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app Ximonic logo



Ximonic - free online music player for Android with millions free songs.Millions songs in your phone for free.Include Top Charts by year & genre.Free analog services such as, Spotify, MOG,...

app Crossroads Radio logo

Crossroads Radio


Crossroads Radio is the evolution of local radio stations.  We are a locally owned Internet based radio station that focuses on the greater Sacramento area.  What we offer our listeners is t...

app Music Vault FREE logo

Music Vault FREE


NEW MUSIC ADDED EVERY DAY!Follow us on Twitter @MusicPromoAppMusic Vault is an app that helps upcoming musicians get their music heard. Any musician can submit their music to be featured in the app. O...

app FishInWonderlandLiveWallpaper logo



Fish in Wonderland Live Wallpaper, it has a amazing color background picture, a variety of colorful fishes, and stars points of light from the plants floating in the air, like many fireflies fly in fr...

app Dreamlike Seabed LiveWallpaper logo

Dreamlike Seabed LiveWallpa...


In the Dreamlike Seabed Live Wallpaper, You can choose the Automatic mode, the Day mode and the Night mode.If you choose the Automatic mode, you will see a group of colorful fishes on your phone in t...

app EpicGreen Theme CM7 (LITE) logo

EpicGreen Theme CM7 (LITE)


Find EpicBlue on the Market!?????PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!!!!?????NOTICE...THIS IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY****DON'T MARK 1 STAR IF IT WON'T INSTALL, EMAIL ME!! If it hangs at installing, and the notif...

app Total Control Remote for Roku logo

Total Control Remote for Ro...


Total Control for Roku gives you complete control of your Roku player from your phone or tablet. This remote replicates all standard buttons as well as a useful replay button to instantly rewind your ...

app SynErgy (CM7+) Donate Theme logo

SynErgy (CM7+) Donate Theme


******YOU MUST REBOOT AFTER APPLYING FOR CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT!!!!************Requires TMobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms**********Requires Root**********HDPI only**********PLEASE FOL...

app Rumpus – Tablet logo

Rumpus – Tablet


Free music entertainment for everyone. Find info on every album your favorite band has ever made. Discover who their influences are and who they've influenced. Who's in the band? Watch all your favor...

app Tuner2 Internet Radio logo

Tuner2 Internet Radio


Tired of the Pandora robot? Long live the human DJ! Enjoy the best, hand-selected mobile Internet radio stations in the MPEG-4 HE AAC (aac+, aacPlus) format. Plus 1000s of the top SHOUTcast stations f...

app Squeezebox Remote Premium logo

Squeezebox Remote Premium


Control SB connected to from android phone. Fast, full function remote control. Search , Pandora , lastfm integration.See and control all your SB apps from the phone.Works on all ...

app Tactile Player Free logo

Tactile Player Free


FULL AND FREE VERSION OF TACTILE PLAYER!Control your music player with your phone's hard buttons! Finally you don't have to take out your phone, unlock the screen, and navigate to your music player ju...

app Toyota Entune® logo

Toyota Entune®


Entune® is a revolutionary in-car multimedia experience that keeps you and your 2012 or newer Toyota connnected.Entune® is a collection of popular mobile applications and data services integra...

app Stream Magic logo

Stream Magic


Stream Magic allows full control of Cambridge Audio’s NP30 and Stream Magic 6 network music players via your Android device.From the palm of your hand you can access music stored across your home ne...

app McCoy Jewelers logo

McCoy Jewelers


McCoy Jewelers is an upscale jewelry store with a down-home atmosphere. We’re not like a mall jewelry store. We won’t try to pressure you into something you’re not sure about. We’re different....

app General Knowledge Quiz 2012 logo

General Knowledge Quiz 2012


General Knowledge Quiz 2012Is a general knowledge quiz, which contains over 800 questions. A real challenge! This application is designed for android 1.6 and above, from the group Drymvizion software,...

app Greek Trivia Quiz 2012 logo

Greek Trivia Quiz 2012


Greek Trivia Quiz 2012????? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? ????????? ?????????. ? ???????? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ?????????? ???? ???? ???????????? ????? ??? ...

app Refresh App-Launcher logo

Refresh App-Launcher


Refresh App-Launcher for Android - only $1 - Refresh Basic is also $1!Refresh App-Launcher allows you to automatically run up to 3 apps after you manually reboot or restart your device. This will wor...

app Music WiiMote logo

Music WiiMote


Music WiiMote makes your Wii remote into a media controller. Forget about unlocking your phone just to pause or change the track, with Music WiiMote all it takes is a press of a button.Music WiiMote a...

app [프리미엄]레전드오브마스터2 logo



★프리미엄에게만 주어지는 혜택!★싱글플레이에서는 구할 수 없는 최강 등급의 레전드 아이템 풀 세트!!그리고 4,000원 상당의 캐시아이템까지!![프리...

app My Music Video logo

My Music Video


Shows Music Video of music from your deviceWatch and Share M/V from your playlist! Features include - Analysis and provide chart of Recently Heard music from your device playlist - Shows Music Video o...

app Voice Control logo

Voice Control


By Studio 23 Games comes Voice Control!Voice Control is a remote for your media player. Simply say a command and speech recognition will pause, play, stop, or skip your music; raise or lower the volum...

app Rock’s Hottest News logo

Rock’s Hottest News


Keep up with all the newest songs of the Rock genre with this simple application. This application will allow users to view multiple sites that normally display Rock releases all in one place! Users w...

app 같이삽시다 (룸메이트, 하우스메이트) logo

같이삽시다 (룸메이...


"같이삽시다"는 룸메이트 / 하우스메이트를 구하는 앱 입니다.국내 최초 스마트폰 용으로 개발되었습니다.힘들게 부동산, 게시판 발품팔지 마...

app 엘리오스의전설2 logo



★다시 시작된 RPG의 혁명! 엘리오스의 전설 그 두번째 이야기!★+ 재미있다면 웃어라! 귀여운 캐릭터와 코믹한 시나리오!! + 누르지말고 문질러라! 횡스...

app projectM Music Visualizer logo

projectM Music Visualizer


projectM is the most advanced music visualizer available on the Android Market. It has the smoothest graphics, the most presets, and is the most responsive to music. It can be used as a Live Wallpape...

app Alfred logo



Hi there, I'm Alfred, your personal robot who recommends places based on your favorites! I've been called "Pandora for the real world" -- I use artificial intelligence to curate the world ar...

app Run / Walk Intervals Timer logo

Run / Walk Intervals Timer


The Run/Walk Intervals Timer (Timer) is a quick and easy way to enjoy your run/walk interval training while listening to music, enjoying the scenery, enjoying the company of others, and/or recording y...

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