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app Cock Pushups logo

Cock Pushups


The term "cock pushup" means many things to different people. Some believe it's the rare occurrence of a rooster getting big (aka increasing his/her arm strength). Others believe that it is ...

app Zombie Scanner logo

Zombie Scanner


Are you ready for the potential Zombie Apocalypse?Be ready with this handy Zombie Scanner! Scan potential Zombie targets and determine the exact risk they pose to you right from your phone!Don't let a...

app Zombie Surge logo

Zombie Surge


I have just started rewriting this game. :) There should be a new update in August '12. Looking forward to it!Stuck in a labyrinth filled with violent zombies, you have to kill as many zombies as you ...

app Zombie Survival Test logo

Zombie Survival Test


Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Take this test to find out! How smart are you? Do you know the answer to these questions: Is Fire is a perfect Zombie weapon?? Is staying in large crowds is ...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – March 25, 2011

Top 10 Android Apps -April 1, 2011 >><< Top 10 Android Apps -March 18, 2011 There are a lot of great Android apps released every week, and it can be hard to find the good ones. Well have no fear! Here are 10 of our favorites from this week... 1. Angry Birds Rio I’m  sure everyone already knows what this one is. If yo...

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app PL Nuclear Alert logo

PL Nuclear Alert


The purpose of this application is to inform and provide advice to people worried about the consequences of events that are happening in Japan, in a pleasant way to facilitate their assimilation.This ...

app HowTo: Zombies logo

HowTo: Zombies


Do you ever wanted to know what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse? Use the brand new "HowTo: Zombies" app to survive! Every zombie will fear you!!Because some people are complaining about...

app GRave Defense Silver FREE logo

GRave Defense Silver FREE


Grave Defense game is in the TOP PAID list on Android Marketand one of the TOP tower defenses on Android.GRave Defense is the tower defense game with the post-apocalypse game setting, the addictive ga...

app Zombies!!!! Lite logo

Zombies!!!! Lite


Watch an all out zombie apocalypse unfold right on your wallpaper! Tap the zombies to make their heads explode! Read the instructions on the settings screen to learn more.Upgrade to the full version t...

app Army Survival Guide Lite logo

Army Survival Guide Lite


Get the entire Army Survival Guide on your phone. Whether you are an avid hunter or outdoors man, or prepping for the Apocalypse this app is for you. Great when you hunt fish trap hike camp or any su...

app Movie Quotes Trivia logo

Movie Quotes Trivia


Movie Quotes Trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of famous quotes and the most memorable lines that were heard in some of the greatest movies of all time. Some of the movies include:The Wizard ...

app The Last City: Origins logo

The Last City: Origins


As a result of disastrous Apocalypse an everyday city, similar to any other, was cut off from the outside world. The city was occupied by different monsters and people turned bad. Now the city is gove...

app Zombies!!!! Live Wallpaper logo

Zombies!!!! Live Wallpaper


Watch an all out zombie apocalypse unfold right on your wallpaper! Read the instructions on the settings screen to learn how to use.Features:Tap zombies to make their heads explode!Double-tap to drop ...

app Pretty Pretty Zombie logo

Pretty Pretty Zombie


What's going to be the best thing about the coming zombie apocalypse? You will finally be able to play dress-up with your new pet zombie!Until that day comes, there's Pretty Pretty Zombie.Dress your z...

app TMO Mud-Client (Alpha) logo

TMO Mud-Client (Alpha)


** TEXT-BASED GAME CLIENT** ONLINE MULTI-PLAYER ** ALPHA VERSIONTwo servers are included:In NETRUNNERS you play a hacker in Cyberspace.In ZOMBIEWORLD you play a survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse.You can...

app Earthquake! logo



Get a head start on the apocalypse with Earthquake!Last 24hrs of earthquakes, with damage and rumble areas shown on an interactive map. Features notifications and vibration to indicate quake magnitude...

app Shadow ZONE logo

Shadow ZONE


The story plot:* Year 1986It's been a tragic explosion at fourth block of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. After the explosion, the 4th block was surrounded by defence called 'Shelter' and 30 km radius ...

app GRave Defense Gold logo

GRave Defense Gold


GRave Defense is the tower defense game with the post-apocalypse game setting, the addictive gameplay and the excellent graphics! In the game You will find lots of upgradeable weapons, maps and monste...

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