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app Tile Takedown Full logo

Tile Takedown Full


Tile Takedown is the original scrambled word game with free online multiplayer! It is the only online scramble game that offers fast paced, real-time multiplayer action! Challenge other players onli...

app Snipe Trial logo

Snipe Trial


Free Version"Kill your friends, before they kill you"Snipe is a highly interactive and customizable shooting game with dozens of weapons and upgrades. Single and Multiplayer modes allow you ...

app Space Wars logo

Space Wars


Explore the galaxy and become the top player in this latest massive multiplayer online game by attacking, participating in combat matches and massive fleet wars, mastering missions, and much more!**NO...

app Squiggles logo



Inspired by Boggle(TM), this challenge-based online multiplayer game brings word searches to a whole new level! Challenge your friends to a game to see who can find the most dictionary words in a path...

app Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt logo

Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt


?? Action packed Multiplayer GPS Treasure Hunt Game ??Tourality is a location based scavenger hunt game. Reach geographic Spots in different Challenges in your vicinities. Collect Gold to outsmart you...

app Pardus logo



Pardus for Android is a convenient web client for the massive multiplayer online game Pardus. Its features are:- Local images downloaded once to reduce traffic and improve performance.- Customization ...

app Drisk (Droid Risk) logo

Drisk (Droid Risk)


The classic Risk board game, streamlined for quicker play. Drisk was designed and built specifically for Android phones and tablets. Supports two to six players, any mixture of players and AI. Local p...

app PhoneBomber – Beta logo

PhoneBomber – Beta


PhoneBomber is the massively multiplayer location-aware game that lets you engage in (make believe) acts of terrorism with friends and strangers. Place bombs on a real world map to attack other player...

app Big Sport Fishing 3D logo

Big Sport Fishing 3D


This is the full version of Big Sport Fishing. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views and stunning 3D graphics in this exciting new fishing game available only on Android!. As you move your phone, the games ...

app Carl’s Pool logo

Carl’s Pool


Carl's Pool is an easy but nevertheless fun and well developed 2D/3D billard pool game for your phone! It is challenging and waiting for awesome pool players!# Features:- 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Make15, Tourn...

app Age of Legends: Kingdoms RPG logo

Age of Legends: Kingdoms RP...


The war-torn lands of Nekuria hold many secrets. There’s danger, excitement and glory awaiting you. Heroes are remembered, but legends never die!Build a Guild with other Heroes to take down those ...

app Knuddel’s Minigolf logo

Knuddel’s Minigolf


Knuddel's Minigolf is a miniature-golf-game for the whole family.36 minigolf-courses with 'Knuddel' (hero of my game Knuddel's Quest) and his friends. Beat the top worldwide players records or your ow...

app TicTacToe Online logo

TicTacToe Online


Run TicTacToe over LAN or Internet (multiplayer, in fact Player Vs Player). You can also open it on and play PC Versus Mobile. Enjoy....

app Poker Pass logo

Poker Pass


When you want to play Texas Hold'em poker with friends and do not have cards, just take your mobile phone and pass it around. This app supports turn based multiplayer according to standard Poker rules...

app Uprising: St. Louis logo

Uprising: St. Louis


This is a MMORPG in the style of Storm8 or Moblyng games. Your goal is to work with (and against) the political parties in St. Louis to become mayor!Features:* Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playi...

app Steambirds logo



"...Steambirds lies in wait to rob you of your Monday morning." --Penny ArcadeUse bombs, missiles and poison gas to defeat enemy planes in this unique turn-based game! This version features ...

app VaporNet logo



This is a programming library necessary to interact with the Freeworld Systems VaporNet multiplayer gaming service. This application doesn't itself do anything meaningful at this point, so don't downl...

app Dots & Boxes Phone-to-Phone logo

Dots & Boxes Phone-to-P...


A classic pencil-and-paper game. Players take turns drawing lines between dots, getting a point for each box they close.Features:- Play multiplayer with your friends, phone-to-phone, or against the...

app OpenTTD logo



Open source business simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe.Online multiplayer games are available, as well as a single-player with computer.You can calibrate touchscreen from the "Mo...

app WordTwist Free logo

WordTwist Free


WordTwist is a fast-paced, fun and engaging word puzzle game! Search for and connect words in a scrambled grid of letters with Boggle-style gameplay. A great way to pass time while engaging and challe...

app Snipe logo



Try out "Snipe Lite" before buying!Features 2 game modes:- VERSUS: Kill the enemy sniper before he kills you.- SHOOT OFF: Shoot all the targets before the enemy sniper does.Snipe is a highly...

app Snipe Lite logo

Snipe Lite


Features 2 game modes:- VERSUS: Kill the enemy sniper before he kills you.- SHOOT OFF: Shoot all the targets before the enemy sniper does.Snipe is a highly interactive and customizable shooting game w...

app Backgammon Online Free logo

Backgammon Online Free


Multiplayer Backgammon game. Supports 2 player local and online game play. Create an account to play with your friends from anywhere in the world.Play on your own time. Like Words with Friends and Wor...

app Achtung, die Kurve! logo

Achtung, die Kurve!


The classic Achtung die Kurve Game! Also known as Zatacka.Players control the lines with the buttons onscreen. The goal is to not hit the borders or other players and be the last one to survive!The ga...

app Word Whisk logo

Word Whisk


Word Whisk is one of the most addictive word games for Android. It goes beyond typical Boggle or Word Search games by featuring many distinct puzzle modes, including same-device and bluetooth multipla...

app PCE.emu logo



PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 (TG16) emulator based on Mednafen 0.9.22-wip (GPL), designed and tested on the original Droid/Milestone, Xoom, Galaxy S2, Nexus 7, and Xperia Play, but works on many devices wi...

app GPS Fox Hunt logo

GPS Fox Hunt


This is a real-time multiplayer game, played outdoors.Start the game as the Fox, and invite friends to join the game and try to hunt you down!As a hunter, you will see a 'sensor' showing your proximit...

app Click, Link, Compete logo

Click, Link, Compete


Click, Link, Compete aims to make multiplayer gaming simple on Android.See website for details.Note: This library comes with a head-to-head air hockey game as a demo app. :)...

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