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app Titanium – Apex Theme logo

Titanium – Apex Theme


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING. I WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOU ARE TO LAZY TO READ & T...

app Orangium – Apex Theme logo

Orangium – Apex Theme


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE GIVING A BAD REVIEW -------------------------------------------------------...

app How To Do Stuff logo

How To Do Stuff


This app contains over 100 videos about how to do stuff. We have carefully hand-picked videos to match your needs perfectly. The videos include25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 45 MinutesBad Breath Test How ...

app My Bloody Valentine Jukebox logo

My Bloody Valentine Jukebox


Play My Bloody Valentine's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !My Bloody Valentine are an alternative rock ba...

app Horlama Sesleri logo

Horlama Sesleri


Horlama sesleri uygulamas?yla çok e?leneceksiniz. Bu uygulama arkada?lar?n?z? kand?r?p ?akalar yapabilece?iniz tamamen e?lence amaçl? yap?lm?? bir uygulamad?r. Uygulama içinde top...

app Terselubung Unofficial logo

Terselubung Unofficial


Aplikasi Terselubung ini adalah aplikasi yang memuat berita berita unik, aneh, lucu, ajaib. Aplikasi ini bukanlah aplikasi resmi dari, saya hanya mengemasnya agar lebih mudah ...

app Ghost Detector / Hunter logo

Ghost Detector / Hunter


Something is happening around you? Weird stuff is going on? Now it is time to find to ghosts and hunt them down once it for all. This impressive radar may show the closest ghost location within a 50 ...

app Funny Pictures – The Best logo

Funny Pictures – The ...


Funny Pictures - The Best brings you the best funny photos from all around the internet, all the pics carefully handpicked. Bored at work? Download the funny photo collection of new funny pictures, j...

app Tỷ Phu Thượng Nhầm Người logo

Tỷ Phu Thượng Nhầm...


Mô tả:Tỷ phu, thượng lầm người - (tổng tài)Tác giả: Tửu Gia Nương TửNội dung:Hắn lạnh lùng, tuyệt cường, quái gở, đẩy lấy thủ trưởng con trai hào qua...

app Tiê?u Phi ?a?i Na?o Hâ?u Cung! logo

Tiê?u Phi ?a?i Na?o H...


Tiêu phi ??i náo H?u cung (18+)Th? lo?i : Xuyên không - Cung ??uTác gi? : C? M? Nh??c MinhWarning: 18+Gi?i thi?u :M?t cô gái 17 tu?i trong m?t l?n n? b?p g...

app Tiểu Phi Đại Náo Hậu Cung! logo

Tiểu Phi Đại Náo H...


Tiêu phi đại náo Hậu cung (18+)Thể loại : Xuyên không - Cung đấuTác giả : Cỏ Mĩ Nhược MinhWarning: 18+Giới thiệu :Một cô gái 17 tuổi trong một lần nổ bếp ga ...

app UCONN Cheerleaders logo

UCONN Cheerleaders


The sexiest UCONN Cheerleaders photos.Our application provides to you hot Livewallpappers of UCONN Cheerleaders and live gallery pictures.Hot cheerleaders are almost always the best part of football g...

app TCU Cheerleaders logo

TCU Cheerleaders


The sexiest TCU Cheerleaders photos.Our application provides to you hot Livewallpappers of TCU Cheerleaders and live gallery pictures.Hot cheerleaders are almost always the best part of football games...

app Candy Camera logo

Candy Camera


Make your photos look like pencil sketches, cartoons or weird engravings; combine any of these with a warp effect.Preview the effects live before taking the picture or sweeten images already present o...

app Bike Interval Clock logo

Bike Interval Clock


Bike Interval Clock guides you through an effective form of interval training that you can accomplish on a stationary bike in 20 minutes, three times a week. You can read more about how this method w...


Galaxy S IV is just another SIII?

Samsung is teasing its fans by releasing weird and bizarre teaser trailers for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The latest of the ads shows a smartphone and as the campaign is for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV, we are going to assume that the phone shown in exactly that. A good thing about the teaser ad is that it is actually revealing someth...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – January 28, 2013

This weeks edition of Top New Android games of the Week includes a little something for everyone. From a slick new hack n' slash game to jungle running, we've got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the best new Android games of the past week. 1. Bounce Magma Mobile's Bounce bounced onto Google Play last week and it quickly b...

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A 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Grand is a mid-range device

You might be aware of a little smartphone brand called Samsung Galaxy, the same brand is getting a new member really soon, the Galaxy Grand. The Galaxy Grand by its name seems to be well grand but it is only half way there. It is probably a weird cross between the internals of Galaxy S3 mini and the externals of Galaxy Note 2. The device is 5-in...

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Play with Clay in Fat Pebble’s Clay Jam for Android

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but how about a rolling ball of clay? Fat Pebble’s Clay Jam may be able to answer that question as it let you take control of a ball of clay as you try and beat back the Bully Beasts to save the magical land of Clay Jam. Clay Jam is a game that’s all about playing with clay. Everything in the game is...

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The Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012 brings 5 New Games to Android

Every gamer knows the name Square Enix, but not everyone knows about the 2012 Square Enix Latin America Game Contest. Well now you do, and you can thank me later as the contest has brought 5 great new Android games to Google Play and you get to help pick the winner of the contest. First up we have Poltergeist: 16 bit horror from Glitchy Pixel. Thi...

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app Horror Stories logo

Horror Stories


"True Stories" proposes to gives its readers full authoritative information of the entire doctrine behind the most infamous mass cult killings, serial killers and pyscho murderers. The follo...

app Chaarmd logo



Let's face it, we all like to be charmed but current dating and hook-up apps can often bring out the wrong type of people and leave you feeling deflated.Chaarmd is the new sleek social chat and dating...

app Star Sloth logo

Star Sloth


Gaming App Of The Day - KotakuMobile App Of The Day - The FWA"Star Sloth is a gorgeously designed game." - App Advice"This sloth drives a freaking rocket." - G4tv "Star Sloth ...

app tinyPlayer+ logo



tinyPlayer is a smart and lightweight music and audio book / podcast player with file / folder based navigation and not through broken or missing audio metadata tags. This app can also play every for...

app Girls Facts logo

Girls Facts


Tons of facts & secrets about girls you've always wanted to know.are here!This cool app will tell you about all the interesting, weird, odd, fun, mysterious, charming, intriguing & exciting th...

app Joke Detonator logo

Joke Detonator


Are you sick of waiting long queues to buy your tickets to the movies or taking your turn at the groceries? Is the person in the seat next to you getting you mad and you don't know anymore what to do ...

app حقائق غريبة logo

حقائق غريبة


إذا كنت من محبي المعرفة و تبحث عن أخر الإكتشفات و الألغاز العلمية فإن تطبيق الحقائق الغريبة سيضيف الكثير لمعل...

app Gold Miner 2 logo

Gold Miner 2


Another classic and popular game comes to Android market, but Mine Gold 2 is much better than the classic Gold Miner. Your mission is to collect as much money as possible before time run out in each l...

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