Unleash a Virus with Patient Zero for Android

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Overview Deep down everyone likes a little bit of disaster, and a new Android Game from EgonDev called Patient Zero can give you just that. Patient Zero is a GPS game that lets you get down with [...]



MapAttack is a real-time location-based GPS game running on the Geoloqi platform. Coming to a city near you.Turn the real world into a game! Run around while doing awesome things and have fun! [...]

TrailHit – return of the light


TrailHit is a location-based modern real world treasure hunt game with mystery and puzzles. If you like Geocaching, Scavenger hunt, Foursquare, Ingress, Parallel Kingdom and other gps games this [...]

iTag Global


Play virtual tag against your Facebook friends! iTag is a proximity-based GPS game where you compete against your Facebook friends at a virtual game of tag! Track your Facebook friends who are [...]

Top 5 Apps For Halloween

With the news that Pokémon Go is hosting its own Halloween event (featuring increased spawns of Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter), you might have already satiated your appetite for all things spooky. [...]

The Best Android Apps For Gym Rats


Whether you are trying to get back into the gym or are a die hard gym rat, we have compiled a list of some of the best android apps to download if you are a gym rat. There are thousands of [...]



"The King, The Princess, and GOZOWROPPERS QUEST" =Story= Out of any time, or now. In nowhere, or here. A KING says, "Please save our PRINCESS! You, the brave knight!" A [...]

אתר מפה


אתר מפה – האתר המקיף והמוביל בישראל לטיולים, נופש, אוכל ותרבות מאות מסלולי טיול מפורטים, צימרים אתרי בילוי ופנאי לכל המשפחה, ביקורות על מסעדות, הופעות, הצגות ואירועי תרבות בפריסה ארצית. הורידו את [...]



스쿨보안관 서비스는 우리 아이를 중독성 강한 게임, 무분별한 채팅, 불건전한 커뮤니티 활동, 폭력적 컨텐츠, 불법 유해 컨텐츠 등의 유해환경으로 부터 근본적인 차단과 사전예방, 스마트폰 사용시간 관리를 위한 서비스입니다.또한, GPS를 기반으로 한 정확한 자녀위치 안내 서비스를 통하여 위급상황시 소중한 자녀와 자산을 안전하게 보호할 수 [...]

ESP And Psychic


Activate Your Chakras, Enhance Your Mind Power, Enjoy Better Health and Reduce Stress With Sound Therapy, The Secret To Long Term Health, Creativity, Vitality and Happiness Through The Energy Of [...]



Dunedin recreates the city of Dunedin of New Zealand around 1910 in 3D based upon old photographs of the town.Check out the newspaper article printed recently at the Otago Daily [...]

MMORPG Minimap


Bring the mini-map from your favorite MMORPG video game to your Android mobile phone! The map and compass work with your phone’s GPS to show you real life from your character’s [...]

ParentalFlux Parental Control


Parental Control – now you can play an active role on your kid’s security. Designed by parents for parents. ParentalFlux is a parental control platform that helps you track your [...]



Looking for a disabled parking space in London? Going to London for the Olympic Games 2012? Find a disabled parking space in London Olympic Games 2012.Find the nearest disabled parking spaces [...]

Own This World


Often described as “Real life meets RISK”Battle for your own neighbourhood as you nuke, blitz and propaganda your way to ruling your city, continent and even the world!Own This World is a [...]



UNITE AND CONQUER!HADUR is a free mobile location based multiplayer game for Android phones. It uses your GPS location to place you in the real world and let you conquer it. Let’s go for [...]



Wish you owned an exotic supercar? Now you can with XLR8!XLR8 (pronounced accelerate) is an exciting new app from 2XL Games that makes your car sound like an exotic supercar as you drive!Connect [...]

Smart Optimizer – Speed Patch


– Today’s Free! Supports full charge! Improves speed up boost! Solves various problems!- Use BCPARK SpeedPatch for high speed internet! Now use BCPARK SpeedPatch on your smartphone!- [...]

Domino’s App - 宅配ピザのドミノ・ピザ


——————-Domino’s App専用クーポン全品15%off!!または3,500円以上のご注文で1,000円割引!!※アプリ内のMYクーポンよりお選びください。——————-●かんたん注文!!「Domino’s [...]



 UNIQLO WAKE UP is an innovative new social alarm app that aims to make waking up every day an enjoyable experience. The alarm music, which is automatically created based on the weather, time, [...]

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