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app Long Snake logo

Long Snake


Chinese New Year is coming! The classic snake game has been transformed into a dragon dance to celebrate the Dragon Year! The dragon is very hungry and would eat all the delicacies served in the New Y...

app shaking snake logo

shaking snake


the classic game allows you to control your snake eating apples by shaking the phone. and you can also change the speed to get the easier or more difficult level...

app Money or Death – snake attack! logo

Money or Death – snak...


Money or Death - it's a new exciting game for fans of thrilling. Here you will have to contest in prompt reaction with the most dangerous and poisonous snakes in the world! Currently there are availab...

app Snakes Ladders logo

Snakes Ladders


Snakes and Ladders is the simplest and best time killing game with loads of fun! Colorful and high definition graphical images make you addicted. This game is also called as Ludo.You can play this gam...

app Snake ’97 logo

Snake ’97


Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds. It is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original, play Snake '97 and be pr...

app Rainbow Snake logo

Rainbow Snake


Rainbow Snake is a super cool game where you collect colours to make your snake grow into a colourful Rainbow! That's all you need to know! Enjoy!...

app Lazy Snakes Demo (deprecated) logo

Lazy Snakes Demo (deprecate...


*** The full free version is released! ***Fun and exciting physics puzzle game. The snakes had it all in the zoo - they were cared for, fed and sheltered. One day the zoo closed down and they were rel...

app classic snake game logo

classic snake game


In the classic snake game you control a serpent and the serpent will become longer, faster with every apple catch.The game ends when serpent hit the wall.Control the snake by using up,down, left and r...

app eSnakes of Southern Africa logo

eSnakes of Southern Africa


This interactive version of Johan Marais’ A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa is an essential field guide for those visiting and living in the region with an interest in its snake spec...

app Snake VS logo

Snake VS


There are three game modes: Quick Game, Mission mode, Bluetooth VS mode.The operation is very simple, you can set a operating mode, slide or click on the screen to control the Snake and enjoy the game...

app Snakedelia logo



In this exciting and colorful version of the classic snake game, your snake has competition - and he...

app Snake Arena logo

Snake Arena


If you prefer to play games with other people across the internet rather than with a computer, then grab this game now!It features cool graphics & visual effects, 3 different power-ups and bombs t...

app Extreme Snake logo

Extreme Snake


You have many snakes to control in this game and the goal is to have them eat all the apples to pass each level. This may sound simple though you need to see the game to know how complex it really is....

app Snake Wallpapers logo

Snake Wallpapers


Fear of snakes, or Ophidiophobia, is one of the most common phobias. Is the fear come Satan using a snake to lure Eve into false reasoning, regarding Life and Knowledge? People fear snakes for a very ...

app Rattlesnake Sound Effects logo

Rattlesnake Sound Effects


***13 Amazing Sounds***Rattlesnakes are predators who live in a wide array of habitats, hunting small animals such as birds and rodents. They kill their prey with a venomous bite, rather than by const...

app Hubba Bubba Snake- הובה בובה ס logo

Hubba Bubba Snake- הובה...


The Hubba Bubba Snake AppDownload and play Hubba Bubba's new, colorful, and absolutely free version of the legendary snake game.Use the navigation buttons to virtually gobble up Hubba Bubba bubblegum....

app KF Snake logo

KF Snake


Nokia classic Snake game transplantation, support for multiple resolutions, including analog buttons, three kinds of difficulty options, leisure time necessary games....

app Holo Snake logo

Holo Snake


You know snake? This awesome classic game! And now imagine how you steer your snake around a 3D cube to find tasty food.Tap left / right side of your screen to rotate your snake anti-/clockwise. Menu ...

app Snake 4G – Classic Snake Game logo

Snake 4G – Classic Sn...


The classic snake we all loved with a few fun twists! * Eat different kind of frogs for different scores* Get gifts with special upgrades and more!* Unlock new gifts* More to come in future updates* G...

app Snake (beta) logo

Snake (beta)


This is a beta version of classic snake game for android.More updates coming soon....

app Crazy Snake 2013 logo

Crazy Snake 2013


Immerse yourself into 8-bit ambiance of old school games!We present a new exciting game CRAZY SNAKE.This is an amazing version of a classical snake!!!You control one snake. Other snakes have artificia...

app Animated Snake LWP logo

Animated Snake LWP


Animated Snake on your screen Live Wallpaper.The Animated Snake Live Wallpaper gives you a yellow-green snake, twisted and practically knotted, slithering across your home screen. Its coils move witho...

app Snaker for Android logo

Snaker for Android


Snaker for Android!Fun Snaker game Multiple control Schemes, local highScore board and hours of fun.Left Right ControlsDpadSwipe ControlsAdSupported...

app Purple Snake Keyboard Skin logo

Purple Snake Keyboard Skin


Requirements This is a Keyboard Skin / theme, NOT an actual Keyboard. You will need to have a supported keyboard application (see below) in order to apply this skin to your keyboard. Supported Keybo...

app Crazy Snake 2013 FREE logo

Crazy Snake 2013 FREE


Immerse yourself into 8-bit ambiance of old school games!We present a new exciting game CRAZY SNAKE.This is an amazing version of a classical snake!!!You control one snake. Other snakes have artificia...

app Snake and ladders logo

Snake and ladders


Snake and ladders...

app Snake and ladders(wsvga) logo

Snake and ladders(wsvga)


Snake and ladders...

app Cyber Snake FREE logo

Cyber Snake FREE


Tilt your device to navigate the snake eating energy ball as you go. Enjoy the energy ball and grow in length. But be careful! Avoid collisions with the white part of tail and the electric wall.Once t...

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