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app Alarm Clock for Android Pad logo

Alarm Clock for Android Pad


ZDClock for Android Pad★the year's most popular Android application for 2012 ★【This version apply to Android V1.6 and the above system】--Make your efficient life easier with ZDClock HD for And...

app Android Trek – Star Defense logo

Android Trek – Star D...


Android Trek for fans of star trek, star wars, and space based defense games.Android Trek - Galaxy DefenseUse your compliment of torpedoes and power to defend your ally’s ships and space stations ag...


Whack a Zombie in Office Zombie for Android

Over a million people have downloaded Office Jerk so it’s pretty safe to say it’s a popular time waster. Office Zombie is the newest title from the folks at Fluik, and as the title implies this time around you’ll get to chuck things at an Office Zombie. Throwing things on the old handheld is a great way to let off some steam, and if you work...

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app Kelikamerat Android logo

Kelikamerat Android


Kelikamerat Androidille.Ohjelma mahdollistaa Liikenneviraston kelikamerakuvan helpon selaamisen.Ohjelma vaatii toimiakseen verkkoyhteyden.Kiitos palautteesta! Kaikki palaute on edelleen tervetullutta....


Destroy the Undead in Zombonic for Android

As Halloween approaches we’ll be covering more Horror related games and we’re going to start with Zombonic from Mesmer Mobile. If you’re into shooting creepy looking zombies and don’t want the hassle of a storyline keep on reading as Zombonic might be just the game for you. Zombonic is a shooter, but it’s a little different from most s...

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app Online Nandroid Backup * ROOT logo

Online Nandroid Backup * RO...


Nandroid backups are usually performed in recovery mode. This means you would have to turn off your phone and reboot in recovery mode, which wastes a whole lot of time rebooting and a lot more time of...

app Nine for Android logo

Nine for Android


Nine is the perfect app to entertain yourself and kill time. Fast, fully featured, and simple to use. The perfect gags reading experience for mobile.FREE version has optional ads! Enabling ads give yo...


Marvel’s Avengers Initiative still has No release Date for Android

Normally I stick to covering games that are released, but as a long time Marvel fan I thought it was time I say something about The Avengers Initiative Android game or lack thereof. Last month Marvel announced that this “awesome game” would be coming to iOS and Android devices at the same time, and while iOS got the game we got the shaft as u...

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Conquer the World one Bite at a Time in Infectonator for Android

Conquer the World one Bite at a Time in Infectonator for Android Infectonator is a game about world domination, but you won’t be using robots or nukes to carry out the destruction. Well, actually there are nukes in the game but we’ll get to that later. Dealing death in Infectonator is done through the bite of a zombie and your goal is to infect and destroy every city on the planet. When you first start ou...

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app 東周刊  Android logo

東周刊 Android


內容歸《東周刊》所有,copyright, 东周刊 八卦 明星 香港《東周刊》是本地暢銷的時事和財經綜合娛樂周刊,一向以客觀持平的報...

app ArkanDroid Game logo

ArkanDroid Game


Arkandroid is a free game inspired by the famous classic game Arkanoid-90s, with an enhanced clone of these games: Brick Breaker - Brickbreaking - Purebreaker - Breakout - Brickbreaker dominator.If yo...


The Top Android Apps of the Week – September 30, 2012

This week’s edition of Top Android Apps of the Week has apps that’ll let you browse craigslist, measure objects, count things, and even take field trips. We’ve only got 7 apps on this week’s list, but they’re good ones nonetheless. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for The Top Android Apps of the Week September 30, 20...

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app Hangman Android logo

Hangman Android


The classic Hangman game. Chose between two visual themes (classic and halloween) and a sound theme.Find as many words as possible and break your own record in every category! You have 7 attemps to fi...


Catch Up on the News and Chuck a few Eggs in Breaking News! for Android

Some people love the news while others hate it, and almost everyone’s wanted to chuck something (sports scores)at the TV during a news story they didn’t like. Breaking News! From Harebrained Schemes gives you the chance to chuck quite a few things during the news as it’s part flinging game and part news app. Breaking News! is an Android ap...

