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app Israel Conflict logo

Israel Conflict


Stay Up To Date with what's ACTUALLY happening in Israel. This App contains automatic updated NEWS and VIDEO Feeds that will keep you informed.Read--Instant Updated News Articles AS They Are Released...

app CommBank logo



The CommBank app brings you banking on the go with real time access to your accounts, financial tools and calculators, Branch and ATM information and more.- Access to CommBank Kaching, the revolutiona...

app I Ching Lite logo

I Ching Lite


IChing is one of the oldest works ever written.It is part of Chinese wisdom and collected over the centuries by various authors from about 1150 years before Christ.Today it is still a subject of study...

app aCal CalDAV Client (beta) logo

aCal CalDAV Client (beta)


aCal is a Calendar and Tasklist application which you can use if you have an account on a CalDAV server, such as DAViCal CalDAV Server, or with a CalDAV calendar provider such as, Famjama.c...

app Animal Farm logo

Animal Farm


Animal Farm by George Orwell.George Orwell's classic satire of the Russian Revolution is the account of the bold struggle, initiated by the animals, that transforms Mr. Jones's Manor Farm into Animal ...

app The History of the Netherlands logo

The History of the Netherla...


History of the Netherlands from the invasion of the Romans,through the conquest of Friesland and the formation of Holland, to the wars with France followed by the revolution and the Prince of Orange a...

app Works of George Bernard Shaw logo

Works of George Bernard Sha...


This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Android phones. It is indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. Th...

app Works of Thomas Paine logo

Works of Thomas Paine


Indulge Yourself with the best classic literature on Your Android. Navigate easily to any novel from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases. Features Navigate from Table of Contents or s...

app Design Indaba logo

Design Indaba


Think that the world could be improved? That it could benefit from a creative turn of hand? Design Indaba is a celebration of how creativity can enhance the world around us. Besides the flagship confe...

app The Beginnings of New England logo

The Beginnings of New Engla...


The Beginnings of New England by John Fiske. An account of early American history that is free of current and spin. The first two chapters tell a story of the political and philosophic forces of the A...

app PokerFinder logo



Trying to find a Poker Cash Game or Tournament at a specific place and/or time? Then PokerFinder is all you need! PokerFinder is a new, revolutionary FREE mobile app that enables the user to search th...

app SpotMole logo



SpotMole provides a simple way to have a quick check of your skin spots and moles. Take a snapshot of a mole or load a mole's photo from the phone's galleryand let SpotMole do the rest ! SpotMole may ...

app Submarines of the World logo

Submarines of the World


300 of the most important submarines ever produced in one app.Submarines of the World contains more than 280 of the most important and influential submarines since the inception of this revolutionary ...

app Iran Protests logo

Iran Protests


Stay Up To Date with what's ACTUALLY happening in Iran. This App contains automatic updated NEWS and VIDEO Feeds that will keep you informed.Read--Instant Updated News Articles AS They Are ReleasedWa...

app Visit Washington County, PA logo

Visit Washington County, PA


This is big. Maybe not revolutionary, but BIG. Washington County, PA has its own app. So, what are you going to do? First, click the ...

app Quick Shortcuts logo

Quick Shortcuts


Quick Shortcuts will revolutionize how you launch your applications, shortcuts and toggle system settings. Quick Shortcuts is also going to clean up and organize your home screens so they are not ful...

app FFXIII EXP Calc logo



A experience calculator for the video game Final Fantasy XIII. Calculate the exp needed to upgrade the weapon of your choice to the level of your choice.*Has data for every weapon of each character, i...

app Works of Marx and Engels logo

Works of Marx and Engels


This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Android phones. It is indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. Th...

app Maddening logo



Enter the realms of MADNESS, take yourself over and beyond the EDGE of sanity, feel the intense panic of the ever threatening WALL.Maddening is a new and revolutionary game, which takes you through 5...

app Sandbag’s Carbon Geiger logo

Sandbag’s Carbon Geig...


Climate change is not happening by accident - the fossil fuel emissions we have been spewing out since the industrial revolution are the main cause of the problem. And emissions continue to increase a...

app Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game logo

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game


StepMania/DDR/osu! for AndroidThis is the FINAL version of Beats. If you wish to try out any older version, you can download them at development will co...

app SeedBox Mobile pour Freebox v6 logo

SeedBox Mobile pour Freebox...


!! Suite à la dernière update de la Freebox, l'ajout de torrents était impossible. Cette mise à jour permet de corriger ce soucis !! ** Si vous avez des soucis avec l'appli...

app .tel Superbook logo

.tel Superbook


Dial .tel names, not phone numbers! Navigate .tel contacts natively on your Android device and see what the .tel revolution is about.Superbook extends your Android device's capabilities to understand ...

app Mahjong Shanghai logo

Mahjong Shanghai


Mahjong Shanghai is a classical puzzle game. You can play the game by directry touching a display. You erases tiles by selecting matching pairs from pile of tiles displayed. This is final evolution.Be...


Samsung Officially Announces The Samsung Galaxy S II at MWC 2011

Yesterday, we saw critical information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II leak and it turns out the information was pretty accurate. At the MWC 2011 press conference held today in Barcelona, Samsung officially announced the successor to the original Galaxy S smartphone. The main features of the new device is a 4.27 inch Super AMOLED Plus displa...

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app Robot Maker logo

Robot Maker


Everyone on the planet of Ruonda has heard the story about the Robot Maker. It was time of the earliest settlers, who came to group themselves into 2 lineages – the Basutu, that came to control the ...

app Top Hacker logo

Top Hacker


2034 AD. It is a different world. With the Mind Tap Helmet, mankind has achieved instant mind control over digital data. The world’s computer systems are interlinked not only to each other, but to a...

app GamePlan Soccer (Ad-free) logo

GamePlan Soccer (Ad-free)


Is Messi playing tonight? When is Manchester United's next game? Are there any matches worth watching today?GamePlan Football (Soccer) lets you create your own guide with a personalized game overview ...

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