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app Benefits of Acupuncture logo

Benefits of Acupuncture


*** Acupuncture: A benefit to the well Individual? ***Do you want to know What the Benefits of Acupuncture are? You're in the right place! was first used in China over 2000 years ago, and is one of th...

app Vedic Mantras for Pregnancy logo

Vedic Mantras for Pregnancy


Modern scientists do accept the validity of the Mantra Therapy though experiments. Ancient Rishis no doubt knew this fact and hence, they made use of the Mantras for curing diseases of both mind and ...

app Surya Graha Mantra logo

Surya Graha Mantra


Surya Graha or Sun Planet !For Surya or Sun related troubles and during the dasa or antardasa of sun, worship the ruling deity Lord Shiva and Recite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily or Gayatri Mantra daily...

app Rahu Graha Mantra logo

Rahu Graha Mantra


Rahu Graha is basically a part of Navgraha.For Rahu related problems and during the dasa or antardasa of Rahu, worship Bhairava or lord Shiva. Recite the Kalabhairav asthakam. So if a person has any d...

app Guide to STDs logo

Guide to STDs


Discover the Truth About Many STDs Just Waiting to Attack the Uneducated!Okay, this isn't going to be the most popular topic to discuss. However, that is exactly the problem. No one wants to talk ab...

app 愛肝你我他 logo



1.本程式內容經由台大醫院粘曉菁醫師及亞東醫院翁孟慈醫師審稿,版權屬於肝病防治學術基金會,提供正確的肝病醫學知識,幫助您更加了解自己的肝。 2....

app Plant File logo

Plant File


PlantFile is an easy-to-use database with over 3000 species and over 6000 cultivars and varieties of commonly used ornamental and native plants, together with over 14,000 photographs. PlantFile covers...

app Medical Spelling Suggester logo

Medical Spelling Suggester


Situation 1: Writing in a patient's chart... Don't know how to spell Carbamazepine? Don't want to look like an fool? Use Medical Spelling Suggester App!Attempt to spell the drug name, medical term...

app Thyroid Tracker logo

Thyroid Tracker


Are you like one of the millions of people who suffer from thyroid disease? Do you want all of your thyroid records and information at your fingertips? Thyroid Tracker can help.- Enter and track as ...


Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android

Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android We've been hit with a few Infection games lately, and Plague Inc. is the latest game to let you dominate the world with a virus of sorts. It infected me with a healthy dose of fun last week, and as promised I'm back with a full review of Ndemic Creations Plague Inc. Plague Inc is a game that's all about getting people sick, and to do that you'l...

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app Kidney News logo

Kidney News


ASN Kidney News is your source for information in the world of nephrology. The newsmagazine examines research findings and policy changes, pinpointing emerging trends in industry, medicine, and traini...

app Measure your real age logo

Measure your real age


Where the hell did my old my body go? Am I older than I'm healthy?Find out how your regular lifestyle is affecting you after checking with 19 kinds of questions to find out your body's health age.Asse...

app Medical Coding Reference logo

Medical Coding Reference


Medical Coding References, the new app from Espresso MD that will smooth your coding process.ONE APP, 7 CLASSIFICATIONSThe Medical Coding Reference allows you to choose the classification that suits y...

app Pulmonary Board Review logo

Pulmonary Board Review


This is a BETA release of a pulmonary board review flashcard program. The information and the user interface are undergoing public testing at this time - source checking is still occuring. These are...




A significant disease suddenly broke out and 90% of whole mankind became zombies, dead but walking. As the best SWAT member, you are on of the few that are still alive. The only hope of the mankind wo...

app EMP Detector logo

EMP Detector


Do you have a headache or feel tired unreasonably? You should doubt electromagnetic waves as the cause of sleep disorder or related nerve disease. EMP Detector is using the sensor of smartphone to fin...

app SelfHeal51 logo



Whether you're suffering from a common cold, have a hard time sleeping, or even would like to learn more about how to use holistic methods to manage a significant disease like diabetes, Yogi Cameron's...

app Nasza Cukrzyca logo

Nasza Cukrzyca


Aplikacja dla u?ytkowników serwisu, pozwalaj?ca na prowadzenie dzienniczka choroby i korzystanie z kalkulatora posi?ku oraz bolusa.Application for users, allow...

app Office Workout: Exercises logo

Office Workout: Exercises


Application will help you to do exercises while working at the computer. Just follow instructions in our program! Lets your body and eyes have a rest. Doing this simple office workout will prevent you...

app MedGravidez logo



AVISO AOS USUÁRIOS: Devido a problemas relacionados ao uso indevido do aplicativo em outra plataforma a PEBmed Apps não permite que seja realizada a cópia do aplicativo para o car...

app MedRett compact logo

MedRett compact


Speziell für den Rettungsdienst !Sie finden schnell und ohne Online-Verbindung wichtige Standardwerte wie z.B.--> APGAR-Score--> Glasgow Coma Scale--> NACA-Score--> EKG- Übersich...

app Rheumatology logo



The application that was missing for your smartphone!Know the main diagnostic criteria of rheumatic diseases!Rheumatology is a sub-specialty in internal medicine, for diagnosis and therapy of rheumati...

app Fibrevore Handbook logo

Fibrevore Handbook


The Burgess Excel Fibrevore Handbook: A handy guide to rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla veterinary care including: - Health: common health problems, health conditions, symptoms, treatment, infectious...

app Therapy Directory logo

Therapy Directory


SUPER SALE - HEALTH at a great price!Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. The catalog of useful, pleasant and safe natural means of support, treatment, and health promotion. This is the best and most inf...

app 뇌졸중 STOP logo

뇌졸중 STOP


아직도 나는 뇌졸중과 상관이 없다고 생각하십니까?-> 당신은 술을 좋아하고, 금연에 실패를 하며, 과체중으로 고민하시나요? 그렇다면 앞으로 뇌졸...

app Health Diagnosis logo

Health Diagnosis


Analysis of 61 kinds of questions about your, or your loved one's, constitution.Ranging from eating habits, lifestyle, and you learn about career and love expectations!We need to know my constitution ...

app Pocket panic alarm logo

Pocket panic alarm


There are several reasons why you may need an instant alarm on your phone as you may need to have one in your pocket. There are situations where you may just have time to touch an icon and doing nothi...

app Natural Medicines Database logo

Natural Medicines Database


Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database gives trusted unbiased, clinical data on approximately 90,000 herbal products, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic medicin...

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