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Eat Fish, People, and Airplanes in Harebrained Studios Jaws Revenge for Android

In 1975 Jaws made people a little leery about getting into the ocean, and thanks to Jaws Revenge from Fuse Powered you’ll get to see how the other half lives. Jaws Revenge lets you play as Jaws himself and allows you to tear ass through the water and gobble things up. Jaws Revenge is all about eating and as the shark you’re going to get to c...

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app Android Updates, News & Apps logo

Android Updates, News &...


????? Drippler is "A must-have for Android owners" (TheNextWeb). Make your Android even more awesome! Download Drippler to get the latest Android updates, Android news and new Android apps, specific t...

app Androids! Live Wallpaper logo

Androids! Live Wallpaper


Androids! Live Wallpaper is an ad-supported premium live wallpaper featuring futuristic HD graphics and silky smooth physics. This app is fully phone and tablet compatible and can be customized with m...

app HD Wallpapers for Android logo

HD Wallpapers for Android


Qualitative and convenient for application of HD Wallpaper for Android. Here you will find more than 50 000 qualitative wallpapers specially chosen for the Android. You can choose wallpapers for the ...


Fake iPhone 5 launcher released on Android, most convincing yet

While the majority of us undoubtedly love our Android smartphones, some of us may have a small pang of jealousy towards friends and family who have just picked up Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Maybe not necessarily because of the specifications or even the apps available on the iPhone that aren't yet available on Android - although more an...

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Go for the Headshot in Call of Mini: Sniper for Android

It wasn’t long ago that Triniti Interactive brought Call of Mini: Zombies to Google Play and now they’re back with another blocky shooter called Call of Mini: Sniper. Whereas the original Call of Mini was all about getting down and dirty the new sequel is all about sniping. Call of Mini: Sniper puts you to work guarding safe houses from hordes...

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Save Humanity with your Drumming Skills in Flow a Space Drum Saga for Android

We’ve seen our fair share of tap rhythm games this year, but it’s always nice to see something fresh like Flow – A Space Drum Saga from Spaceware. Flow is a "space drumming game" which is a first, but it’s also a space drumming game with a storyline where you'll get to save some little aliens. The story behind Flow – A Space Drum Saga ...

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Rovio releases Bad Piggies for Android

After several teasers from Rovio and eventually a viewing of a preview trailer, Rovio have now released their latest mobile game Bad Piggies. While the game focuses around the green piggies that feature in the popular Angry Birds series by Rovio, Bad Piggies is being dubbed as a sibling game rather than a spin off to the Angry Bird games. The tr...

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5 Great Hidden Object Games for Android

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Tops list by genre, and we thought it was high time to cover a few hidden object games as they are very popular to say the least. With that in mind here are 5 Great Hidden Object Games for Android. 1. Tiny Bang Story The Tiny Bang Story is the newest game on the list, and we also thought it was the b...

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Go to War in a Giant Sized Mech in 6waves Offworld for Android

The minds at 6Waves first caught or attention with the space strategy game known as Strikefleet Omega, and now they’re back with their latest Android game called Offworld. Offworld does involve space, but this game is really all about the mechs. Giant, powerful, ass kicking mechs… In Offworld you play the galaxies most feared bounty hunter, ...

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Pocket Planes flies onto Android

Another popular iOS title has made it's way onto the Android platform. This time around it is Pocket Planes by NimbleBit that has been given the Android treatment and been turned into an Android game. The airline management simulator game has been available for iOS devices since June and has racked up 2.4 millions downloads and with an Android re...

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Get Social with these 4 Great Social Networking Apps for Android

Oh Social Networking. Some people can’t get enough of it while others despise it’s existence. Whether you love it or hate it Social Networking sites are here to stay, and there are a lot of apps out there that let you connect to your friends and family through your Android device. We thought it would be fun to do a quick list to let folks ...

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Chop, Dice, and Fry in Order Up!! To Go for Android

Food serving games are a dime a dozen these days, but there's a new one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Order Up!! To Go is an Android game that will put your culinary skills to the test as you open restaurants around the world and try to cook the best dishes around. Order Up!! To Go is a restaurant sim that's a little different...

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Noctua Software releases Voxel Invaders for Android

Overview Voxel Invaders is a new Android game from Noctua Software that puts you to work ridding the universe from hordes of alien fighters. It’s got the feel of the classic game Space Invaders while still managing to keep things fun & fresh.   Voxel Invaders is a great 1-finger game which means you can control your ship and fire ...

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