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Go to Battle with Chillingo’s Tiny Troopers for Android

Chillingo has dropped some interesting Android games lately including their newest title Tiny Troopers. This miniature war game lets you control a crack team of soldiers as you take on a massive military campaign. Tiny Troopers is reminiscent of Great Little War Game except you get to kill at will instead of doing the whole turn-based thing. You...

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app The Man Room logo

The Man Room


This is a simple little app that I originally built for myself but I found it so convenient that I thought I might as well share it with others as well. It's a one stop shop for all the daily news on...

app Tears 9, 10 logo

Tears 9, 10


***IMPORTANT***Do not download This App here!new address: It's about a boy meets a girl, who never give up her dream. This is the fi...

app Steampunk GO Contacts Widget logo

Steampunk GO Contacts Widge...


The Steampunk GO Contacts Theme for the GO Contacts Widget. It's finally here.For those who like something a little different to the standard, hum-drum, we all look the same but we going to charge you...

app Magic touch: Lovable heart lwp logo

Magic touch: Lovable heart ...


If you are a sentimentalist, here for you, heart in chocolate and colorful hearts, all cute!!! :)This live wallpaper belong to a collection of beautiful animations of nature.It's very ...


Conquer the World one Bite at a Time in Infectonator for Android

Conquer the World one Bite at a Time in Infectonator for Android Infectonator is a game about world domination, but you won’t be using robots or nukes to carry out the destruction. Well, actually there are nukes in the game but we’ll get to that later. Dealing death in Infectonator is done through the bite of a zombie and your goal is to infect and destroy every city on the planet. When you first start ou...

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app Magic touch: Attacking shark logo

Magic touch: Attacking shar...


Hi! :-)This live wallpaper belong to a collection of beautiful animations of nature.View also "Magic LWP: Attacking shark 2"

app Magic touch:Heart water splash logo

Magic touch:Heart water spl...


If you are a sentimentalist, here for you, blue hearts and a beautiful heart that falling in water and splash your phone, all cute!!! :)This live wallpaper belong to a collection of be...

app Magic touch: Drawings in sand logo

Magic touch: Drawings in sa...


Hi! :-)This live wallpaper belong to a collection of beautiful animations of nature.View also "Magic LWP: Drawings in sand 2"


KickStarter Tech – The ChargeCard for Android

I normally don’t cover much tech unless it’s something I think is really cool, and luckily KickStarter is full of cool gear. When browsing for things to invest in I recently stumbled across a little project that’s set to change the game… the charging game that is as ChargeCard looks to be a simple an effective way to charge your mobile...

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NBC Universal promotes Ted the Movie with the Talking Ted Android App

Overview Whether you love or loathe Seth MacFarlane, the guy is everywhere and there’s basically no escaping his presence. Talking Ted for Android is a good example of that as NBC Universal has just unleashed the official Talking Ted app to promote MacFarlane’s upcoming movie about the talking bear. In case you’re not familiar with the ...

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5 New Quick Play Games for Android

Sometimes you don’t have time to sit down and dig into an immersive game, that’s where quick play games come in handy. With that in mind we’ve come up with a quick list of 5 New Quick Play games that you’ll be sure to enjoy… 1. Canabalt HD There's a lot I could say about this little running game, and I'm going to start out by jus...

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app SMS WakeUp logo

SMS WakeUp


Annoyed that your phone doesn't light up when you receive a text? Just install this nifty little app! This tiny little program runs in the background and awakes your phone for a few seconds to alert y...

app Men’s Health Workouts Lite logo

Men’s Health Workouts...


**AMERICA'S TOP TRAINERS RECOMMEND MEN'S HEALTH WORKOUTS - TRY IT FREE!**"The format is easy for any guy to follow, use, and benefit from; that’s what’s so cool about Men’s Health Workouts....

app Cool 3D Gallery logo

Cool 3D Gallery


This is a very cool alternative for your Gallery application. The code for this application is free and that is the reason why many manufacturers include it in their Android devices by default, but no...

app Mini Thor logo

Mini Thor


Most addictive game ever, fun and challenging all at the same time.The Mighty Thor are doing serious "big business" in the toilet, while the Kinpei Monsters had stolen his "Mjöllni...

app Date Night FREE logo

Date Night FREE


*ARE YOU REEAAAADY TO ROMANCE?*A little love, a little flirting, a little playfulness; play this unique puzzler to win the night! Choose your match from 5 unique girls and guys; chat and flirt your wa...

app Tip Jar – Abusive Studios logo

Tip Jar – Abusive Stu...


Show the guys at Abusive Studios some love!In lieu of having the standard pay/donate versions of our apps, or resorting to marring our apps with ugly advertisements, Abusive Studios has a Tip Jar!Afte...

app Top Christmas Live Wallpaper logo

Top Christmas Live Wallpape...


Love is in the air and we wish you a love filled Valentine's Day.We present you all an awesome live wallpaper to light up the Christmas feel this festive season...a collection of some fabulous,magnifi...

app Equestria Daily: the Game logo

Equestria Daily: the Game


Equestria Daily has been hammered with emails filled with cakes and drawfriend stuff and news that they've escaped into Equestria! When emails run rampant, as Cereal Velocity (co-blogger on Equestria ...

app Messaging 7 logo

Messaging 7


Follow M7 on twitter: Windows Phone Messaging app for android.Hi Guys,Presenting you Messaging 7(M7). It's not easy to create a app for android Messaging by one man. AS...

app FlipApp Kids Languages HD logo

FlipApp Kids Languages HD


Are you a father or a mother? Do you have a baby or a little kid? or maybe, do you like learning new languages?Would you like to be able to calmly finish your lunch when your are in a restaurant with ...


Break Couples up in Forever Alone The Android Game

Overview If you’re single or enjoy a good time-killer there’s a new Android game called Forever Alone that might be right up your alley. Get ready to break out a big ol’ glass of Hatorade as we take a look at Forever Alone – The Game from Time Plus Q. Forever Alone – The Game is takes place on a beach and you’re goal in the game is ...

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Cracked Reader Lite – Android App Review

Overview I’ve been reading Cracked magazine since the mid 80’s and as a fan I was thrilled to find the official Cracked Reader Lite Android App in the market last week. Will the app solve world hunger or help you do your taxes? Nope, but most of their articles will leave you in stitches and put a smile on your face for the better part of the da...

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Put your Skills to the Test with Pixel Towers from The Grey Studios

Put your Skills to the Test with Pixel Towers from The Grey Studios Overview There have been quite a few Tower building games pop up lately and we just got another one with a game from The Grey Studios called Pixel Towers. As you might expect the game involves some pixely towers which is pretty cool in itself, but the way you build those towers and play the game makes Pixel Towers very unique. Unlike most Tow...

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Test your Love with AMA’s Love Test! for Android

  Overview With Valentine’s day right around the corner we thought it was time to look at a few Valentine’s Day Android Apps, and a new one just popped into the market called Love Test! from AMA Ltd. The app lets you take a love quiz, offers tips & advice, and even gives you a chance to win a gift card from Victoria’s Secre...

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Take a Spin through the Worlds of Itzy3D for Android

Overview I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of spiders, and the only one I’ve ever liked was Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Spider based Android games aren’t too frightening though, especially when they deal with cool spiders like Itzy from the new game Itzy3D. Itzy3D drops you into Itzy’s world where a meteor has crashed and...

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app Sex Mistakes logo

Sex Mistakes


In this app we put mistakes done by guys and gals during intercourse.We presented this app just to know the mistakes during intercourse and will help you mistake free intercourse with your partner.We ...

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