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app Ryujin Lovers Sunrise Free logo

Ryujin Lovers Sunrise Free


The dazzling sun rises from the horizon.Beginning of the day of positive and the negative dragons.Dragon Live Wallpaper*To use:Menu>Wallpapers>LiveWallpapers->Ryujin Lovers Sunrise Free*This ...

app RPG Character Generator logo

RPG Character Generator


This app gives you unique and creative ideas for fun characters for your next DnD or Pathfinder Campaign!Having a hard time coming up with ideas for characters for you D&D, Pathfinder, Microlite20...

app Kids Tv Portal logo

Kids Tv Portal


****New Low Price****This app was designed for my 2year old son for when were out and about or on a long car trip.This app gives you quick acess to 1000's of clips and full episodes of your kids fav c...

app Thunder Dragon-HEALING 03 Free logo

Thunder Dragon-HEALING 03 F...


Drgon god:Koku Bosatsu charmYour Birthday:For those born either 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of a given monthLuck of the dragon power:Internal amazement/Miraculous power/Dream realizationHaving u...

app Real Dice Roll (Free) logo

Real Dice Roll (Free)


Includes: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20.This version is supported by ads.Search for Real Dice Roll (Premium) to download the ad-free version which also has the following updates: * Surface area of t...

app Thunder Dragon-DRAGON PJ Free logo

Thunder Dragon-DRAGON PJ Fr...


Drgon god?Koku Bosatsu charmYour Birthday?For those born either 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of a given monthLuck of the dragon power?Internal amazement?Miraculous power?Dream realizationHaving unlimited a...

app drakcelona logo



Drakcelona is the culmination of a photographic project initiated in 2007 and whose 1st stage is the book "Drakcelona, City of Dragons" by Josep Martinez and published by Arola Editors in 20...

app d20 Ability Calculator logo

d20 Ability Calculator


Take the pain out of character creation when using the ability point buy system. Easily configure for your d20 role playing game (RPG). Need config parameters, e.g. from 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons DM...

app Kids Puzzle Princess Lite logo

Kids Puzzle Princess Lite


If your child loves princesses, ponys or unicorns, than this is the puzzle game for her.** How many puzzles?We offer 5 beautifully illustrated, intuitive jigsaw puzzle game for kids age 3+The full ver...

app Castle Defense 2 logo

Castle Defense 2


Castle Defense Medieval is a fun Castle Defense game.You need to place the towers strategically to stop the enemies before they steal your gold. If you can't stop the enemies they steal your gold and ...

app Dragon’s Lore: Match 3 logo

Dragon’s Lore: Match ...


The Japanese dragons are graceful, wise and not blood-thirsty at all. Unlike European ones they don't suffer from irresistible longing for gold and the odd princess. They are not hunted by hordes of m...

app KSheet Pro – DnD 4e logo

KSheet Pro – DnD 4e


Please try the free KSheet Trial (also on Google Play) before spending your hard earned cash :)View your Dungeons and Dragons characters on your phone or tablet and stop using paper character sheets.K...

app Dragon Kingdom (en) logo

Dragon Kingdom (en)


In a world where dragons crave flesh, rebel pirates seek to take your freedom, and a ghost ship travels the seas in search of treasures, you must build your kingdom to glory while defending your lands...

app The Enchanted Kingdom Free logo

The Enchanted Kingdom Free


"The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure" is a colourful fairy-tale world where huge dragons, wise magicians, kind monsters and peculiar plants live. You are to help the young heiress to ac...

app RPG Covenant of Solitude logo

RPG Covenant of Solitude


LIMITED PRICE! ($7.99 -> $2.99, 63% OFF)----------An unforgettable RPG over the blood of the genies!※ Please contact if you discover any bugs or problems in the app. We cannot re...

app Mahjong Forever (Free) 5 Stars logo

Mahjong Forever (Free) 5 St...


Free Now. Play Forever.Enjoy 10+ Themes (Dragons, Spring, Valentines, ...) and over 200 levels in this endless game.Are you ready to play Forever? Mahjong Forever is the ultimate game of Mahjong that ...

app Forgotten Tales RPG logo

Forgotten Tales RPG


The game offers many hours of classic RPG gameplay, exciting story, tons of diversified locations, monsters and quests. Get lost in arid deserts, endless forests, dark dungeons, explore snowy wastelan...

app Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD logo

Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD


Your kingdom is under attack. The Evil Lord is throwing his army of demons at the gates of your castle, and only you can stop him! Take command of an elite unit of elf archers, sword-wielding knights,...

app Tap Dragon Park logo

Tap Dragon Park


Hatch, raise and train magnificent dragons in Tap Dragon Park!Collect tons of baby dragons and raise and train them with the help of wizards. Use your dragons to help guard your Kingdom...

app Monsterama Park logo

Monsterama Park


With millions of downloads and over 70,000 five star reviews, Monsterama Park is one of the top games on Android!Build a world famous monster park and discover an insane variety of Monsters! Feed the...


The Top 10 Glu Mobile Games for Android

Glu Mobile has been cranking out games for awhile now so we though it was time to finally sit down, make a list and pick out the Top 10 Glu Mobile games for Android. They've covered almost every genre you can think of from hunting and gladiator games to games that make you an A-list celebrity. I've honestly played almost everything they've put...

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Like Minecraft? Check out these 5 Block Building Games

Minecraft is a worldwide hit and if you haven’t played it you’ve obviously been living under a rock for years. As with any great game, people are going to put out similar ones and such is the case with Minecraft. There’s a fine line between something new and a copycat, but we found 5 Android games that take block building to all new heig...

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app Block Story Lite logo

Block Story Lite


Block Story combines a mineable blocky world pioneered by Infiniminer and made popular by Minecraft with exciting and addictive role playing.Build anything you can imagine, fight monsters, become st...


HeroCraft releases Dragon and Dracula for Android

Dragons and Dracula is a new Android Game from our friends at HeroCraft, and honestly any game that involves Dragons and Vampires is enough to get my attention... Dragons and Dracula takes place in a fairytale world and you get to play the Dragon that’s out do defeat Dracula. You might be thinking… no match, dragons are huge and Vampires ...

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5 Great New Building Games for Android

Building Games are quiet popular, and there are many choices out there to choose from. With that in mind we’ve created a list of the 5 New Building Games that may have slipped under your radar. Whether you want to play with Dinosaurs, go underwater, or build habitats for Monsters we’ve got you covered. 1. Monster Park  Kiwi Inc is a n...

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app Dragon Fire Wallpaper Live logo

Dragon Fire Wallpaper Live


The best wallpapers and applications for your AndroidNice animation of a dragon that breathes fire from his mouth, this fire also changes the color of fire and size. The fire is very realistic and ele...

app Random Dice Roller logo

Random Dice Roller


Are you tired of losing dice from your favorite board games and not having replacements? Then this app is for you! Replaces the functionality of lost dice with virtual ones. Simulate a roll of 1 to...


Glu Mobile releases Lil' Kingdom for Android

Overview Glu Mobile is continuing its tear through the Android market as they’ve just released another game called Lil’ Kingdom. Two weeks ago they had us hunting and now they have us building towers. If you’re thinking Lil’ Kingdom is just another boring tower building game you’d be wrong as Glu’s idea of tower building has you bu...

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