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Android Game Review – Gamevil’s Toy Shot for Android

Android Game Review – Gamevil’s Toy Shot for Android Angry Birds started the mobile physics-flinging trend, and since it’s release there have been a slew of copy cats. Toy Shot from Gamevil is one of the latest to try that formula, and it’s also been one of the most successful as it’s truly been a blast to play.Toy Shot takes place in the land of Toy Kingdom where everyone’s full of suns...

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app Chocohero logo



caseball Be part of Chocohero's brave rescue!Your mission: Help Chipster save his friends and the world...Stop, drop, and roll right into an action-packed world of luscious sweets in this cute, free-f...


5 New Zombie Games you Should be Playing

We’ve done a few Zombie related lists in the past, and we thought it was time to do another to let you know about 5 New Zombie games you should be playing. Whether you want to fling em’, shoot them, freeze them or send an asteroid their way… we’ve got you covered. 1. Shane Reaction: Zombieland We’ve already covered Shane Reaction...

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app 3D Christmas Snowflake logo

3D Christmas Snowflake


Snowflakes are conglomerations of frozen ice crystals which fall through the Earth's atmosphere. They begin as snow crystals which develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflake...

app Raising Chickens logo

Raising Chickens


In this full length version of Raising Chickens, A Country Living GoodByeCityLife Guide, you'll benefit from years of experience of published author Laura Childs.Whether you'd like to keep chickens as...

app Winter Live Wallpaper HD FREE logo

Winter Live Wallpaper HD FR...


Celebrate Christmas, New Year and winter season holidays with this beautiful, fully customizable snowfall live wallpaper.Enjoy the gently falling snow over the background of your choice, and watch the...

app AnyConnect ICS+ logo

AnyConnect ICS+


This package supports Android 4.X (ARM and Intel Android), but due to limitations with the Android VPN Framework, some AnyConnect features are not available. Use "Rooted AnyConnect" on a roo...

app Carrier Squadron logo

Carrier Squadron


Carrier Squadron is a scrolling space shooter with a tactical twist. Tap to guide your swarm of fighters to attack, and they'll tear hordes of enemies to shreds.-Launch up to fifteen fighters in a fr...

app AJ Temperature Converter logo

AJ Temperature Converter


Temperature conversion calculator to convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine. It allows the user to convert a temperature to a familiar unit. For example a person from Europe or Asia m...

app ECIS2011 logo



A conference application for ECIS2011This is a fork of the Google I/O 2011 conference application modified for ECIS2011. This is not an official application.* Look at the schedule* Look through sessio...

app Sex Jokes 5! logo

Sex Jokes 5!


Part 5 of this series of funny dirty sex jokes, features 36 more jokes! All performed for you!Press a button and hear a joke! It's a soundboard!Over a 1/2 hour of jokes!>>UPDATE: FIXED SOUND FRE...

app Plumb-bob logo



Check vertical and horizontal alignments. Measure distances and angles. Take a picture, save it as as 3D scene in the library to work with it later. Export it as an image to share it with other people...

app TrailCam Beta logo

TrailCam Beta


TrailCam Beta is a motion detection Android application that can be used for taking pictures on a wildlife animals.Pictures are stored on SD card and can be sent by email.TrailCam can be controlled re...

app OBDDiag Toyota Pro logo

OBDDiag Toyota Pro


OBD II App that will communicate with your Toyota Engine ECU Vehicles. The Generic OBDII is also included and will work with any OBD II Complaint Vehicle. The app requires OBDII ELM 327 Bluetooth(Se...

app Fresh Leaves logo

Fresh Leaves


The FRESH GREEN! Everything growing! Everything comes to life. The FRESH green in your phones and tablets also will visit... ...or you may set or compose NEW SEASON THEMES, NOW AVAILABLE leaves for: ...

app AMagnify logo



AMagnify turns your phone into a high tech magnifying glass. You can quickly zoom in, freeze the image and optionally take a photo of small things. It also works great for taking photos of receipts, t...

app AMagnify Free logo

AMagnify Free


AMagnify Free turns your phone into a high tech magnifying glass. You can quickly zoom in, freeze the image and optionally take a photo of small things. It also works great for taking photos of receip...

app Rainbow Clock Widget (HD51) logo

Rainbow Clock Widget (HD51)


? Widget Size (5x1).? Support WXGA (800x1280, 720x1280) like as Samsung Galaxy Note.Wow ! Beautiful Rainbow Clock Widget !This is clock widget application that can be installed simply on home screen.T...

app Infinity Photo Album logo

Infinity Photo Album


Application discontinued. From now on I am working on same app with different name: F-Stop Media Gallery. Please download that app. I am working on it full time, so it will contain ads, and there will...

app Photon logo



We sincerely apologise, we had some serious issues with the last build.If anyone purchased Arcade mode and is being asked to buy it again please use the Restore Purchases button we've just added. In t...

app Drizzle Drop – Sky Journey logo

Drizzle Drop – Sky Jo...


Drizzle the Raindrop is on a fun adventure from his home in the sky! Help guide Drizzle through the chaos of the clouds and make it as far down the sky as you can. But watch out! Many things can happe...

app Ice Birds logo

Ice Birds


The birds have frozen on the ice field! Hurry up to defrost and save them using the puck!Just aim and shoot the frozen birds into the holes on the ice field... But be careful - you have to aim wisely ...

app Touhou Project Character WalkX logo

Touhou Project Character Wa...


Touhou Project Character Walk XPTouhou Project Character All Cast version WalkTouhou Project's Character All Cast Walk XPTouhou Project Shooting game character walk on your Android Screen.A dot pictur...

app Max Magnifier logo

Max Magnifier


What is Max Magnifier?It is application for making bigger image using camera on device.Main Function1. Pinch Zoom : Change magnification with pinch zoom in and out motion.2. Use ex-flash : Possible to...

app Valentines Day Hearts logo

Valentines Day Hearts


Heart Reactions is an action game all about crazy chain reactions, bonuses, powerups and combos! It's the ultimate heart game! tap on flying hearts to start the chain reaction and get as many hearts y...

app OBD Car Doctor logo

OBD Car Doctor


Reads real-time and stored parameters from ECU of OBD-II compliant cars. Support data reading from cars with 2 and more ECU.Features:- real-time engine and vehicle parameters: speed, rotation, tempera...

app Knock Knock Jokes 3! logo

Knock Knock Jokes 3!


Did ya like the first two apps full of dumb and corny knock knocks?Then you're in luck, cuase here's more!All read by 2 emotive actors that the kids will love! And it's free.4 screens, 36 buttons, pre...

app Aliens Require Brains logo

Aliens Require Brains


Earth's survival is at stake! It's time to dish out some laser lovin' with your Pulse Gun in Aliens require Brains. With 2 Game modes to try; Story and Survival! Play through the story and send to...

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