula...


Aviation Flight Time Calculator helps you to calculate easily your Flight Times in the "HH: MM" - Format.You can add and subtract times.If you have question please send me a mail to:stevedex...

app Rodeo Terrorists logo

Rodeo Terrorists


Get the official Mobile App for the Rodeo Terrorists! The Rodeo Terrorists play around with Garage Band when its wet & cold and you can't go out and play in the park. Now we're bringing the power...

app Awkward child logo

Awkward child


Kids are considerably different from each other on the level of hand dexterity, coordination and liveliness. For some kids it is from nature to have more difficulty to do some kind of dainty work requ...

app Ezy Magic Preview logo

Ezy Magic Preview


*** You're the Magician With "Ezy Magic" *** Everyone loves to watch Magic shows. We see them on television and occasionally you might see one "live" in your city. They are al...

app Ezy Magic logo

Ezy Magic


*** You're the Magician With "Ezy Magic" *** Everyone loves to watch Magic shows. We see them on television and occasionally you might see one "live" in your city. They are al...

app Top Secret Text – Lite logo

Top Secret Text – Lit...


Some wise men quoted, 'PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE'. We wise guys just made an app around it. The hackers love to have a blast and we just decided to play FBI with this app. This app lets you encry...

app ETRDroid logo



Az alkalmazás a jól ismert vizsgafigyelő androidos változata. Jelenleg csak az SZTE ETR-es fiókokkal működik, elméletben.. Tesztelni sajnos borzasztóan körülményes élesben, mivel kell hoz...

app Starflash 2 logo

Starflash 2


A galaxy of stars exploding across your screen, in a simple, color matching game of reflexes and finger dexterity. Tap away at your screen as you match colors and patterns, before tapping the finishin...

app Find10 logo



Tap a coin that "The numbers on its surface" added up to 10.That is [Find10].What you need is reflexes and dexterity.See how many [10]s you can find in 1 minute!...

app Magic-Book logo



Preface-I take pleasure in introducing to American readers, Professor Ellis Stanyon's capital manual on sleight-of-hand. Professor Stanyon is one of the most prolific as well as one of the cleverest l...

app Dragon, Fly! Free logo

Dragon, Fly! Free


As a newly hatched dragon pup you are still too young to fly. That however is not going to stop you from embarking on your very first adventure. The realms are full of curvy hills. Slide along them an...

app 25in5 logo



TwentyFiveInFive - A simple but useful app combining a lap target timer and a stopwatch...TwentyFiveInFive, as the name suggests, was initially created for Roller Derby players who are aiming to pass ...

app Teri Catcher logo

Teri Catcher


Help your 3 Teri friends to catch the Status Balls that will help you in your adventure!. Status balls have each own effect on your environment that will make your gameplay easier depending on what yo...

app CARTOON INTRO’S 1960’s to 2010 logo



******************************Make sure to check out our Brand New App"1980's Toybox"Filled with over 600+ Vintage Toy Commercials from the 1980's. Relive your childhood today.*************...

app Little Adventure logo

Little Adventure


Let us go back on the many, many billions of years. When only started appearing mononuclear living organisms. What? Someone said that it was boring? No Way! Time to small adventures, evolution, and gr...

app Gravity Stacker logo

Gravity Stacker


Defy gravity. Stack blocks as high as you can. Each level has different number of blocks to stack. The number increases with each level - as the challenge increases. The higher you stack the more the ...

app Trigonometry Formulas logo

Trigonometry Formulas


Trigonometry Formulas - Whether you love maths or hate maths, you need to know these formulas.There are plenty of formulas in trigonometry and it is difficult to learn them. This app helps you learn t...

app BallTrails logo



Test your dexterity!Control the red ball directly with your fingers and move it through the maze with sure instinct, without hitting the walls.But look ahead!If you hit the wall, you loose one of your...

app AndPache logo



AndPache allows you to view your Apache server-status page in a phone friendly format.For this app to work, you must be able view the server-status page in any browser, as this app pulls information f...

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