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app touch-n-say logo



Many people with autism or other medical conditions suffer from a restricted ability to speak, making it difficult for them to communicate with others. A free and easy to use software for smartphones ...

app App Engine Dashboard logo

App Engine Dashboard


Monitor quota details of your Google App Engine hosted application. More features are on the way. Google App Engine is an awesome infrastructure to host your application on. We thought developers shou...

app LPI Exam 101 Trainer logo

LPI Exam 101 Trainer


Linux practice questions to prepare for LPI exam 101. Note that these questions are not official exam questions.Questions are loaded from an online database. When your data connection is not active th...

app NotifierPro Plus logo

NotifierPro Plus


With NotifierPro you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.« NotifierPro really does make Android's notifications better », Lifehacker (May 2012)« NotifierPr...

app NotifierPro logo



With NotifierPro you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.« NotifierPro really does make Android's notifications better », Lifehacker (May 2012)« NotifierPr...

app Gangster Paradise logo

Gangster Paradise


Gangster Paradise (GP) is a unique, fun and addictive gangster themed ONLINE multiplayer game. Rise up through the ranks with dealers, gangsters, crimes and gambling in the casino. Steal from and atta...


Keep an Eye on things with Baby Monitor & Alarm for Android

Babies… you’ve gotta love the little guys. They’re all cute and stuff, but they’re pretty much helpless. They need to be watched and baby monitors have always done the job if you have to leave the room for a few minutes. Well, the Baby Monitor & Alarm App from TappyTaps can certainly help you out in that area, and it’s got some p...

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app AdvGen Geo Information logo

AdvGen Geo Information


This tool can retrieve the spatial information from GPS or Wifi.You can know where you are.Moreover, this tool is very useful for location-based app developers.You can use it to retrieve the spatial i...

app Exoplanet Explorer logo

Exoplanet Explorer


Exoplanet Explorer takes you on a journey into deep space, beyond the limits of our Solar System. Based on the latest available data, you'll explore virtual models of more than 700 known planets and t...

app Plasma Sound HD logo

Plasma Sound HD


[Plasma Sound HD and Plasma Sound are now officially the same application. There is no difference whatsoever.]Plasma Sound is the most fully-featured and 100% free music instrument on the Android Mark...

app Plasma Sound – Donate logo

Plasma Sound – Donate


Plasma Sound is the most fully-featured and 100% free music instrument on the Android Marketplace, so show some love and donate! Please note this is exactly the same as Plasma Sound and Plasma Sound ...


Charityware Lands on Android

Charityware Lands on Android Mobile phones have become a Mecca for charitable efforts. They’re It's easy to reach people on because they’re carrying them constantly, and they’re also a way to give something in exchange for a donation. Since developers don’t have to create more than one program, they’re assured they can only pay a set cost to meet any demand. On th...

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app m-pop logo



* ????? ???? PUSH ? ?? ???* SMS, MIM, RCS? ??? ?? App ? ?? APP?? ??* ???? ????? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???* ???,???,????? ????? ???? ???? ???* Patent based on the world's first PUSH advertising solution...

app Beavers Strike Back logo

Beavers Strike Back


The time has passed since the last war against the Beavers. The Frogs have been living peacefully in their swamp ... but Beavers want revenge! They will strike back and you should help them this time....

app aLogViewer logo



I wrote aLogViewer as I realized that I, after a very unfortunately update of my HP41 simulator a41 - both for the users and the apps rating, need users to do a little testing prior to releasing new v...

app Cam Tag Lite, Speed Cameras logo

Cam Tag Lite, Speed Cameras


Cam Tag is a speed camera warning system using FoxyTag, the worldwide most complete speed camera database. It signals fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras and ghosts (places where there are often...

app Chemistry Cheat Sheets logo

Chemistry Cheat Sheets


*** Complete collection of Chemistry Cheat and reference Sheets ****** You can search now the cheat sheets ****** Study and check this reference on the go ***PHONE_STATE permission - Needed by Google ...

app Relax Timer ( Sleep Cycle) logo

Relax Timer ( Sleep Cycle)


This is the best and complete application to help you for better sleep, Features ambient sounds of the environment like ocean waves rain storms, flowing streams, fans and more. We did big significant ...


C64 Classic Giana Sisters out now for Android

A lot of people have probably never heard of the Giana Sisters, and I was in that group myself until my memory was refreshed by the new game. The original Giana Sisters came out in 1987 on several of the older systems including the Commodore 64, and briefly reappeared in 2005 on mobiles. Well, the sisters are back again and this time it’s on...

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app Cash OSX Lite logo

Cash OSX Lite


Enjoy the power of HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Flash offline. Cash OSX Lite brings you an mobile operating system that rivals that of any laptop or desktop for free. We included many Games and Apps and...


Princess Punt – Android Game Review

Princess Punt – Android Game Review Overview Princess Punt is a quirky little Android game from GungHo Games that involves punting Heroes and bombs at your enemies. It’s an odd premise to say the least, but one that works as it sucks you in with its gameplay & graphics. This is definitely one of those cases of “Don’t let the name fool ya” as a lot of people might see...

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app Android Reference Book logo

Android Reference Book


This manual is text version of Android SDK Document. Packages and Classes references are not included because of its size (over 200 MB).The purpose of this app is to help Android fans, users and devel...

app GUID Generator logo

GUID Generator


A Tool for generating of GUID's (Globally Unique IDentifier).Simply shake your phone to generate a GUID.You can use this GUID via Clipboard or share them via Mail.Additional function for creating a bl...

app FakeID™ logo



NONE OF OUR APPS CONTAIN THIRD-PARTY ADVERTISING.Sometimes giving personal data to a website is a good idea (you want the goods you ordered to arrive at your real postal address, right?). But sometime...

app GO Keyboard Emoji plugin logo

GO Keyboard Emoji plugin


##### ATTENTION ##################THIS PLUGIN ONLY RUN AT GO KEYBOARD 0.3.4 OR LATER##### ATTENTION ##################The Emoji plugin released by GO Keyboard Dev Team is meticulously design.Allows yo...


Orangepixels INC now available for all Android devices

  Here at we love all things Retro, and Orangepixel is one of our favorite developers in the area of Retro Games. A few weeks back they released a cool new game called INC for Xperia Play, and now that the period of exclusivity is over we can all enjoy INC’s’ Retroey goodness. INC is a comic-book styled arcade...

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app DIY Phone Gadgets Free logo

DIY Phone Gadgets Free


Add DIY Phone Gadgets or follow it on the Google+ Page: is the home for everything about DIY hardware gadgets integrating your Android phone or other mobile devices.Come join us...

app Theme Tester logo

Theme Tester


This is an app that can be used as a tool for ROM Developers and Themers of all kinds. This is only a free version and a "Pro/Donate" version is on its way.This app is divided into 3 tabs:Fo...

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